8 Upcoming Zombie Games To Play

Wanderlost: Wanderlost is a survival RPG where players control a red-headed adventurer fighting zombies.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 Retribution: It was at the epicenter of hype when zombies were all the rage, but as the genre wore on audiences, its pop culture influence seemed to fade.

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The Day Before: It's billed as an open-world MMO survival game set in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world.

The Callisto Protocol: Demonstrations of the game's terrifying enemies, jump scares, body dismemberment, and overall tone have been shown.

State of Decay 3: Undead Labs appears to be a game developer on a mission to create a truly unforgettable zombie experience in the world of video games.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Resident Evil 4 is frequently praised for having the best mix of survival horror and action gameplay. 

Dead Space Remake: The game is revamping much of the graphical performance and sound design, as well as giving most of the assets a modern-day facelift.

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Dead Island 2: Dead Island 2 will also no longer be set on an island, instead taking place primarily in the state of California.