10 Best Car Simulator Games To Play In Your Leisure Time!

Best Car Simulator Games
Best Car Simulator Games

Car Simulation games let players enjoy the car driving experience in an exquisite manner. It also feels good to enjoy a ride in your favorite car in a car simulator game after a tiring and stressful day.

Are you a driving simulator fan? If yes, then you have landed at the best page, as today we will be providing you guys with a list of the best Car Driving Simulator games of all time. Make sure to drive your favorite cars at high speeds only in-game, drive carefully and responsibly in real life, and wear your seat belts.

If you’ve previously played any Vehicle Simulator games, let us know your favorite one in the comments below and let us start with the first game on our list without wasting any time.

1. Project Cars II

Project Cars II
Project Cars II
Release DateSeptember 22, 2017
Developer(s)Slightly Mad Studios
PlatformsPS4, PC, Xbox One

We’re starting our list with one of the fan-favorite Car/Driving Simulation Racing games, Project Cars II. This game offers 189 cars, 140 track layouts, and 60 different locations for players to choose from.

One thing that I love about this game is that each race track is alive and changes lap by lap as players progress further into the race, and this staggering feature is achieved in the game using a system called LiveTrack 3.0.

Project Cars II captures the feel of a perfect Car simulator game sublimely and also features off-road driving.

New manufacturers are also added in this entry, such as Porshe, Ferrari, Jaguar, Honda, and more. This game also supports VR up to 12k resolution, which is impressive and exciting for all the VR games fans out there.

2. Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2.0
Dirt Rally 2.0
Release DateFebruary 26, 2019
PlatformsPS4, Xbox One, PC, Amazon Luna

Next up on our list is Dirt Rally 2.0, a car simulator game focused on rallying and rallycross. Players in this game compete against AI or opponents online/offline in timed stage events and off-road terrain with different weather conditions.

The gameplay of this game is smooth as it lets players control their vehicle smoothly, and this game also features a new staggering weather modeling feature where the different types of weather conditions will affect the diving conditions and handling of your car.

The game received primarily positive reviews from gamers and critics worldwide, and if you’re a fan of the Dirt games and haven’t played this game yet, then this game should be on your list. This was it for this game, and now let us move on to the next round on our list.

3. Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco
Driver: San Francisco
Release DateSeptember 1, 2011
Developer(s)Ubisoft Reflections
PlatformsPC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

Who doesn’t like the Driver franchise? It is still considered one of the greatest driving video game franchises of all time, and the game we’re about to discuss is the fifth installment of this staggering franchise called Driver: San Francisco.

One thing that I love about this game that makes it stand out is the Shift feature, which allows players to teleport from one car to another without stopping the mission in the middle.

The game also features a split-screen and online multiplayer mode where players can challenge their friends or random gamers from around the world. This game has a few futuristic features, and if you’re into futuristic games, you should definitely check out our list of the Best futuristic racing games of all time.

Driver: San Francisco received positive reviews from gamers and critics, and if you haven’t played this game, then you’re missing out on an incredible storyline and gameplay mechanics

4. Richard Burns Rally

Richard Burns Rally
Richard Burns Rally
Release DateJuly 9, 2004
Developer(s)Warthog Games, Eidos Interactive
PlatformsPC, PS2, Xbox

If you’re looking to try some old-school games, we’ve got you covered with Richard Burns Rally, a car racing simulator game featuring eight cars and over 36 courses.

Richard Burns Rally lets players experience classic and modern rallying, and this game is also known for its physics, as they were ahead of its time.

This game is officially an offline racing game, but with the help of mods, players can also enjoy the multiplayer mode, which lets players compete against other players online.

The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews and is still considered among the best racing games ever.

5. Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited
Test Drive Unlimited
Release DateSeptember 5, 2006
Developer(s)Eden Games
PlatformsPC, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360

On number 5, we have Test Drive Unlimited, another car simulator game known for its exquisite graphics and staggering gameplay.

It is also the eighteenth entry in the Test Drive series, which is quite impressive, and players in this game can switch to different camera angles while driving their vehicle.

