What does Hz do for a monitor? Check out how it affects the gaming experience

You must’ve heard gamers, nerds, or geeks asking each other about the refresh rate or Hertz (Hz) of their PC monitor. If you are confused about what Hz means or what it does then you have landed on the best page today we will explain briefly what Hz does for a monitor. So without any further delay let’s get started.

Significance of Refresh Rate in Gaming
The gamer playing on a high Refresh Rate Monitor

What does Hz refer to?

Hz or Hertz of a monitor refers to the refresh rate, meaning the number of times the monitor is going to redraw the screen every second. The most basic refresh rate for a monitor in today’s date is 60Hz which means that the monitor is capable of redrawing the screen 60 times every second. A 60 Hz monitor is the most basic refresh rate monitor in today’s date which is capable of performing basic tasks.

The refresh rate of every monitor is measured in Hz or Hertz. Folks into Gaming, Esports, or Editing use a higher refresh rate monitor with either 120, 144, or even 240 Hz. Now let us spill some beans about the importance of Refresh Rate in gaming.

Significance of Refresh Rate In Gaming

If you are into Gaming then you must be aware of the fact that Gaming at a high refresh rate actually makes a huge difference than on a low refresh rate. These days numerous Esports gamers who compete in many AAA titles like CSGO, COD Warzone, Valorant, or PUBG use a high refresh rate monitor of 144 Hz or 240 Hz as it delivers a smooth experience which helps them to play better and earn their victory.

As per our research, in order to achieve a high refresh rate gaming experience, gamers not only need to have a high refresh rate monitor but also the system needs to have the power to deliver the amount of Frame Rates per Second (FPS) so gamers can achieve a high Refresh Rate sublime experience. For example, If you have a high refresh Rate monitor of 144Hz but have a beefy or potato PC with low-end specs then unfortunately you won’t be able to use your monitor to its fullest capability.

We will also provide you with a link to a video that will help you understand better what we just stated above.

We are pretty sure that the video that we provided you above helped you understand better the difference in Gameplay between different Hz/Hertz. Gaming on 60Hz is pretty alright but not up to the mark as in competitive games like CSGO or COD every single frame counts.

144 Hz is the territory that gamers usually play in. You need to have a PC with good Specs that can deliver at least 144 frames in AAA titles so you can fully enjoy a high refresh rate experience while making your way to victory and earning your name in the Esports community. We hope that by now you must’ve understood the difference between the types of refresh rates if not then don’t worry as we will help you understand Refresh Rates.

Understanding Refresh Rates

Difference between 30 Hz, 60 Hz & 120 Hz

If you look at the image we provided above, you would notice the difference between 30 Hz, 60 Hz, and 120 Hz. In 30Hz the time difference between the movement is 33.33ms and 16.67ms in 60 Hz and finally 8.33ms in 120Hz meaning that 120 Hz will deliver a smooth experience as compared to 30 and 60 Hz.

If you have a high refresh rate monitor of 144Hz but your GPU is only able to supply over 30 FPS then you won’t be able to utilize the full potential of the monitor. When a high refresh rate monitor is paired with powerful specs Like a good CPU and a high-powered GPU then the monitor will be used to its full capability which in return will deliver a sublime experience. Now we will explain how to determine your system capabilities to know if it can actually deliver high frame rates.

Understanding your system capabilities

It’s crucial to understand your system’s capabilities before upgrading it with a high refresh rate monitor. The best way you can determine your system’s capabilities is by playing some video games on it and monitoring the FPS using some software like MSI Afterburner as it even helps in overclocking the CPU and also monitoring the Average Frame Rate that your system is delivering.

If your system is able to deliver a high frame rate experience then you should definitely upgrade it with a high refresh rate monitor and enjoy a much smoother experience while playing video games or editing.

Now we will answer some FAQs down below.

What does the refresh rate on a monitor mean?

Refresh rate in the number of times that a monitor redraws the screen in a single second. The higher the refresh rate the better.

Why do gamers use a high refresh rate monitor?

Gamers usually use a high refresh rate monitor as it delivers them a smooth gaming experience as every single frame counts in competitive AAA titles like CSGO, COD, and PUBG

Can you have a high refresh rate gaming experience with a slow PC?

No, you cannot have a high refresh rate experience until you have a PC with good specs as the Spec will supply the high frame rate which will deliver a high refresh rate experience.


A high refresh rate experience will always be better than a low refresh rate experience. So this was it for this article we hope that you guys now have a better understanding of What does Hz do for a monitor? If you guys still have any doubts then don’t forget to write them down in the comments.

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