Civilization 6 Tier List [May] 2023: Civ 6 Tier List

Mostly famous, as well as to be quite honest, mind-boggling, the twenty-five-year legacy of the 4X style game, Civilization 6 represents an intriguing big change. Civilization 6 builds mostly on the genre’s major transformations carried caused by the previous game. Thus its sequels by adding a variety of fresh ideas, polishing old components, and sometimes deciding to start from scratch in one or two critical aspects.

Whereas leading a civilization from the beginning of mankind in 4000 BC to approaching such constellations in 2050 AD could indeed appear a bit overwhelming. This new installment performs difficult to assemble everything understandable, pretty obvious, and even as descriptive as it is feasible to become when portraying more than six thousand years of human being venture and improvement capturing the significance of the major techniques.


While traveling the globe, gamers may come across several Civilizations or barbarians with whom they might deal, establish bilateral agreements, or opt to wage war to conquer another Civilization. While enjoying the game, numerous gamers would be puzzled over which Civilization to select.

In order to choose the Civilization players wish to engage with, gamers must consult the following guide about Civilization 6 tier list. An extensive list of civilizations, their leaders, bonuses, skills, and other constructions is given in this passage.

This videogame has gone through different upgrades, and numerous Civilizations have also been included. This list represents the most recent version of the Civ 6 tier list that users may utilize. Unless the game undergoes any further modifications, we would then edit the information.

Civilization 6 Tier List

Throughout Civ 6, players’ ability to lead their Civilization to global dominance hinges on both their choices and the commander they pick. Users did understand what is written in this article. They can emerge as a worldwide leader with the help of certain rulers, whereas other chiefs create it even harder. As a result, you should choose your leader carefully.

We have put up the Civ VI tier list with all seven levels and respective commanders as a service to users. A, B, C, D, E, and F levels are trailed more by the finest and most powerful commanders inside tier S. Depending on the level of complexity, and playability players desire across the video game, they must choose a captain.


The list of S-Tier civilizations seems to be the one that any players must choose if they desire to play with the greatest civilizations currently available. In comparison to certain levels, they probably possess the greatest victory rate inside the videogame on any level of complexity. Following is a description of a Civilization by this category.

Name of LeaderSpecial AbilityLeader BonusSpecial UnitName of CivilizationSpecial Structure
John CurtinLand Down UnderCitadel of CivilizationDiggerAustraliaOutback Station
PeterMother RussiaThe Grand EmbassyCossackRussiaLavra
KupeManaKupe’s VoyageToaMaoriMarae
Bull Moose TeddyFounding FathersAntiquities and ParksP-51 MustangAmericaFilm Studio
Joao IIICasa da IndiaPorta do CercoNauPortugalNavigation School
Hojo TokimuneMeiji ResrorationDivine WindSamuraiJapanElectronics Factory

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As compared to the S Tier leaders, the A-Tier Civilizations lag back marginally. The A-Tier characters are incapable to advance toward the S-level due to a handful of minor imperfections. This is stated that A-category civilizations may battle against S Tier Civilizations since their capabilities are quite comparable. However, the gamers must be effective enough to finish the objective.

Name of LeaderSpecial AbilityLeader BonusSpecial UnitName of CivilizationSpecial Structure
Rough Rider TeddyFounding FathersRoosevelt CorollaryRough RiderAmericaFilm Studio
Simon BolivarEjercito PatriotaCampana AdmirableLianeroGran ColumbiaHacienda
SaladinThe Last ProphetRighteousness of the FaithMamlukArabiaMadrasa
CyrusSatrapiesFall of BabylonImmortalPersiaPairidaeza
GorgoPlato’s RepublicThermopylaeHopliteGreeceAcropolis
CleopatraIteruMediterranean’s BrideMaryannu ChariotArcherEgyptSphinx
Matthias CorvinusPearl of the DanubeRaven KingHuszarHungaryThermal Bath
Pedro IIAmazonMagnanimousMinas GeraesBrazilStreet Carnival, Copacabana


The Civ VI tier list B focus on at minimum single route to triumph, although they lack versatility from a contextual perspective. Although they’re not particularly adaptable, their attention concentrates on the road to winning, which renders them the best candidates.

Name of LeaderSpecial AbilityLeader BonusSpecial UnitName of CivilizationSpecial Structure
Lady Six SkyMayabIx Mutal AjawHul’cheMayaObservatory
Mansa MusaSongs of the JeliSahel MerchantsMandekalu CavalryMaliSuguba
Phillip IITreasure FleetEl EscorialConquistadorSpainMission
SeondeokThree KingdomsHwarangHwachaKoreaSeowon
Qin Shi HuangDynastis CycleThe First EmperorCrouching TigerChinaGreat Wall
Jayavarman VIIGrand BaraysMonasteries of the KingDomreyKhmerPrasat
GilgameshEpic QuestAdventures of EnkiduWar-CartSumeriaZiggurat
PericlesPlato’s RepublicSurrounded by GloryHopliteGreeceAcropolis
HammurabiEnuma Anu EnlilNinu Ilu SirumSabum KibittumBabylonPalgum
Menelik IIAksumite LegacyCouncil of MinistersOromo CavalryEthiopiaRock-Hewn Church
DidoMediterraean ColoniesFounder of CarthageBiremePhoeniciaCothon


Due to its status as an expert, the C-grade Civilization operates in a short controllable manner since, in comparison to the other players in the tournament, it has a more hard journey to triumph. Although a few leaders achieve victory by domination with knowledge, C tier list Civ 6 wins through survivability.

