10 Best Flying Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2023]

Check out the most Badass Flying Type Pokemon Ever!

Best Flying Type Pokemon: The Flying Type Pokemon Category withholds some of the most unique combinations of pokemon. From enchanting dragons to ferocious fighters, there is barely any pokemon type that doesn’t have a flying pokemon variant. Flying Type Pokemon is an excellent choice for the battlefield as they can easily dodge and attack from a more open range. Flying Type is a sub-category of pokemon that includes all the pokemon that are experts in aerial attacks.

10 Best Flying Type Pokemon
10 Best Flying Type Pokemon

The speed and dodging abilities of the Flying Type Pokemon are known to give them a significant advantage on the battlefield. Here, we have compiled & ranked the 10 Best Flying Type Pokemon from all the 9 generations of pokemon yet. The ranking is done on the basis of the overall performance of each pokemon. For this, we have carefully gone through the Pokedex to bring you only the Best Flying Pokemon.

Best Flying Type Pokemon

Flying Type Pokemon provide significant benefits in pokemon battles and raids, especially when deployed against Bug, Grass, or Fighting Type Pokemon. Since every Flying Type Pokemon doesn’t hold the same elemental core, each pokemon has different vulnerabilities. In this list of the Best Flying Type Pokemon, we have shortlisted the most strongest and agile pokemon out there. Now, without any further delay, let’s go on with the Best Flying Pokemon.

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10. Togekiss

Togekiss (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Togekiss (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFairy, Flying
VulnerabilityPoison, Ice, Electric, Rock, Steel
AbilitySerene Grace, Hustle
Evolution ChartTogepi->Togetic->Togekiss

The key reason that makes Togekiss a deserving contender on the list of Best Flying Pokemon is this adorable Pokemon’s versatility. Being a Fairy Type, Togekiss has an upper hand on Fighting, Dark, and Bug Type Pokemon. Tailwind, Thunderwave & Roost are among the most effective moves of this agile pokemon. Togekiss has a decent speed and base Hp that makes it last in any battle. The defense skills of Togekiss are no joke either. The most powerful attribute of Togekiss is however its Special Attacks such as Moonblast & Dazzling Gleam.p

9. Moltres (Galarian Form)

Galarian Moltres (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Galarian Moltres (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Dark
VulnerabilityRock, Ice, Fairy, Electric
Alternative formMoltres

With the deadly combination of Dark & Flying Type, Moltres is undoubtedly one of the Best Flying Pokemon out there. Being Dark Type in their core, Galarian Moltres are naturally resistant to Ghost, Psychic, and Ground Type Moves. Some of the signature moves of this dark bird include Brave Bird, Hurricane, Snarl, and Dark Pulse. Apart from having impressive speed and defense skills, Galarian Moltres also has extreme speed.

8. Zapdos (Galarian Form)

Galarian Zapdos (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Galarian Zapdos (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Fighting
VulnerabilityIce, Flying, Psychic, Electric, Fairy
Alternative formZapdos

Galarian Zapdos exhibits one of the most unique combinations of Flying and Fighting Types which makes them skilled fighters both in the air and on land. Galarian Zapdos can easily take care of other Fighting Type pokemon as well as Grass and Bug Type Pokemon. The most impressive trait of this Strong legged Pokemon is the power of their attack. Close Combat, Focus Blast, Hurricane, and Brave Bird are some of the best moves in the inventory of this huge bird. We can declare Galarian Zapdos to be one of the best Fighter birds in the entire Pokemon Universe.

7. Articuno (Galarian Form)

Galarian Articuno (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Galarian Articuno (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Psychic
VulnerabilityRock, Electric, Ice, Dark, Ghost
Alternative formArticuno

Next on the list of Best Flying Type Pokemon is the ruthless legendary pokemon, Galarian Articuno! This elegant pokemon exhibits a very smooth and enticing flying style, holding onto the senses of the enemy at any time. This legendary pokemon does its work from a distance without engaging in close combat. Galarian Articuno is naturally resistant to Ground Type, Fighting Type, and Psychic Type moves. The signature moves of this sophisticated royal pokemon include Hurricane, Air Slash, and Future Sight.

6. Shaymin (Sky Forme)

Shaymin Sky Forme (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Shaymin Sky Forme (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Grass
VulnerabilityFlying, Ice, Poison, Bug, Fire
AbilitySerene Grace

Next up on the list of Best Flying Pokemon is the graceful & agile Mythical Pokemon, Shaymin. Shaymin is a Grass Type Pokemon that comes in both land and aerial variations. The best attribute about these adorable rare pokemon is their attack power. Though not very versatile, Shaymin holds extreme winning odds against Electric, Grass, Water, and Ground Type Pokemon. This pokemon is extremely rare to obtain and are extremely effective in Pokemon Raids & Battles.

