Where Is The Hospital In The Sims 4 And How To Visit It?

Where is The Hospital in The Sims 4 and How To Visit It
Where is The Hospital in The Sims 4 and How To Visit It

The Sims 4 is a social simulation game in which players take control of in-game avatars and oversee them as they involve themselves in chores and duties, which are quite reminiscent of humans’ work in real life.

So, as we do not disregard our health and well-being, it is only fair to expect the Sims to follow suit and go to a good hospital where they can get checked and treated by professional doctors when they need medical assistance.

Staying with hospitals, as most of you guys must’ve figured out by now, finding a hospital in the Sims 4 is a challenge, and moreover, the game does not provide any clues as to where one might find it. Although they don’t play such an important role in the Sims’ lives, knowing where the hospital is located is always a good sign in case of an emergency.

So without much ado, let us discuss the ways in which players can gain access to the highly elusive hospitals in The Sims 4:

Where Is The Hospital In The Sims 4?

Where Is The Hospital In The Sims 4
Where Is The Hospital In The Sims 4

The main question most gamers ask is, ‘Where is the Hospital in The Sims 4?’

Gamers will usually find hospitals in the base game of Sims 4, but the detailed Hospital we are talking about right now is only available to players who have the ‘Get To Work‘ expansion pack. So if you are someone who has been running around the base game’s map trying their best to find it, you will not do so because it isn’t available there in the first place.

Once players install the ‘Get To Work‘ expansion pack, they will have to visit Willow Creek’s map and go to the Civic Centre Neighbourhood to find the elusive hospital they are looking for. The hospital will be named The Willow Creek Hospital.’

Please Note: The hospital lot is one of few places on this map that cannot be edited by normal means and can only be edited by the use of cheats.

How To Visit The Hospital In The Sims 4?

Moving on to how players can visit the hospital in the Sims 4, there are two ways they can do that, by either getting one of their female sims to be in labor or by choosing the doctor’s career and becoming a certified doctor.

Let us explore how one can visit the hospital in both scenarios in more detail:

1) Sim in Labor

Sim in Labor
Sim in Labor

Starting with the first option is the easiest and quickest way of visiting the hospital. In this method, players have to make sure a sim is in a labor state.

Once they are expecting a baby, players need to approach the pregnant sim and select the ‘Have a baby at Hospital‘ option.

After selecting that option, players will have to contend with some other formalities at the reception in the hospital as well before their partners will be taken in.

2) Choosing the Doctor’s Career

Choosing The Doctor's Career
Choosing The Doctor’s Career

Moving to the more elaborate step, the main reason for launching the ‘Get To Work‘ expansion pack is to give players the option of choosing a career choice of being a doctor in-game.

This path for players will begin when they enter the hospital as medical interns and initially take up menial tasks like delivering food to patients and curing different kinds of illnesses, ultimately becoming the hospital’s certified head.

It is worth pointing out that different players will have varying degrees of success, as the level of effort and dedication a player’s sim shows when it performs the daily tasks given to it, the greater the chance for them to progress well in their careers, get promoted and earn handsomely.

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How To Edit The Hospital In The Sims 4?

The Willow Creek Hospital is quite good on its own but many players have the desire to mix and match a few things in its layout to give it a more personalized feel.

Sadly, players do not have access to any conventional means of editing the appearance of this hospital, instead, they can opt to use cheats.

Here are the steps to enable the cheats through which players can edit the overall layout of the hospital to their liking:

  1. The first step players must do is to pause the game. Players do not want their sims giving birth and walking out of the hospital before the cheats have even been enabled.
  2. The first step players must do is enable cheats to edit the Willow Creek Hospital. To do this, players will have to press Ctrl+Shift+C on PC. On PS4 and Xbox, players will have to press the four bumper keys/shoulder buttons.
  3. Type ‘testingcheats on‘ in the corresponding window that will appear and press enter.
  4. Once the cheat typable bar appears, type ‘bb.enablefreebuild‘ and then hit enter again to feed the cheat into the game to enable the settings that will consequently allow players to modify the hospital’s layout to their liking without breaking a sweat.

While it is a good idea to edit the hospital, players must remember there are certain elements in the structure that should be present it at all times for the hospital to function normally. The elements that should be present in the hospitals are but are not limited to, an X-ray machine, Examination beds, a Hospital reception desk, a Treadmill, a coffee machine, etc.


So there you have it. This was all the information we could gather for you guys today on how one can effortlessly find the seemingly elusive hospital in Willow Creek.

Moreover, apart from finding the hospital itself, we also discussed the way in which players are almost guaranteed entry into these structures and what players must do from their side to make it happen.

Additionally, as mentioned before, players can also go down the road of using cheats in the game as well to be able to edit the overall layout of the popular hospital to their liking.

Please refer to this post from time to time if you are either having a hard time finding the all-elusive Willow Creek Hospital or if you do not know how to enable the settings of the hospital through the use of cheats to be able to edit it, as we’ll keep updating this post regularly with all the latest news and updates regarding this topic.l

Please Note: Players who do not have the ‘Get To Work‘ expansion pack can always download the ‘Private Practice Mod‘ for their game. This mod will add a custom-made hospital to their game that will open a plethora of career options for their sims in the field of medicine.

Are you having issues installing the mod correctly? Take a look at this video to do it the right way.

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