Test Drive Unlimited also features over 125 licensed sports cars and motorcycles and a massive map of Hawaii.

Players can drive on or off-road and even on small islands. The Xbox 360 version supports steering wheel controllers as well. The game received favorable reviews from gamers and critics because of its stunning visuals and gameplay.

6. Assetto Corsa

Release DateDecember 19, 2014
Developer(s)Kunos Simulazioni
PlatformsPC, PS4, Xbox One

Assetto Corsa emphasizes a car simulator experience and offers players a realistic car driving experience.

The game also allows players to adjust the realism experience in the settings, and there are also numerous offline modes such as campaign, special events, quick race, drift mode, hot lap, etc.

Graphics and visuals, on the other hand, are top-notch, and we highly recommend you try this game out for yourself as we’re sure that it will not disappoint you guys.

7. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
Release DateJuly 28, 2017
Developer(s)Red Dot Games
PlatformsPC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

If you’re into car modding and customization, then Car Mechanic Simulator might be just what you’re looking for to cure your boredom.

Car Mechanic Simulator is played from a first-person perspective, and players can walk freely in their shop while modding new vehicles.

There are numerous different tools in this game that players can access and are unlocked as they complete different jobs.

Players need to fix different cars, mod them, customize them according to the objective or their taste, and then test the vehicle they just made or customized. This game received positive reviews, and you should definitely give this game a try.

8. BeamNG.drive

Release DateAugust 3, 2013

On the 8th spot, we have BeamNG.drive, and honestly, this is my favorite car simulator game on this list today.

BeamNG.drive features several different game modes other than the free roam mode, and those are time trial, primary campaign, etc.

In the free roam mode, players can freely explore the map in their favorite cars and seriously, it feels good to do that in your leisure time.

The engine of this game is really ahead of its time, and the cars in this game feel realistic while driving. This game uses soft-body physics that simulates real vehicle dynamics and this is also what makes this game loved by almost every gamer who plays this game.

On the other hand, the visuals are as good as most of the game, and if you’re looking for a good car simulator game, do check out BeamNG.drive for a staggering experience.

9. Ultimate Car Driving Simulator Game

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator Game
Ultimate Car Driving Simulator Game
Release DateSeptember 5, 2019

Next up on our list is the Ultimate Car Driving Simulator Game, and it isn’t a famous game, but hey! We should give the games made by little developers a chance, and this game is undoubtedly a great game if you’re looking to chill out after a tiring day.

It is a stunning 3D car game where players can drive their favorite car at high speeds. Players can free roam, race, drift, and do a lot more fun stuff in their favorite vehicles and there are numerous different cars in this game that unlock as players progress further into the game.

One thing that I personally love about this game is that it lets players explore the vast open-world city and challenge other racers as well.

Car Tuning is another excellent feature that the developers have added in this game that lets players customize their favorite cars according to their tastes and preferences.

The physics are also well done, and if you’re looking for a challenging indie car simulator game, check the Ultimate Car Driving Simulator Game for some great experience.

10. Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4
Release DateSeptember 28, 2018
Developer(s)Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios
PlatformsPC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

We ended our list with a fan-favorite game, Forza Horizon 4, set in an open-world map based in a fictionalized Great Britain.

I believe that this game needs no introduction as almost every gamer into car games has played or heard this game at least once, but in case you haven’t, this game might be what’s going to blow your mind.

Players in this game can drive their favorite vehicles in the fictionalized streets of Great Britain, and this game also features a route creator that lets players customize the routes of their races. It is one of the best features, in my opinion.

The environment in Forza Horizon 4 will change according to the season. For example, if you’re playing in the winter, then a few places might freeze in that specific season.

The gameplay is just top-notch, and the handling of the cars feels excellent and realistic. I love playing this game with a Steering wheel controller as it gives me a more realistic experience.

On the other hand, this game’s visuals are exquisite, and tons of breathtaking locations will surely provide great visuals to the gamers.

Wrapping Up

This was our list of the Best Car Simulator games, and we hope that you guys have a better understanding of all the games we’ve mentioned above.

Please comment below if you have any doubts or queries regarding the above information, and our team will reply.

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