8 Underrated Nintendo Switch Survival Games

8 Underrated Nintendo Switch Survival Games

Windbound: The player's own crafted boat will be their saving grace in Windbound.

The Long Dark: Are you looking for an atmospheric and challenging survival game? Take a look at The Long Dark.

The Flame In The Flood: The Flame In The Flood is a unique entry into the survival genre in that it includes a permadeath mode, which adds to the difficulty. 

Rainworld: Rainworld immerses players in the body of a slugcat, where they act as both predator and prey in the middle of the food chain.

Green Hell: Green Hell is a gritty and realistic open-world survival game that throws players into the heart of the Amazon rainforest armed only with their bare hands.

Forager: Forager is a quirky 2D open-world survival game that will appeal to fans of Stardew Valley and Terraria.

Don't Starve: Don't Starve is without a doubt one of the best survival games for the Nintendo Switch.

Breathedge: Survive in the vacuum of space! Breathedge casts players as The Man, a character who wishes to transport his grandfather's ashes to a galactic funeral.