Splatoon 3 Best Special Weapons

Inkjet: The Inkjet equips the player with an ink-powered jetpack.

Ultra Stamp: This special creates a massive plastic mallet that the player can swing at breakneck speed.

Trizooka: The player has three shots before the Trizooka reverts to its original form.

Wave Breaker: Wave Breaker equips the player with a device that sends out circular waves across the battlefield.

Triple Inkstrike: When these balls touch down, an ink missile strikes the area, causing a tall ink vortex to form.

Big Bubbler: The Wave Breaker's wave breaks through the Big Bubbler's barrier.

Tacticooler: Swim Speed Up, Run Speed Up, Ink Resistance Up, Intensify Action, Quick Respawn, Quick Super Jump, and Special Saver abilities are granted by the energy drinks.

Reefslider: The Reefslider, when activated, creates an inflatable shark to use as a vehicle.

Ink Vac: The Ink Vac provides the player with a vacuum that generates a horizontal vortex in front of them.

Crab Tank: This generates a small crab-like tank in which the player can ride.