Azur Lane Tier List (February 2024) – Best Ships Ranked

Azur Lane, an action RPG mobile game, has become popular due to its unique gameplay. It is classified as a gacha game as the main way of obtaining new ships (the characters/heroes) is through a random building process.

What sets the game apart from other titles of the same genre is that it requires more active participation from the player, as they control their fleet and dodge enemy attacks while aiming and firing their own abilities.

To those starting out in Azur Lane, being overwhelmed may be expected; however, with enough practice and dedication, one can become an expert!

Azur lane Tier list
Azur lane Tier list

This tier list has been carefully prepared in order to make choosing the best ships for a winning streak easier. There are so many options in the game that it can be overwhelming and confusing to pick out which ones are most viable and useful for intense battles.

Please take note that the ships have been arranged accordingly.

Azur Lane presents players with a unique side-scrolling shooter experience, featuring anthropomorphic characters based on warships of the World War II era.

It is a difficult task to select the best battleships for your fleet in order to win, which is why we have put together a tier list.

The game requires you to make smart decisions regarding enemies’ lineups and survive until the end of each battle.

Now without any further ado, let us directly see what Azur Lane’s Best Ships are.

Azur Lane Tier List (Azur Lane Best Ships)

Best Battleships and Battlecruisers

Best Battleships and Battlecruisers
Best Battleships and Battlecruisers
S+Ulrich von Hutten, New Jersey, Friedrich der Grosse, Monarch, and Odin
SMusashi, Vanguard, Georgia, Marco Polo, Howe, Richelieu, Vittorio Veneto, Lützow, Warspite, and Kii
AChampagne, Gascogne, Brünhilde, Seydlitz, Queen Elizabeth, Akane Shinjo, Izumo, Alabama, Amagi, Bismarck, Duke of York, Honoka, Tosa, Patricia Abelheim, Hyuuga, California, and Conte di Cavour
BIori Minase, Nagato, Roma, Sovetskaya Rossiya, Suruga, Washington, Jean Bart, Kaga, Littorio, Gangut, North Carolina, Dunkerque, Valiant, Giulio Cesare, Gneisenau, and Haruna
CSovetskaya Belorussiya, Scharnhorst META, Mujina, Yamashiro META, Gascogne µ, Hood, King George V, Amagi-chan, Fusou, South Dakota, Tirpitz, Arizona, Repulse, and Tennessee
DIse, Mutsu, Pennsylvania, Little Renown, Nagisa, Arkhangelsk, Mikasa, Scharnhorst, West Virginia, Super Gamer Kizuna AI, Nevada, Oklahoma, Yamashiro, Renown, and Colorado
FRodney, Hiei, Hiei-chan, Kirishima, Kongou, Maryland, Nelson, Thüringen, Massachusetts, Prince of Wales, and Revenge
Best Battleships and Battlecruisers in Azur Lane Tier List

Battleships boast powerful defensive capabilities and, similarly to Aircraft Carriers, can use their main gun to attack foes approaching too closely.

On auto-mode, the salvo attacks they launch are accurately targeted at enemies prioritizing bosses. For multiple enemies to be hit by a salvo attack, however, they must be standing quite close together.

Salvo attacks have a limited area of effect but inflict more damage than airstrike attacks later in the game; thus making them ideal for eliminating bosses with abundant health.

Best Destroyer Ships

Best Destroyer Ships
Best Destroyer Ships
S+Marie Rose, Z23, Z46, Tashkent, An Shan, and Kitakaze
SYuudachi, Shimakaze, Wakatsuki, Marie Rose, and Chang Chun
ASuzutsuki, Ayanami, Allen M. Sumner, Kazagumo, Laffey, Kiev, Bristol, and Le Terrible
BZ18, Z19, Z20, Z21, Z24, Z28, Le Triomphant, Kagerou, Yoizuki, Le Malin, Shirakami Fubuki, Kawakaze, Javelin, Le Main µ, Tashkent µ, Ingraham, Wakaba, Aulick, Beagle, Bulldog, Craven, Foote, McCall, Mikazuki, Minazuki, Spence, and Uzuki
CZ16, Z25, Z26, Z36, Cassin, Downes, Yukikaze, Naganami, Z1, Hanazuki, Harutsuki, Pompeo Magno, Kasumi, L’Indomptable, Eldridge, Shigure, Gromky, Hatsuharu, Carabiniere, Ooshio, Oyashio, Libeccio, Nicholas, Miyuki, Le Téméraire, Maestrale, Makinami, and Matchless
DShirayuki, Eskimo, Fu Shun, Gremyashchy, Stanly, Thatcher, Urakaze, Ariake, Chang Chun, Niizuki, Tanikaze, Vincenzo Gioberti, Yuugure, Cooper, Hibiki, Minsk, Stephen Potter, Stremitelny, Tai Yuan, Nagatsuki, Oite, Radford, Shiratsuyu, Smalley, Fletcher, Kiyonami, Shiranui, Le Mars, Akatsuki, Arashio, Asashio, Aylwin, Bache, Benson, Bush, Comet, Crescent, Cygnet, Dewey, Echo, Foxhound, Juno, Jupiter, Kalk, Kimberly, Kisaragi, Kuroshio, Michishio, and Mutsuki
F, Emanuele Pessagno, Alfredo Oriani, Maillé Brézé, Specialized Bulin Custom MKIII, Prototype Bulin MKII, White Heart, Acasta, Amazon, Ardent, Bailey, Blanc, Charles Ausburn, Forbin, Fortune, Fubuki, Glowworm, Grenville, Grozny, Hamakaze, Hammann, Hardy, Hatsushimo, Icarus, Kamikaze, Kizuna AI, L’Opiniâtre, Matsukaze, Maury, Morrison, Mullany, Musketeer, Natsuiro Matsuri, Nicoloso da Recco, Nowaki, Sims, Tartu, Umikaze, Universal Bulin, Uranami, Vampire, Vauquelin, Yamakaze, Z2, Z35, Halsey Powell, Hatakaze, Hazelwood, Hobby, Hunter, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Fumizuki, Gridley, Isokaze, Jenkins, and Jersey
Best Destroyer Ships

