How to Defeat Bonemass in Valheim

Bonemass is one of the most difficult boss fights in the game, requiring players to prepare before confronting the green behemoth.

Skilled players may be able to get away with troll armour throughout this boss battle, but you should consider investing in iron armour to protect against Bonemass' primary strike.

You must first locate Bonemass before attempting to battle him. Sunken crypts in the Swamp biome hold runestones that, when discovered, designate the location of Bonemass on the map.

Poison resistant mead is extremely useful against Bonemass and the creatures he creates in the middle of a fight. Because bonemass is vulnerable to blunt trauma, we propose utilising an iron mace or iron sledge.

If you can't afford to make either of these weapons, use any blunt weapon you have; a wooden club will do more damage than a bronze sword.

Make sure to avoid his melee swipe strike and then move back to avoid his AoE poison assault. Because he can't hurt you, the greatest time to hit him is when he's creating slime blobs.

You can now quickly uncover muddy scrap piles, buried treasure, and silver veins by using the wishbone dropped by Bonemass.