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5. Mega Salamence

Mega Salamence (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Mega Salamence (Best Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Dragon
VulnerabilityRock, Dragon, Ice, Fairy
Alternative versionSalamence
Evolution chartBagon->Shelgon->Salamence

Mega Salamence is an amazing Pokemon who truly deserves a spot in the list of the Best Flying Type Pokemon. This agile being has a unique ability called Aerilate which gives it the ability to transform all of its normal attacks into special Flying Type Attacks. Some of the signature moves of this beast include Return, Double Edge, Boomburst, and Dragon Dance.

4. Dragonite

Dragonite (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Dragonite (Best Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Dragon
VulnerabilityIce, Dragon, Rock, Fairy
AbilityInner Focus
Evolution ChartDratini->Dragonair->Dragonite

Dragonite is one of the Strongest Flying Type Pokemon out there and also an ultimate fan favorite. Despite being a little sluggish, the mighty prowess of this humongous Dragon gives it an upper hand against Ground, Grass & Water Type Pokemon. Outrage, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance & Roost are amongst the most effective moves of this mighty flying pokemon. Dragonite is an extremely powerful and versatile pokemon with tremendous attack power.

3. Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Mega Rayquaza (Best Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Dragon
VulnerabilityDragon, Rock, Fairy, Ice
AbilityDelta Stream
Alternative versionRayquaza

Mega Rayquaza is a legendary pokemon that can yield dual Flying & Dragon-Type moves. This rare pokemon is known to float around the ozone layer and feed on meteoroids. This pokemon possesses a special ability called Delta Stream which causes strong wind motions. These winds can neutralize even the most effective moves of the opponents. If you are looking for a versatile and dependable Flying-type pokemon for battle and raids, you can never go wrong with Mega Rauquaza.

2. Ho-oh

Ho-oh (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Ho-oh (Best Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Fire
VulnerabilityElectric, Water, Rock

Ho-oh is another legendary pokemon and a well-deserved contender for the 2nd Spot on our list of Best Flying Pokemon. These elegant and fascinating birds reside at the foot of a rainbow. It glows into the alluring colors of the rainbow in response to the light that hits its body. Ho-oh is proficient in deploying the most effective moves of both Fire & Flying types. Some of Ho-oh’s signature moves are Sacred Fire, Brave Bird, Hurricane, and Roost. This majestic bird also has extraordinary regenerative powers which make it heal itself. Definitely an excellent choice against most pokemon types out there, Ho-oh is a battle pro.

1. Lugia

Lugia (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Lugia (Best Flying Type Pokemon)
TypeFlying, Psychic
VulnerabilityIce, Ghost, Electric, Dark, Rock

And the title of the No. 1 Best Flying Pokemon is rightfully stolen by the one and only, Lugia! This is yet another legendary pokemon with a unique blend of Psychic and Flying Abilities. The most effective trait of this mighty pokemon is Multiscale, which allows this pokemon to halve the damage received from the enemy. Some of the signature moves of this powerful beast include Future Sight, Aeroblast, Roost, Whirlwind, and Psychic. This beautiful and versatile battle machine is an ultimate fan favorite and a go-to choice for pokemon game events and raids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the fastest-flying pokemon?

Ninjask is a dual-flying bug pokemon that exhibits extraordinary flying speed. This pokemon is one of the fastest-flying pokemon in the entire pokemon franchise. Mega Aerodactyl, Crobat, and Shaymin closely follow the speed of Ninjask.

Which is the strongest legendary bird pokemon?

Rayquaza is undoubtedly the strongest legendary bird pokemon out there. This versatile pokemon is able to undergo mega-evolution and surpass all levels of power.

Which is the strongest God Pokemon?

Arceus is the strongest God Pokemon to exist in all the 9 generations of Pokemon so far. Arceus is the creator of existence as well as all the other Gods to exist in the Pokemon realm. Arceus is the almighty force that has held the entire realm together.

Who is stronger Lugia or Ho-Oh?

Well, Lugia and Ho-Oh are both worthy opponents and extremely difficult to defeat. If we compare the level of versatility of both these legends, Lugia stands out slightly above Ho-Oh. Where Ho-Oh relies more on attacking and healing, Lugia has a strong defensive game and effective attack to turn the course of the battle at any time.


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