9 Forgotten PS2 Action RPGs

9 Forgotten PS2 Action RPGs

Virtua Quest: It's unclear who decided to turn the Virtua Fighter series into an RPG, but that's exactly what happened with Virtua Quest.

Summoner: Summoner threw the player into a vast open world with a party on the hunt for the Rings of Summoning.

Rogue Galaxy: Rogue Galaxy was their attempt to create a sci-fi RPG with space exploration and a combat system based on hack and slash elements.

Radiata Stories: Radiata Stories was an action RPG for the PlayStation 2 that tried to stand out from the crowd.

Odin Sphere: The game adopted a visual style that made it look like a stage play and a combat system that took inspiration from side-scrolling beat-em-ups, preferring 2D graphics to 3D.

Eternal Ring: Eternal Ring was a first-person action RPG that emphasised its distinct ring creation system.

Drakengard: Drakengard is an outlier among PS2 RPGs.

Dark Cloud Series: As the protagonists gathered items from a destroyed world and rebuilt them to their former glory, the Dark Cloud series combined dungeon crawling action with city builder mechanics.

Champions of Norrath: It was a success and is still fondly remembered today as a PS2 game based on the Baldur's Gate series.