How to Cross The Ocean in Humankind

In your quest to dominate the planet, you will eventually set sail and leave your mark on faraway shores - unless, of course, you are playing on a terrain with no water.

As you progress through the ages, you gain access to technology that allow you to travel further away from land. Take note of the distinction between naval transport units and military vessels before embarking.

When a land unit moves onto a water tile, it transforms into the greatest naval transport unit you have unlocked and gains the state "embarked." Military warships must be built and launched from a port.

When you first start sail, any ships that spend more than one continuous turn in the deep ocean are destroyed.

You develop the capacity to stay in deep water for successive turns as you grow, but you take damage for each turn spent in the ocean. The Bireme, the Phoenicians' first military vessel, is equipped with this capability.

The Caravel, unlocked in the Early Modern era, is the first naval transport unit capable of safely navigating deep water - unless you're the Norsemen, who can do it in the Medieval era with their Langskip.

Before this era, establishing distant areas with troops was impossible unless you could locate a safe route between two spots of shallow water - it's worth a shot, as there's plenty of valuable territory up for grabs.