10 Best Games Like Among Us To Play

In this article, we have curated a list of 10 Best Games Like Among Us that you can play, so read on further to know more.

Among Us has been one of the most successful games that we have seen recently. It took the gaming community by storm in 2020, credits may be given to the pandemic, when people were told to practice social distancing, they found a way to socialize through Among Us. Innersloth released this master of a game in 2018.

10 Best Games Like Among Us
10 Best Games Like Among Us

This social deduction game was initially released only for iOS and Android devices in June 2018 but was made available for Windows in November of that year. The game was then also ported to Nintendo Switch in December 2020 and on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in December 2022.

Also, don’t forget to check the two bonus games that we have included at the end of our list. Now without any further delay let us get started with our listicle.

Best Games like Among Us

GameDeveloperPlatformRelease Date
Town of SalemBlank Media GamesPC & Mobile DevicesDec 15, 2014
Project Winter Other Ocean GroupPS4, Switch & Xbox Series X/S & MS WindowsFeb 7, 2019
Unfortunate SpacemenDeepfield Games and OthersGeForce Now & MS WindowsMay 6, 2016
DeceitWorld Makers & Automaton GamesGeForce Now & MS WindowsMar 3, 2017
GNOSIAPetit DepottoSwitch, Playstation Vita & MS WindowsJun 20, 2019
Secret HitlerGoat, Wolf & Cabbage LLCBrowser-Based Aug 25, 2016
First Class TroubleInvisible WallsPS4, PS5, MS WindowsNov 1, 2021
Betrayal.ioEnd Game InteractiveMobile Devices & Browser-BasedNot Known
Suspects: Mystery MansionWildlife StudiosMS Windows & Mobile DevicesJan 4, 2021
Triple AgentTasty RookMobile Devices (Andriod)Jul19, 2017
List of Games like Among Us

1) Town of Salem

Top games like Among Us
Town of Salem

Town of Salem is an online browser-based game like Among Us in so many ways. A person is randomly assigned a role from any 5 alignments – Town Member, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutrals. Obviously, you don’t know the alignments of the other players. If you are a good guy (like a town member), your goal is to track down all the other villains before getting killed. A minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 players take part in a match.

If you are in a villainous role, you will aim to kill all the town members at night without blowing up your cover. There are a total of 48 different roles in the game, which is a lot, with every character having a different set of abilities. There are 3 phases in the game – Night, Discussion & Voting, and Defense & Judgment.

2) Project Winter

Top games like Among Us
Project Winter

Project Winter is a social deception and survival game like Among Us. The game is pretty simple, there are Survivors and Traitors among a group of 8 strangers, but again you don’t know who is who.

As a survivor, you have to complete a series of tasks, only then you will be able to call one of the several rescue vehicles and escape to win the match. If you’re assigned the role of a traitor, your role will be to stop the survivors from escaping without being identified or killed. If you are identified as a traitor, you will be exiled and your game will be over.

To read in detail about the roles of the survivor and traitor, click here.

3) Unfortunate Spacemen

Top games like Among Us
Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is a space-based deception and murder in space game. The outpost of the spacemen is failing and they are working hard to get rescued. There are three roles that a player can be assigned in the game – spacemen, monsters, and traitors.

The game offers several playing modes – a co-op for up to 6 players, a horde mode for up to 10 players, and a large-scale mode for up to 16 players. The game is free to play and is available on Steam.

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4) Deceit

Top games like Among Us

Deceit is yet another action-filled, multiplayer FPS game like Among Us. The game tests your instincts for trust and deception. A total of 6 players enter a match, two of which are infected. You wake up in unknown surroundings, you get a gun, then you work your way through to escape through the safety hatch. While progressing as an innocent, you will come across items on the map which will help you survive. Playing as an innocent, you have to stay alert all the time and keep an eye out for the suspicious behavior of the infected.

The infected will be busy collecting the blood and will try to blend in with the groups of innocents. During the blackout period at the end of each zone, each infected player transforms into its scary form and becomes faster and stronger, and has better eyesight. They will try to kill all the innocents.

Deceit has eerie gameplay and if you are a fan of horror-survival FPS games then you must try it.


Top games like Among Us

GNOSIA is a Sci-Fi single-player visual novel RPG. In the game, an alien-like creature, Gnosia, will try to kill the humans. The player has to work along with the other nonplayable characters to ascertain who the Gnosia is. The player needs to use the information gathered during the discussions and vote out the imposter and put them to cryo sleep.

