Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

Find out about the Strengths and Weaknesses of generic Flying Type Pokemon!

Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses: Flying Type Pokemon are viewed as one of the most fascinating Pokemon Types to exist. The most remarkable attributes in addition to their flight skills are their speed and agility. Flying Types possess a major upper hand during the battles due to their air attacks. However, just like every other Pokemon Type Flying Types have weaknesses of their own. In order to exploit and understand the scope of Flying Type Pokemon on the battlefield, it is essential to know both the strengths and weaknesses of these beautiful yet powerful creatures.

Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Resistances
Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Resistances

We have prepared this article on Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses and Resistances by researching the official stats on Pokedex. We have ensured to make this article as detailed and informative as possible to assist in your gameplay experience. But before we step into this post, do not forget to check our Ultimate List of the 10 Best Flying Type Pokemon out there, Happy Reading!

Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses

In order to use a Pokemon to its maximum potential on the battlefield, it is most important to understand its weaknesses to the very depth. Understanding the strengths isn’t enough because we may rely too much on a single fragment of the bigger picture and end up losing the battle. This is why we have listed all the Flying Type Pokemon Weaknesses in this section for you.

1. Electric Type

Electric Type (Flying Type Pokemon Weakness)
Electric Type (Flying Type Pokemon Weakness)

We are all aware of how electricity isn’t always a bird’s friend. Similarly in the Pokemon Universe, Electric Type Pokemon are one of the strongest enemies of the Flying Type Pokemon. Electric Type moves are able to inflict double damage causing to slow down the movement and agility of otherwise very adaptable Flying Types. Electric moves such as Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch & Thunder Fang are super effective against Flying.

2. Ice Type

Ice Type (Flying Type Pokemon Weakness)
Ice Type (Flying Type Pokemon Weakness)

Continuing the double damage spree, Ice Type Pokemon is another innate weakness that Flying Type Pokemon struggle against. Ice attacks can be particularly troublesome for Flying Type Pokemon, making it extremely difficult to keep up their flight. So, no matter what it is always advisable to avoid Flying Type Pokemon against Ice attackers.

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3. Rock Type

Rock Type (Flying Type Pokemon Weakness)
Rock Type (Flying Type Pokemon Weakness)

Rock Type Pokemon moves are super effective against Flying. Just like Ice Type & Electric Type moves, Rock Type moves are also viable in deploying double damage, making them super effective against Flying Type Pokemon. Some of the most impressive Rock Type attacks include Diamond Storm, Head Smash, Accerlerock, and Continental Crush.

Flying Type Pokemon Resistances

Now that we know which Pokemon Types against which we must avoid using Flying Types, it’s time to learn the Flying Type Pokemon Resistances. These Pokemon Types are weak against the Flying Types and should be avoided against them in the battles.

1. Bug Type

Bug Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)
Bug Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)

Maybe it is only possible in the parallel universe to see Bug Type Pokemon beating Flying Types in natural dynamics. As for the Pokemon realm, much like the real world Flying Type Pokemon are naturally resistant to Bug Types except for some rare typing combinations. In addition to this, Flying attacks are extremely powerful against Bug Types leading to even lesser winning chances for the Bugs.

2. Fighting Type

Fighting Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)
Fighting Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)

Fighting Type Pokemon is another one of Flying Type Resistance. The natural resistance leads to only half damage infliction on the Flying Types.

3. Grass Type

Grass Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)
Grass Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)

Yet another innate Flying Type Pokemon Resistance is the Grass Type. Owning up to the popular belief of being one of the lesser impactful Pokemon types, Grass Type can inflict only half the intended damage on the mighty Flying Types.

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Best Counters For Flying Type Pokemon

Now that we have bought forth both the Weaknesses as well as Resistances of the Flying Types, it is very simple to pinpoint the Best Counters for Flying Types.

1. Electric Type Pokemon

Electric Type (Flying Type Pokemon Resistance)
Electric Type (Flying Type Weakness)

As we mentioned earlier, Electric Type moves are very strong against Flying Pokemon as they deploy double damage. The flight senses get severely impacted by the use of Electric moves, making Electric Pokemon easily the best counter against the Flying Type Pokemon. Jolteon, Zapdos, and Raikou are amongst the best Electric Pokemon which you can use against Flying Types.

2. Ice Type Pokemon

Ice Type (Flying Type Weakness)
Ice Type (Flying Type Weakness)

The next best counter which you can use against Flying Type Pokemon is Ice Type. Not only can Ice Types deal double damage on Flying Types but also withstand their counter moves with great ease. Some of the most impressive Ice Types are Lapras, Articuno, and Glaceon which are super effective against Flying Types.

3. Rock Type Pokemon

Rock Type Pokemon (Flying Type Weakness)
Rock Type Pokemon (Flying Type Weakness)

At last, one of the best counters and the ultimate Flying Type Weakness that you can deploy against Flying Types is the one and only Rock Typing of Pokemon. There are two reasons for their effectiveness, one is Rock Type’s resistance to air type moves and the other is the physically strong attacks that cause double damage to Flying Types. Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, and Golem are examples of some of the effective Rock Types out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flying Type Pokemon are weak against which Types?

Flying Type Pokemon are naturally weak against Electric, Ice, and Rock Pokemon Types.

Which is the strongest Bird Pokemon?

Rayquaza is the strongest Bird Pokemon to exist in the Pokemon Realm.

Which is the fastest-flying Pokemon?

When it comes to speed, the fastest-flying Pokemon title will most probably be stolen by Ninjask which is a Bug-Flying Pokemon.

Flying Type Pokemon are resistant to which Types?

When it comes to the Flying Type Pokemon resistance, then it narrows down to Bug, Fighting & Grass Type Pokemon.


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