Destroyers boast the highest rate of fire, however, their firepower is less than that of cruisers. Low defenses make Destroyers vulnerable to powerful attacks, yet they have some of the best speed and evasiveness stats in the game to help dodge enemy shots.

To gain the most out of playing with a Destroyer, switch to manual mode for more maneuverability in dodging attacks and quickly move forward for a torpedo strike.

Best Aircraft Carriers

Best Aircraft Carriers
Best Aircraft Carriers
S+Klaudia Valentz, Volga, Perseus, Hakuryuu, Shinano,
S Shangri-La, Souryuu META, Centaur, Enterprise, Essex, Ryuuhou, Ticonderoga, Shouhou, and Akagi µ
AIndependence, Unicorn, Impero, August von Parseval, Intrepid, Bunker Hill, Ark Royal, Formidable, Chise Asukagawa, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Casablanca, and Joffre
BArk Royal META, Aquila, Chihaya Kisaragi, Hiryuu META, Illustrious, Akagi, Hiryuu, Kaga, and Katsuragi
CGraf Zeppelin, Illustrious µ, Anniversary Kizuna AI, Béarn, Eagle, Hornet, Souryuu, Chaser, Chen Hai, Green Heart, Akagi-chan, Glorious, Houshou, Little Illustrious, and Long Island
DElbe, Serri Glaus, Taihou, Peter Strasser, Hermes, Ranger, Princeton, Ryuujou, Weser, Zeppy, Langley, Victorious, Hiyou, Junyou, Wasp, Taihou µ, and Tokino Sora
FOokami Mio, Yorktown, Chitose, Chiyoda, Lexington, Murasaki Shion, Vert, Bogue, Little Enterprise, Nyotengu, Bataan, and Saratoga
Best Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers are capable of dealing serious damage with their cooldown-based airstrikes, such as Torpedo Bomber Planes and Fighter Planes.

With the AoE damage they can cause, Aircraft Carriers can be the deciding factor in a battle and should be seriously considered for placement on a fleet.

Light Aircraft Carriers are similar to regular Aircraft Carriers but should also not be overlooked. The main gun is only used when enemies get too close to the ship. They are a part of the main fleet which is why they belong to the backline.

Best Large and Heavy Cruisers

Best Large and Heavy Cruisers in Azur Lane
Best Large and Heavy Cruisers in Azur Lane
S+Roon, San Francisco, Drake, Ägir, and Kronshtadt
SYume Minami, Ibuki, Roon µ, Brest, Azuma, Saint Louis, Azusa Miura, Prinz Heinrich, Baltimore, Bremerton, and Chikuma
AElegant Kisuna AI, Mogami, Anchorage, Pola, Portland, Cheshire, Little Prinz Eugen, Yorck, Kasumi, London, and Algérie
BChoukai, Minneapolis, Tallinn, Atago, Deutschland, Sussex, Trento, Salt Lake City, and Nachi
CNorthampton, Namiko, Lila Decyrus, Blücher, Pola, Wichita, Haguro, Myoukou, Aoba, Kinugasa, and Pensacola
DSuzuya, Vincennes, Furutaka, Bolzano, Trieste, Black Heart, Ashigara, Trento META, Exeter, Admiral Graf Spee, Baltimore µ, York, and Admiral Hipper
FAdmiral Hipper µ, Houston, Indianapolis, Nakiri Ayame, Suffolk, Kumano, Noire, Quincy, Kako, Kent, Norfolk, Shropshire, Astoria, Dorsetshire, Maya, Prinz Eugen, Chicago, Takao, and Zara
Best Large and Heavy Cruisers

Vanguard ships can be classified as Cruisers. These can come in the form of light cruisers, heavy cruisers, and large cruisers. Cruisers have more defense and greater main gun damage than destroyers, although they are slower and have less evasion.

