Everything You Need to Know About the Glow Squid in Minecraft

The Glow Squid Has Many Aquatic Enemies The glow squid must contend with a few natural predators who attack it at first sight.

Glow Squids Enjoy Complete Darkness Unlike regular squids, which can spawn almost anywhere there is water, glow squids require a specific light level: total darkness.

Bedrock Edition Has Baby Glow Squids There is no way to guarantee that players will receive a baby glow squid.

The Glow Squid's Ink Has A Different Color Glow Squids spit when they are scared or under attack by their enemies.

It's Possible To Use A Lead On A Glow Squid This item is required if players want to easily control and tame specific mobs in Minecraft.

Glow Squids Drop Glow Ink Sacs Glow squids will drop a glow ink sac, which can be used in a variety of crafting recipes to create some unique, glowing objects.