The 6 Smallest Mobs In Minecraft

Tadpole: Tadpoles are only.08 blocks tall, making them smaller than even the baby turtle.

Silverfish: These small mobs are about.30 blocks tall, which makes them.5 blocks smaller than mobs like the baby chicken and pufferfish.

Pufferfish: These poisonous, sometimes lethal, mobs stand at the same height as a baby chicken:.35 blocks when not fully inflated.

Endermite: Not only are they uncommon, but they're also difficult to spot, as these elusive mobs stand only.30 blocks tall.

Baby Turtle: When a baby turtle is newly hatched, it is only.12 blocks tall.

Baby Chicken: The baby chicken was one of the first small mobs to appear in the game. The baby chicken is squatting. 35 stumbling blocks