8 Great Top-Down Shooter Games On Steam

Voidigo: Voidigo is vibrant, chaotic, and colourful, with a focus on boss battles and dynamic combat.

Synthetik Legion Rising: Synthetik is a loud and bombastic shooter game with almost palpable gunfire.

Star Valor: Star Valor is similar to games like X4: Foundations in that players can become whoever they want in the vastness of space.

Ruiner: This cool adventure game revolves around the most philosophical and thought-provoking core ideas of the cyberpunk setting.

Helldivers Dive Harder Edition: This twin-stick shooter is about defending Earth and defeating mankind's enemies in an intergalactic war.

Foxhole: Foxhole is a persistent world massively multiplayer game.

Brigador Up-Armored Edition: Brigador: Up-Armored Edition deserves more appreciation purely based on its soundtrack and visuals.

20 Minutes Till Dawn: 20 Minutes Till Dawn is all about Lovecraftian theme with anime girl protagonists.