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Dead by Daylight 2 Release Date: In this article, we will be discussing the possibility of the release of the Dead by Daylight sequel; we will also be busting some rumors that are running rampant on the internet, so make sure you read this post till the end.

The immense success of Dead by Daylight has resulted in an expansive fan base and community, with frequent updates continuing to bolster the game’s growth. With its popularity at an all-time high, players are naturally curious if a sequel to the beloved horror game is in the works. Let us investigate whether there will be a Dead by Daylight 2.

What is Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive, a Canadian studio, developed Dead by Daylight, an online video game that is both asymmetric-multiplayer and survival-horror. In this one-versus-four game, one player takes on the part of a deadly Killer while the other four assume the roles of Survivors. The Killer’s mission is to capture each Survivor and sacrifice them to a malevolent power known as The Entity through impaling on hooks. On the other hand, Survivors must evade being caught and also activate five generators so they may open the exit gates. The game was released on Windows in 2016; PS4 & Xbox One in 2017; Switch in 2019; Android, iOS, PS5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X/S in 2020.

Behavior Interactive published the game from 2016 to 2018. An Italian company, 505 Games published the Nintendo Switch Versions while the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are published by Deep Silver. The game was a commercial success for the publishers and developers as it attracted more than 50 million players globally.

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Is there a Dead by Daylight 2 release date?

Dead by Daytime Release Date
Dead by Daytime Release Date

The short answer to this question is NO. There is no Dead by Daylight release date and there isn’t going to be one. In an interview with The Loadout, the creative director of Dead by Daylight, Dave Richards said –

“Dead by Daylight as a project and as a team has been built to be supported for as long as we could,” Richard says. “If there are players supporting it and a growing community, it makes sense to us to continue to update and support the title rather than move to a sequel. As we have seen through the years with the massive visual rework of maps and characters, with effort and know-how it is possible to update a title even in major ways to support it even longer.”

Dave Richards

Richard and his team have no plans to create a sequel to Dead by Daylight, however, they intend to provide new material for Dead by Daylight over multiple years. The most recent update has included a New KillerThe Knight – and SurvivorVittorio Toscano, as well as a brand-new map available to all players: Shattered Square.

Rather than releasing a follow-up to Dead by Daylight, the developers are concentrating on refining the existing game through regular updates, which include revised systems, mechanics, and visuals.

Dead by Daylight 2 News | Dead by Daylight Rumors

Dead by Daylight Rumors
Dead by Daylight 2 Rumors | Dead by Daylight 2 News

One of the biggest Dead by Daylight 2 rumors right now is that the sequel to Dead by Daylight has a release window of 2023 to 2024, which is a blatant lie and a big fat rumor. As mentioned above, Dave Richards, who is the creative director of the game has already confirmed that the studio has no plans on developing the sequel to the hit game.

The studio will keep on updating and keep on bringing new stuff into the already successful game. They surely will not want to miss out on the opportunity to juice out more money from the game. Dead by Daylight is doing just fine and its player base is continuously growing, so it makes no sense that a sequel to the game will be released in the near future.

Also, it is rumored that Dead By Daylight Chapter 27 PTB will be released on February 15th, which would allow DBD fans to enjoy it. Additionally, there have been rumors about the upcoming DBD killer as well as arrivals later in the year.

Leaksbydaylight reported on January 3rd that Dead By Daylight Chapter 27 PTB might arrive in 45 days, which would be February 15th or 14th. Generally, these public test builds take place on a Wednesday; however, they can occur on Tuesdays as well. There are also rumors regarding the next DBD killer and arrivals throughout the year for DBD fans to enjoy.

So that’ll be all for this news blog guys, keep an eye out for fake news and rumors. If somebody says they have a confirmed Dead by Daylight 2 release date, they’re telling you a big fat lie. While you’re here at Benettonplay, we highly encourage you to read our other posts –

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  1. Will there be a Dead by Daylight 2?

    No, there will be no Dead by Daylight sequel. In an interview with Loadout, Dave Richards, creative director of Dead by Daylight has confirmed that the studio aims to continue support to the existing game and has no plans for a sequel as of now.

  2. Is there a Dead by Daylight 2 trailer?

    There is no official announcement made for the game and consequently, there is no Dead by Daylight 2 trailer.

  3. Is DBD 2 a crossplay?

    Forget the crossplay feature, DBD 2 is not even confirmed. Conversely, Dave Richards has denied the possibility of DBD 2 coming in the near future.

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