WoW Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List [May] 2023

Check out the Dragonflight Classes with Best DPS stats out there!

WoW Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List: World of Warcraft franchise has earned its reputation as one of the best Action RPGs ever made. The WoW Dragonflight expansion pack is the latest addition to the franchise so far. The PvP feature of Dragonflight is thoroughly enjoyed by fans worldwide. If you are a Dragonflight fan as well and looking for the best classes you can possibly use during PvP matches, then you have landed on the correct page.

WoW Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List
WoW Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List

In this Article Post, we will be categorizing all the WoW Dragonflight Classes and ranking them on the basis of their agility, synergy, and viability in the PvP matches. The sole purpose of the creation of this WoW Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List is to improve your gameplay experience and give you a statistical winning edge. If you choose classes that belong to a higher Tier then your winning chances are improved significantly.

WoW Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List

There are a total of 13 classes in WoW Dragonflight out of which the players can customize their character. The Dragonflight Class does impart a significant effect on your PvP Gameplay. Deploying a strong class character improves your winning chances to a remarkable rate by causing more DPS.

The main purpose of this article is to provide you with the Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List so that you can choose the best Dragonflight Class for yourself. The 13 WoW Dragonflight Classes are as follows:

  • Death Knight
  • Demon Hunter
  • Druid
  • Evoker
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

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WoW Dragonflight Tier List

Each Dragonflight Class has a unique set of abilities that make them stand out from each other. The innate abilities of these classes mark differences in the PvP Gameplay. It is utterly important to make the wisest choice while picking up your Character Class in Dragonflight as they either make you or break you. The Classes with higher DPS should be preferably picked over the lower ones.

We have prepared a WoW Dragonflight Tier List for you so that you can find out the best Classes for use in PvP mode. We have kept various factors into consideration while making this Tier List such as Viability, agility, and stats of each class. We have categorized the 13 Dragonflight Classes into the following categories:

S Tier ListThis category consists of the strongest Dragonflight Characters out there with unmatched agility and potential. Deploying S Tier Characters can significantly give you an upper hand over the other player in the PvP mode.
A Tier ListA-Tier Dragonflight characters are the next best option when it comes to PvP mode. A-Tier Characters may not be as agile as the S-Tier Characters but they surely exhibit some of the most outstanding abilities in WoW.
B Tier ListB-Tier Dragonflight characters are known to exhibit mediocre abilities and considerably lower DPS than the above two Character Classes. B Tier Characters are only effective against select groups of Classes.
C Tier ListC Tier Characters are the weakest classes to exist when it comes to Dragonflight Gameplay. These Class Characters are known to deploy the DPS known to us yet. However, despite being the lowest in the Tier list, C Tier Characters also possess some unique set of abilities which make them the underdog Class.

Before we proceed with the WoW Dragonflight Tier List we want to clarify that the ranking and categorization made in the following sections are purely based on our personal analysis. This information is in no way any official game record and should be taken for entertainment purposes only.

WoW Dragonflight Tier List (S Tier)

As mentioned above, the S Tier Class are the most elite and powerful characters in the game. This class makes the most agile characters with outstanding DPS on the enemies. Using S Tier Characters will give you a strong upper hand in your PvP Game experience. Following are all the S Tier Characters that we have picked on our WoW Dragonflight Tier List:

S-Tier ClassesShadow Priest, Demonology Warlock, Assassination Rogue, Windwalker Monk, Affliction Warlock

1. Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)
Shadow Priest (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)

Shadow Priests are amongst the most powerful Dragonflight Class that you will be able to find on WoW. These are extremely agile, especially in PvP mode where every second of combat is crucial. Angelic Feathers, Void Valley, Leap of Faith, and Power Infusion are some of the most impressive moves of Shadow Priest.

