The Battle Cats Tier List | Best Uber & Rare Cats Ranked (June 2023)

The Battle Cats Tier List: Ultimate Guide to Pick the Best Battle Cats

The Battle Cats is a tower defense game specifically designed for mobile platforms, IOS and Android. The game was developed by PONOS Corporation which is based in Japan. Battle Cats currently stands at the 12.3.0 version. This game has gained global popularity due to its simple and addictive game design. In this interactive game, the player has to assemble a team of cats and use them to defeat the enemy tower base. Sometimes it becomes an unpredictable situation when the correct combination of the cats is not known.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could deploy the supreme combo of Cats and assure your victory? Don’t worry we got you covered as we present to you the Battle Cats Tier List!

The Battle Cats Tier list will help you pick the correct combo according to the level of difficulty. While picking the superior cats is delightful we don’t want you to obsess over the ranking too much. In the end, it’s all about having fun, isn’t it?

The Battle Cats Tier List

The Battle Cats work on the same mechanics as any other tower defense game. What makes the game stand out from its genre is the use of adorable yet powerful characters, the Battle Cats! The player is initially equipped with a normal cat. As the game progresses, more cats are unlocked. Some battle cats can be simply bought by spending XP points. The Uber cats and some special cats, however, are harder to catch. These cats are usually acquired through special events & Gacha.

Many of these events require the player to spend real money. Don’t let this make you believe that you cannot put together a good team without spending money. With the Battle Cats Tier List, your victory is destined.

The Battle cat’s rank category is called the Cat Unit in the game. The Cat unit is established on the basis of the rarity, destruction power, defense, and other abilities of the cat. These cat units are broken down into various tiers. The Battle Cats Tier List 2023 is based on the following Tier System.

Tier SThis ranking level consists of the strongest elite battle cats in the game. Deploying an S-tier cat strengthens the team’s agility by a considerable rate. The S-tier cats either provide an unbreakable defense or an exceptional attack on the enemy bases.
Tier AThese battle cats are quite strong with admirable attack & defense capabilities. Deploying A-level battle cats can help you overpower the enemy force.
Tier BB-Tier battle cats have decent skills to maintain consistency in the attack/defense. They take considerably longer to conquer the enemy bases but they can be counted on.
Tier CThis Tier consists of mediocre-level battle cats who may not serve purposefully in higher difficulty levels.
Tier DTier D cats help in succeeding during the initial levels of Battle Cats only. However, they should be avoided if you have better cats in the inventory.
Tier EThese are the lowest-ranking battle cats with negligible overall impact. They can be upgraded easily but are basically useless at higher levels.

Battle Cats Tier List: Best Uber Cats

Having even one Uber Cat in your squad will basically make you undefeatable. However, these babies aren’t easy to find. Uber cats are mostly obtained through special game events, limited edition events & Gacha. The best Ubers in Battle Cats include Ice Cat, Cat Machine, Greater Demon Cat, Dragonslayer Raiden, Princess Kaguya & God Dragon Kamukura. Simply owning an Uber cat won’t do you much benefit until you upgrade them.

Battle Cats Uber Cats
Best Uber Cats in Battle Cats

The best Uber Cats are ranked in the Battle Cats Tier List below.

Tier Uber Battle Cats Tier List 2023
SShadow Gao, Tecoluga, Keiji, Mitama, Aphrodite, Gao, Jizo, D’artanyan, Togeluga
AVoli, Raiden, Yukimura, Tropical Kalisa, Neko Shinji, EVA 00, EVA 01, Amaterasu, Pai Pai, Catman, Mighty Rekon Korps, Baby Cat, Thundia
BWindy, Akira, Ganesha, EVA 02, Cat Machine, Nurse Cat, Urashima Taro, Warlock & Pierre, Subaru, Queen Reika, Hayabusa, Ice Cat, Mekako, Megidora, Gothic Mitama, Poseidon, Momotaro, Mighty Drednot, Kaguya, Vars, Zeus, Sarukani, Miyabi, Yuletide Nurse
CDemon Cat, Bunny & Canard, Aer, Hallowindy, Cosmo, Balauga
Kenshin, Anubis, Bora, Sodom, Trickster Himeyuri, Spooky Thundia, White Rabbit, Springtime Kenshin, Sakura Sonic, Nerv Moon, Mighty Bomburr, Saki, Kuu, Mizli, Midsummer Rabbit, Mighty Thermae, Nekoluga, REI
DFrosty Kai, Paladin, Sea Maiden Ruri, Yoshimoto, Asiluga, Lilith Cat, Graveflower Verbena, Mighty Kat-A-Pult, Santa Kuu, Wolfchild Deale
EHI-DO, Jupiter King, Nobunga Unplaced, General Morden, Mobius, Huge Hermit