The player can also be a Gnosia. The player will try to eliminate the other human NPCs in that case. Other than the two characters of Gnosia and Humans there are other characters as well, like the Doctor, the Engineer, the Guardian Angel, and the Bug.

6) Secret Hitler

Top games like Among Us
Secret Hitler

This social deduction party game was released back in 2016. In Secret Hitler, the player assumes one of two roles – liberals or fascists with one player becoming Hitler. Fascists are hidden from everyone but one another.

The game is designed for 5 to 10 players. There are always more liberals than fascists. Both parties try to enact their policies in the game, succeeding which results in victory. The game ends when either 5 liberal or 5 fascist policies have been enacted. The game has many interesting features which make it addictive like elections are conducted for the president, the president can get a player assassinated, and others.

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7) First Class Trouble

Top games like Among Us
First Class Trouble

This party game takes place on a luxury space cruise ship named Alithea. The Artificial Intelligence Network of the cruise ship, C.A.I.N., has gone rogue and has started to suck all the oxygen out of the ship. You are on board with other fellow human passengers and personoids pretending to be humans. Just like Among Us, this game also offers two roles – Trust or Deceive.

In First Class Trouble, players use the feature of proximity chat to complete the pre-set objectives to shut down the deadly A.I. along with using their wits to identify the imposters. The personoids are actually humanoid-robotic servants tasked to serve the human passengers onboard Alithea, but recently there has been an error in their programming and now their only objective is to free themselves and C.A.I.N. from the years of enslavement.

8) Betrayal.io

Top games like Among Us

When we talk about the top games like Among Us in terms of features and functionality, then Betryal.io is second to none. This multiplayer social deduction game also has two roles – Crewmate and Betrayer.

The crewmate is tasked with completing all the objectives without being killed. You win playing as a crewmate if you complete all your tasks without being killed or by kicking out all the betrayers. The betrayer tries to sabotage all the operations. To win the game as a betrayer, you need to eliminate all the crew members. Sounds exactly like Among Us, no?

9) Triple Agent

Top games like Among Us
Triple Agent

Triple Agent is a mobile party game designed for 5 to 9 players. In this social deduction game, you are secretly assigned the role of The Service Agent or Virus Double Agent. The obvious catch is you don’t know who’s who. As the Service Agent, your role is to find out who the Double Agent is and vote against them to imprison them and win the game. As a Virus’ Double Agent you aim to stay hidden till the end of the game and try to imprison one of the Service Agents.

Each game lasts for about 10 minutes and involves cunningness, deception, and wits. The game. If you think you are good at reading and learning about others’ behaviors or you are good at deception, then Triple Agent is for you.

10) Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Top games like Among Us
Suspects Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is another game much like Among Us, except it has more gaming modes than the latter. The game also offers a Chit-Chat feature in which you can talk to other players in your proximity. You work your way through the game, completing tasks and trying to figure out who the killer is by gathering the clues.

The match starts with 9 players among which there is one killer. The goal of the killer is to kill all the other players and win the game. While playing as guests your goal is simple, you just perform your tasks and try to figure out who the killer is and vote them out.

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Now, since you have reached this far, we have two BONUS games that are like Among Us in many ways-


1) Goose Goose Duck

Top games like Among Us
Goose Goose Duck

Yes, you read that right, it is indeed Goose Goose Duck. This social deduction murder mystery game, developed and published by Gaggle Studios, features Ducks who are trying to kill all the Geese on the ship. The Ducks and the Geese are the two main factions of the game. The game’s objectives are again inspired by Among Us. As a Goose, you need to carry out all the assigned tasks and figure out who the Duck is and as a Duck, you aim to eliminate all the Geese from the ship.

The game also features some other birds like Pegion, Vulture, The Dodo Bird, and Falcon who are aligned neither with Ducks nor with Geese and they work for completing their tasks.

You can play this game on PC via Steam.

2) Spyfall 2

Top games like Among Us

This party game was released back in 2016. Designed by Alexander Ushan and published by Hobby World, Spyfall 2 is a perfect blend of bluffness, suspicion, and guessing. In this social deduction game, players are given a card at the beginning of the match, telling them the same secret location, except one player gets a card that says, SPY.

Then players start asking each other random but revealing questions about the scenario they find themselves in to figure out who the spy is while the spy tries to figure out the location where the rest of the players are.

The rules of Spyfall 2 are fairly simple but it is hard to master this game. You should know what questions to ask to figure out things as quickly as possible. Spyfall 2 is available t

With this, we conclude our list of 10 Best Games Like Among Us to Play and we hope that you liked this list. Stay tuned with Benettonplay for more exciting content.

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