Name of LeaderSpecial AbilityLeader BonusSpecial UnitName of CivilizationSpecial Structure
MontezumaLegend of the Five SunsGifts for the TlatoaniEagle WarriorAztecTlachtli
Basil IITaxisPorphyrogennetosTagmaByzantiumHippodrome
WilhelminaGrote RivierenRadio OranjeDe Zeven ProvincienDutchPolder
TamanStrength in UnityThe glory of the World, Kingdom of FaithKhevsurGeorgiaTsikhe
AmanitoreTa-SetiKandake of MeroePitati ArcherNubiaKandake of Meroe
JadwigaGolden LibertyLithuanian UnionWinged HussarPolandSukiennice
PachacutiMit’aQhapaq NanWarak’aqIncaTerrace Farm


This expansion’s Civilizations and rulers aren’t as strong as that of the video game’s remaining competitors. They may possess a few unique traits that set them apart, although they fall short of the greater complete commanders users can discover beyond them on the mentioned Civilization 6 tier list.

Name of LeaderSpecial AbilityLeader BonusSpecial UnitName of CivilizationSpecial Structure
KristinaNobel PrizeMinerva of the NorthCaroleanSwedenOpen-Air Museum
Ba TrieuNine Dragon River DeltaDrive Out the AgressorsVoi ChienVietnamThanh
SuleimanGreat Turkish BombardGrand VizierBarbary CorsairOttomanGrand Vizier
TrajanComplete Routes Tends to RomeTrajan’s ColumnLegionRomeTrajan’s Column
Catherine de MediciGrand TourCatherine’s Flying SquadronGarde ImperialeFranceChateau
GitarjaGreat NusantaraExalted Goddess of the Three WorldsJongIndonesiaKampung
Frederick BarbarossaFree Imperial CitiesHoly Roman EmperorU-BoatGermanyHansa
Wilfrid LaurierFour Faces of PeaceThe Last Best WestMountieCanadaThe Last Best West

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The Civilization 6 tier list F are currently the weakest throughout the gameplay owing to their low usefulness across the board. The characters out of this level are useless and frequently unable to compete with civilizations of top tiers.

Name of LeaderSpecific AbilityLeader BonusSpecific UnitName of CivilizationSpecific Structure
Magnificence CatherineGrand TourCatherine’s MagnificencesGarde ImperialeFranceChateau
Eleanor of AquitaineWorkshop of the WorldCourt of LoveSea DogEnglandRoyal Navy Dockyard
AmbiorixHallstat CultureKing of the EburonesGaesataeGaulOppidum
Genghis KhanOrtooMongol HordeKeshigMongoliaMongol Horde
VictoriaBritish Museum / Workshop of the WorldPax BritannicaSea DogEnglandRoyal Navy Dockyard
Mvemba NzingaNkisiReligious ConvertNgao MbebaKongoMbanza
Kublai KhanOrtooGeregeKeshigMongoliaOrdu
Alexander the GreatHellenistic FusionTo the World’s EndHypaspistMacedoniaBasilikoi Paides
TomyrisPeople of the SteppeKiller of CyrusSaka Horse ArcherScythiaKurgan
LautaroToquiSwift HawkMalon RaiderMapucheChemamull

Process of Making Civilization 6 Tier List

Similar to any leaderboard we build, we want to start by conducting an extensive study to gather a wide range of viewpoints and ensure that we’ve covered every aspect. Therefore, although we possess our particular ideas on which Civilization mostly in a videogame is the finest, we equally value gamer comments and perspectives.

Ratings are nevertheless completely arbitrary in a real-time strategy such as Civilization 6 since ability, playing style, and inclinations matter over a few additional perks and attributes. While deciding on the chosen leader of Civilization 6 that better serves your goals, you must evaluate the protagonist you already accessible; ideally, players have all S-tier civilizations after this tier list Civ 6 unlocked.

The initial one of these discusses Civilizations among many available leaders. Players will then receive exposure to a practically limitless number of customization choices for your kingdom. The qualifying for the realm you select inside the tier checklist will alter whether you use either of them, though.


Who is the best Civilization?

Scythia’s Tomyris and America’s Teddy Roosevelt are among the best Civilization.

Which Civ is best for Science Victory?

John Curtin of Australia and Hammurabi of Babylon, and so on are best for Science victory.

How many cities should one player have in Civilization VI?

By turning a hundred, gamers throughout Civilization 6 must aim to own approximately 10 cities, which may be attained through both initial conflict & colonization.


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