Cruisers also have a steadier output of damage since their main source does not depend on any sort of cooldown-based skill like destroyers. Light cruisers are the quickest with the highest evasion but low defense and damage comparatively.

Large cruisers have the lowest evasion and are slower than other ships, yet they boast the highest defense and damage capabilities.

To ensure that you don’t suffer from burst damage and low defenses, it is best to bring a mix of cruisers and destroyers to your battles. One of the top cruiser ships in the game is Roon—a heavy cruiser with impressive damage output and defenses.

Best Submarines

Best Submarines in Azur Lane
Best Submarines
S+U-47, U-81, U-96, and U-37
SArcherfish, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Bluegill
AI-13, Minato Aqua, and Ami Futami
BAlbacore, Cavalla, I-168, I-19, U-101, and Mami Futami
CDace, I-58, Surcouf, I-25, I-26, I-56, and U-110
DTorricelli, U-1206, U-410, and U-73
FU-522, U-556, U-557, Albacore µ, and Nautilus
Best Submarines in Azur Lane Tier List

Submarines are a unique class of vessels when compared to other ships because they fight from underwater by automatically discharging missiles and abilities at foes.

These ships typically have skills that amplify the destruction caused by your whole fleet, potentially altering the result of the battle.

In addition to aiding in combat and inflicting harm, Submarines can damage opponents while moving across the skirmish selection map – a useful feature that should not be overlooked! It is strongly suggested that you include the U-47 submarine ship in your armada.

Best Light Cruisers

Best Light Cruisers in Azur Lane
Best Light Cruisers in Azur Lane
S+San Diego, Noshiro, Mainz, Seattle, and Duca degli Abruzzi
SElbing, Helena, Reisalin Stout, Achilles, Ajax, Curacoa, Little Bel, Nürnberg, Sheffield, Sheffield µ, St. Louis, Brooklyn, Plymouth, and Rikka Takarada
ACharybdis, Hermione, Ning Hai, Ping Hai, Cleveland, Columbia, Denver, Murmansk, Concord, Fiji, Pamiat Merkuria, Swiftsure, and Aurora
BSakawa, Prinz Adalbert, Neptune, Chapayev, Helena META, Jeanne d’Arc, Jintsuu, Kirov, Misaki, Sirius, Biloxi, Birmingham, Boise, Monica, Ying Swei, Yura, and Honolulu
CLena, Li’l Sandy, Mikuma, Hai Tien, Hai Chi, Memphis, Naka, San Juan, Southampton, Königsberg, Nagara, Newcastle, Sendai, Yat Sen, Phoenix, Neptune, Cleveland, La Galissonnière, and Émile Bertin
DOmaha, Raleigh, Richmond, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Emden, Avrora, Dido, Dido µ, Haruka Amani, Montpellier, Reno, Curlew, Isuzu, Leipzig, Arethusa, Atlanta, Black Prince, Chao Ho, and Yuubari
FPenelope, Abukuma, Cleveland µ, Edinburgh, Gloucester, Leander, Hass, Köln, Marblehead, Purple Heart, Agano, Magdeburg, Belfast, and Kinu
Best Light Cruisers

Light cruisers are the fastest, with the highest evasion and lowest defense/damage in the cruiser category.

To avoid being limited to just burst damage and low defenses, a combination of cruisers and destroyers should be utilized; these two classifications are the most popular in Azur Lane.

Light cruisers generally have more defense than destroyers as well as greater main gun damage but they are slower and have less evasion.

Damage output is steadier due to their main source of damage not relying on a cooldown-based skill as destroyers do.

Other Ships

Other Ships
Other Ships
S+Abercrombie (Monitor Ship)
STerror (Monitor Ship)
AErebus (Monitor Ship) and Ritsuko Akizuki (Munition Ship)
BKashino (Munition Ship) and Akashi (Repair Ship)
CVestal (Repair Ship)
Other Ships

These are the ships that do not fall into any of the aforementioned categories. These ships are still worth giving a shot and nonetheless, they do provide some utility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Azur Lane Shutting Down?

    No, at least not in the foreseeable future, but it will eventually as every game has a lifetime. For the time being, the game is doing pretty fine and has a very healthy player base.

  2. Why is Azur Lane so popular?

    Since its inception, Azur Lane has been a focus of admiration due to the anime girls it features. Additionally, its fan art is noteworthy and has inspired many memes in various online communities, including anime, and mobile gaming.

  3. Which is better, Azur Lane of Girls Frontline?

    Both games feature incredible art and characters. If you are a gun person, go for Girls Frontline but if you’re a ship person we suggest you go for Azur Lane.

So there you have it, the best Azur Lane tier list which is prepared by deep analysis and keeping in mind the newbie and veteran players. We hope this Azur Lane tier list will help you choose the best ships that will help you win battles. And since you’re here at Benettonplay, make sure to check out our other posts as well.

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