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2. Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)
Demonology Warlock (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)

Demonology Warlocks are capable of inflicting humongous amounts of damage on the enemy forces. These units are also able to withstand a fair share of damage received by the enemy as well. This makes them supremely versatile and an excellent choice for PvP matches. Some of the best skills that Demonology Warlock is able to control include Demonic Core, Demonbolt, Axe Toss, and Legion Strike.

3. Assassination Rogue

Assassination Rogue (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)
Assassination Rogue (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)

Assassination Rogue is yet another character class that exhibits outstanding attack & defense skills. Deploying these agile characters will surely give you a statistical edge in PvP as well as PvE modes. Some of the most extravagant abilities of Assassination Rogue include Kidney Shot, Sprint, Slice & Dice, and Deathmark.

4. Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)
Windwalker Monk (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)

Windwalker Monk is more of an attacker and does not shine when it comes to defending. However, we still placed this character unit on the S Tier List due to the tremendous attack skillset it possesses. Some of the most impressive abilities of Windwalker Monk include Invoker’s Delight and Ring of Peace. Deploying them against the enemy will cause the enemy to receive the attacks at a very rapid speed leaving very little time frame for them to recuperate.

5. Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)
Affliction Warlock (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)

The placement of Affliction Warlock on the S Tier List might have been a bit surprising for you but we have valid reasons to do so. The main reason they belong in the Dragonflight PvP Tier S is mainly because of their versatility.

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WoW Dragonflight Tier List (A Tier)

Now that you know the best in-line Dragonflight Classes for PvP mode, it is time to familiarize yourself with the A-Tier Characters. These extravagant characters are able to give you an immense advantage against your enemies.

A-Tier ClassesDestruction Warlock, Arcane Mage, Survival Hunter, Feral Druid

1. Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlock (Dragonflight PvP Tier S)
Destruction Warlock (Dragonflight PvP Tier A)

Destruction Warlock is an impressive Dragonflight Unit with powerful DPS. As the very name suggests, Destruction is the ultimate result that this versatile unit brings. Destruction Warlock is an excellent choice when it comes to PvP mode with abilities like Curse of Weakness, Eye of Kilrogg, and Ritual of Summoning.

2. Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage (Dragonflight PvP Tier A)
Arcane Mage (Dragonflight PvP Tier A)

Arcane Mage is an incredibly powerful and fast-attacking unit in Dragonflight. These characters are able to wield magic spells such as Arcane Barrage, and Arcane Missiles as well as moves such as Ring of Fire, Dragon’s Breath, and Ring of Frost. Arcane Mage provides a long list of possibilities that they allow during the battles to experiment with.

3. Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter (Dragonflight PvP Tier A)
Survival Hunter (Dragonflight PvP Tier A)

The next promising unit from the WoW Dragonflight is the fighting expert, Survival Hunter. Unlike many other units on our WoW Dragonflight Tier List, Survival Hunter is a close-combat Melee character that presents a versatile range of possibilities to the player. The most impressive skills of the Death Chakram, Stampede, Fury of the Eagle, and Terms of Engagement. All in all, Survival Hunter is an excellent choice for PvP with a deadly skill set.

4. Feral Druid

Feral Druid (Dragonflight PvP Tier A)
Feral Druid (Dragonflight PvP Tier A)

Feral Druid is yet another dependable A-Tier Dragonflight character that you can use for PvP mode. These babies can inflict humongous amounts of damage on the enemy. Some of the most effective moves of this ferocious character include Convoke the Spirits, Lunar Inspiration, and Adaptive Swarm.

WoW Dragonflight Tier List (B Tier)

These combinations are the best among the average character classes in Dragonflight. These characters do not guarantee an easy winning streak but they have really fun powers which can be thoroughly enjoyed by the players.

B-Tier ClassesOutlaw Rogue, Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid

1. Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogue (Dragonflight PvP Tier B)
Outlaw Rogue (Dragonflight PvP Tier B)

Outlaw Rogue used to be much higher on the Dragonflight Tier List until they witnessed a significant amount of drop in their popularity. However, they still are a dependable unit with some outstanding abilities. Some of the most outstanding skills of Outlaw Rogue consist of Between the Eyes, Ambush, Sinister Strike, and Blade Furry.

2. Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman (Dragonflight PvP Tier B)
Elemental Shaman (Dragonflight PvP Tier B)

Elemental Shaman is amongst the best team supporters in Dragonflight which brings a great deal to their team. Some of the best and most effective moves of these characters include Lava Burst, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, Frost Shock, and Flame Shock. These attacks are able to make interesting combinations that are quite beneficial against the enemy forces.

3. Balance Druid

Balance Druid (Dragonflight PvP Tier B)
Balance Druid (Dragonflight PvP Tier B)

Balance Druid is a decent team backup and supporter but isn’t that effective on its own. This is the only reason why we have placed Balance Druid so low in the Dragonflight PvP Tier List. The best moves that Balance Druid can bring to you and your team include Astral Communion, Fury of Elune, Convoke the Spirits, and Stellar Flare.

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WoW Dragonflight Tier List (C Tier)

Finally, coming to the C Tier characters, these are amongst the weakest cadres you will find in the Dragonflight. Deploying them may give you an advantage over selective enemy characters only. Even though these characters do not show outstanding potential, they still possess some super cool powers to redeem their validity in Dragonflight.

C-Tier ClassesDemon Hunter, Fire Mage, Frost Death Knight, Devastation Evoker

1. Arms Warrior

Arms Warrior (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)
Arms Warrior (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)

When it comes to the PvP mode or any other Dragonflight Gameplay mode in general, Arms Warrior struggles to meet the mark one would expect. The most significant moves of Arms Warrior include Blood & Thunder, Warbreaker, Bladestorm, Spear of Bastion, and Sudden Death.

2. Fire Mage

Fire Mage (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)
Fire Mage (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)

Fire Mage is a considerably more decent choice than the other characters on the Dragonflight PvP Tier C. These units are also able to inflict high damage, however, the limiting factor is their short-lived lifespan on the battlefield. They still make a strong team member when placed with compatible units otherwise they turn out to be a liability to the team. Some of the most impressive moves of Fire Mage are Fire Blast and Combustion.

3. Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)
Frost Death Knight (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)

Frost Death Knight is yet another close ranged melee style battle unit with a limited skill set and abilities. These are sluggish battle units that do not particularly shine at attack skills. Some of the signature moves of these mighty beings include Obliteration and Icecap.

4. Devastation Evoker

Devastation Evoker (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)
Devastation Evoker (Dragonflight PvP Tier C)

The last battle unit on our Dragonflight PvP Tier C List is Devastation Evoker. Despite belonging to the lowest Tier in the Dragonflight character list, Devastation Evoker has some qualities which make it special in its own way. Some of the signature moves of Devastation Evoker include Fire Breath, Time Spiral, Terror of the Skies, and Leaping Flames.

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You have reached the end of our Post on Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List. We truly hope that this list will help you improve your gameplay experience at WoW Dragonflight. If you wish to share your feedback, feel free to write your thoughts below in the comments section. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of content here at Benettonplay! We really appreciate you sticking till the end of this article, Cheers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most effective Class in Dragonflight?

The most effective Class in Dragonflight which are able to deploy the highest Damage Per Second are Demonology Warlocks, Havoc Demon Hunters, and Shadow Priests. For more details, check out our post on Benettonplay.

Which Class is the best for raiding in Dragonflight?

When it comes to raiding, the class of the battle unit plays a major role in the success of the raid. The most effective Class that you can use during raids is Windwalker Monk according to the experience of the players so far.

Which is the least played Class in WoW Dragonflight?

When it comes to the least played Class in WoW Dragonflight, there is a close competition between Assassination Rogues and Survival Hunters.

Which is the easiest Healer in Dragonflight?

Well, if we talk about the easiest Healer in Dragonflight, the title will most probably be stolen by Restoration Druids. They are incredibly effective and easy to deploy.


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