Battle Cats Tier List Best Rare Cats

There are two rare cat units in the Battle Cats mobile game. These are Super Rare Cats and Rare Cats. Owning a super rare cat can benefit you during the gameplay tremendously. These cats can be obtained through the rare cat capsule. However, the chance of getting a super rare cat from the rare capsule is about 14% only. Some of the best Super rare cats in the Battle Cats are Fried Shrimp Cat, Gold Macho cat, Angry Delinquent Cat, Crazed Dragon Cat, Miss Moneko & Sexy Bathtub Cat.

Battle Cats Super Rare Cats
Best Super Rare cats in Battle Cats

Just like Super Rare cats, Rare cats can also be summoned through the Rare cat capsule. The chance of getting a rare cat is quite higher than the super rare cat unit. The most beneficial Rare Cats in the game are Doctor Cat, Sorceress Cat, Sword Master Cat, Salaryman Cat, Kung Fu Cat X, and Fortune Teller Cat. Even rare cats can impart huge damage if leveled up.

Battle Cats Best Rare Cats
Best Rare Battle Cats

The most popular rare cats from Battle Cats are ranked according to their agility in the Battle Cats Tier List 2023 below.

TierRare Battle Cats Tier List 2023
SSalon Cat, Viking Cat, Rocker Cat, Slime Cat, Mer Cat
ACurling Cat, Swordsman Cat, Super Cat, Rover Cat, Killer Cat, Omnyoji Cat, Jurassic Cat, Vengeful Cat
BMarshmallow Cat, Cat Gunslinger, Pirate Cat, Psycho Cat, Maiden Cat, Primordial Cat, Wushu Cat, Shaman Cat, Witch Cat, Lone Kitten, Teacher Bear Cat, Pumpkin Cat
CHoop Cat, Smoke Cat, Clockwork Cat, Salesman Cat, Food Stall Cat, Wheel Cat, Volley Cat, Rugby Cat, Sports Dart Cat, Medusa Cat, Evil Cat, Drumcorps Cat, Adult Cat, Slug Cat, Space Cat, Awa Odori Cat, Reindeer Fish Cat, Kung fu Cat X, Koi Cat, Gardener Cat, Welterweight Cat
DFortune Teller Cat, Bride Cat, Rope Jump Cat, Bronze Cat, Cossack Cat, Pogo Cat, Tin Cat, Vacation Cat, Doll Cat, Matador Cat,
EEggy Cat, Stilts Cat, Thief Cat, Eggy Cat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Battle Cats?

Battle Cats is an online tower defense game for mobile devices (IOS/Android). The game requires a stable internet connection to function without glitches. The player is set up against preprogrammed enemy defense bases. The player has to create a combination of battle cats to defend their base, and the team with the stronger attack and defense strategy wins the level.

Is Amaterasu a good battle cat?

Amaterasu is an Uber rare cat with a powerful attack with a considerably high DPS than many other battle cats of her level. Amaterasu is not able to defend the tower base well but her attack is no joke. After upgrading Amaterasu’s level she almost becomes a war machine. To answer your question, Yes, Amaterasu is a good battle cat.

Can I play Battle Cats on PC?

Technically, Battle Cats is a mobile game limited to Android and IOS devices. However, you can use an Android Emulator such as BlueStacks to play Battle Cats on PC. The gameplay wouldn’t be as smooth as on mobile devices though.

Which rare battle cat should I evolve first?

There are a number of promising rare battle cats in the game. However, if we had to choose one, it would be a Jurassic Cat. The final form of the Jurassic cat is Catasaurus.

Which is the strongest battle cat?

Bahamut Cat is one of the strongest cats in the Battle Cats. Bahamut Cat is most useful in the long war situation. It has both endurance and attack impact. You can unlock the Bahamut Cat by completing Empire of Cats Chapter 3.


This was The Battle Cats tier list 2023 which includes all the popular rare battle cats in the latest version of the game. Now you will be able to pick the best battle cats for yourself during the gameplay. We will bring you more exciting Gaming posts soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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