6 Best Bowling Games for Nintendo Switch

Bowling games are the perfect pastime when we are sitting with family or friends.

And Nintendo makes it possible for playing games in groups or gatherings or at parties with its Nintendo Switch portable consoles.

Nintendo Switch games allow being played by more than one person in a very interactive way. There are lots of bowling games on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Bowling
Nintendo Switch Bowling

Even though bowling games are considered a pastime games have a lot of challenges and achievements to do. Some games are built around professional Bowling.

Best Bowling Games for Nintendo Switch

If you like bowling games and looking for the Best Bowling Games for Nintendo Switch then your search ends here. We have just the perfect list of Nintendo Bowling games for you.

1. Nintendo Switch Sports

It contains six different team multiplayer games to choose from. This game is perfect for family gatherings or parties. Nintendo Switch Sports is the new version of Wii Sports which was launched on Wii consoles.

The game has awesome physics and music. And it can support up to four players to play simultaneously in bowling the games also support online multiplayer and PvP or you can play against NPCs. NPCs in the game have nice AI and are quite fun and challenging to play against. The game also features challenging minigames in bowling at are different than the usual bowling.

Other sports like badminton, tennis, soccer, and more. These games can either be played solo with NPCs or can be played with friends.

2. Strike! Ten Pin Bowling

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling was first launched for Android and ios and was one of the best-selling apps on both the Play Store and App Store. The game was later adapted to Nintendo Switch. Its origin from handheld devices is a plus point for its adaptation. You can either touch the touch screen or through the motion control.

The game supports up to four players and PvP mode. It has a wide range of challenging minigames that are fun to play. They take the bowling experience to another level.

3. PBA Pro Bowling

This game is made for more serious players and it focuses on professional bowling. This game can be quite tricky for new players and its concept of professional bowling makes it a little more challenging. This attracts players to the game.

the game was also released for Play Station and Xbox. the game has amazing sound and graphics which makes it quite addictive and makes players play more.

PBA gives the player the option to choose players from real pro bowlers. It’s like Fifa or Wrestling games but in bowling. The game has amazing physics and graphics and the challenging bowling experience makes the game quite engaging. It also supports up to four players.

4. Instant Sports Summer Games

Instant Sports Summer Games is another one of the Best Bowling Games for Nintendo Switch. It’s more of a casual game to play with family. This game gives the feeling like you are playing it on Wii Instant Sports was launched on Wii for the first time this is its successor to Nintendo Switch. The graphics of the game feel better than the Wii version and the sound is pretty good.

Bowling physics in the game is however pretty good, and the ball acts as it’s supposed to. their experience in Wii consoles pays off and the result is a very awesome game. The game also features other games like baseball, rafting, goalkeeping, archery, and many more. One plus point for the game is that it supports up to eight players.

5. Clubhouse games: 51 Worldwide Classics

This game features fifty-one different games and minigames, which mostly are board games. Bowling is also included in the game.

Features better versions of Wii sports games, Players who have played on Wii controllers are easily attracted to this game. The game has good physics, sound, and graphics and It’s quite fun to play, and bowling feels realistic in the game.

The other board games have very good graphics and are quite indulging. The game tells about each of the games, their history, and fun facts related to them. The game is a full package to play with family and friends and you’ll never get bored.

Date Night Bowling

Date Night Bowling as the name suggests is not like your usual bowling game. It’s more of a dating simulator set in a bowling alley. The player has the choice to play bowling or indulge in other activities like karaoke and stuff which people mostly find boring.

Focusing on the bowling part the game features ten different characters to choose from and each character has different stats. The game features retro-style graphics and really good music. This might a problem for players who want a simulated gaming experience. This game is suited for players who want to play for a short time for relaxation.

That’s all we have on the Best Bowling Games for Nintendo Switch. Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have any games that should be on this list please comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Bowling Games on Nintendo Switch?

Absolutely, there are many bowling games that you can find on Nintendo Switch. Here is the list of the best 6 games you should definitely check out.

Is there Bowling in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Yup, there is Bowling along with 5 other sports games in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Is there a game like Wii Bowling on Nintendo Switch?

As a matter of fact, there is, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is quite similar


You have reached the end of our post on the 6 Best Bowling Games for Nintendo Switch. Let us know in the comments which game you like the best. And if you think there are more deserving games that belong in this list let us know. We will be back with more arcade game reviews soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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