Victor Vran is the critically acclaimed Action RPG from Haemimont Games

Torchlight is a dungeon crawler action role-playing video game developed by Runic Games and published by Perfect World.

Eternium is an incredibly fun and beautifully crafted Action RPG that pays homage to the great classics.

Path of Exile is a dark fantasy-themed online action role-playing game.

Moonshades is a dungeon crawler RPG that aims to recreate the immersive atmosphere and experience of classic role-playing games.

Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny is an action and role-playing game that lets you create your own main character from four types of heroes.

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game developed and published for Microsoft Windows by Crate Entertainment.

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game created and distributed by Gearbox Software and 2K.