Pikmin 4 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Rumors, and More

Pikmin has got to be one of the best gaming franchises that has been in the gaming industry for more than 2 decades now. The first Pikmin game received exceptionally positive reviews worldwide from fans and critics. There have been over 3 installments in this franchise and fans are eagerly waiting for the 4th installment since Shigeru Miyamoto announced the development of Pikmin 4 back in 2015. It has been over 8 years since Pikmin 4 was announced. Pikmin 4 Release Date is in July of 2023.

The first two games in the Pikmin franchise received tons of great reviews from fans and critics worldwide and today we will dive deep into all the information we have regarding the release date, gameplay, and trailer of Pikmin 4. So we want all of you guys to sit back, relax and let us get started with the Release Date for Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 Release Date

The Release Date for Pikmin 4 has been announced by the developers and it is July 21, 2023. Fans will be able to get their hands on the game in July of 2023. We want all the Pikmin fans to wait patiently as July is only a month away. Fans can pre-order the game as well.

We don’t think that the developers will be delaying the game further as July is right around the corner and we believe that the developers are already done with any last-minute changes for the game. This was it for the Release Date now we will discuss the gameplay of the newest Pikmin title.

Pikmin 4 Gameplay

Pikmin 4 Gameplay
Pikmin 4 Gameplay

The gameplay of the new Pikmin title looks a lot like the gameplay in the previous titles but with updated and better visuals. The developers have added new elements as well, Pikmin 4 will have an adorable dog named Otachi who will be an asset as he can smash heavy obstacles, move heavy objects, and carry Pikmin on his back as well. We will provide you with the gameplay Trailer for the game down below.

One thing that really makes this game stand out from the other installments is how the environment has a lot more real-life structures as compared to the other games and it also makes you realize how small is your in-game character. According to our sources, the developers have also brought the underground sections back with this installment which is sublime.

Pikmin 4 Trailer

The Trailer for Pikmin 4 is already out and looks stunning we have already provided you with the gameplay Trailer above and now we will provide you with the Announcement Trailer for the game down below

This Trailer made Pikmin fans around the world go crazy. Fans started to speculate about the Release Date for the game right after the announcement Trailer was dropped. This was it for the Trailer and now let us spill some beans about the Platforms on which Pikmin 4 will be available. If you are looking to start playing Watch Dogs games then do check out the Watch Dogs games in complete order.

Pikmin 4 Platforms

Pikmin 4 Platforms
Pikmin 4 Platforms

Pikmin is a first-party Nintendo franchise so it is pretty obvious that it is going to be released for the Nintendo Switch as for the other platforms we’re still not sure if the game will be released on different platforms like PlayStation or Xbox. But one thing is sure, Nintendo Gamers will be able to enjoy the game as soon as it drops.

We hope that the developers release Pikmin 4 for different platforms as well in the upcoming years as soon as possible.

Pikmin 4 Rumors & News

Pikmin 4 Rumors
Pikmin 4 Rumors

There are Tons of Rumors about the Pikmin 4 Release Date spreading across the internet like fire and fans are believing them. Numerous fans believe that the game will also be released on the Xbox platforms on the release day. We want all of you Pikmin fans to take every Rumor with a grain of salt as most of them turn out to be untrue once the game releases.

Pikmin 4 will introduce a new Ice-type of Pikmin that will be capable of freezing water and will provide a passage for other Pikmins to pass. Having an Ice Pikmin will really be an advantage for the players. The developers have added numerous new features in the game like Ice Pikmin and Otachi and we believe that there will be more surprises for Pikmin fans in the game that we did not get to see in the Trailer of the game. This was it for the News & Rumors about Pikmin 4 now we will discuss Pikmin 4 Pre-Order.

Pikmin 4 Pre-Order

Pikmin 4 is available for Pre-Order and tons of fans have already pre-ordered the game. If you’re a fan of Pikmin games then we would advise you to pre-order the game now so you can enjoy the game as soon as possible. Both the Digital and Physical copy of the game costs $59.99.

Now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Pikmin 2 released?

Pikmin 2 was released on April 29, 2004, after the success of the first installment.

Is Pikmin3 multiplayer?

Yes, Pikmin 3 is multiplayer where two players can team up to tackle different game modes.

What is the Pikmin franchise about?

Pikmin is a puzzle, strategy video game franchise created by Shigeru Miyamoto. The franchise focuses on directing a group of insect-like creatures also known as Pikmin in order to collect items while destroying numerous obstacles along the way.


This was everything we knew about Pikmin 4, Gameplay, Release Date, Platforms, Rumors, and More. We hope that all Pikmin fans will wait patiently till the game drops and will preorder the game soon. If you guys have queries regarding the information that we have provided above then feel free to write them down in the comments.

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