The 22 Rarest Items In Minecraft: Know How To Get Them

Check out the Rarest Items you will come across in Minecraft with their uses and locations.

The main objective of Minecraft is to let players explore the limitless sandbox world by creating and surviving through the obstacles thrown at them. Construction, digging for minerals, combating dangerous monsters, plus introducing new structures and equipment by different power in-game elements are among the pursuits the player will come across.

You will find various rare items while cruising through the game and each item will have a definite purpose. But to be able to use them, you must know what these rare items do and how you can find them.

Rarest Items In Minecraft

If you are wondering what these rare items are you do not have to wait much longer as we present to you the Ultimate list of Rarest Items in Minecraft!

Rarest Items In Minecraft

Now the first question which arises upon encountering an item is how to find out about its rarity. Worry not because there is already a mechanic in place in the game that helps players to identify an item’s rarity through a color hue system, which not only lets the player know how powerful or useful an item or weapon is, but it also indicates how difficult they are to obtain for the players in the first place.

The rarity hue of the items, while they are in the Hotbar, are as follows:

  • White: Common
  • Yellow: Uncommon
  • Cyan: Rare
  • Purple: Epic

We will be focusing on listing the rarest items that you will find in Minecraft. In addition to that, we will also reveal the method to get your hand on these unique finds. So without any further ado, let’s get on with the Rarest Items in Minecraft List!

1. Totem Of Undying

The rarest thing in Minecraft

The Rarest thing in Minecraft that can protect its owner from destruction is a Totem of Undying. Whenever a player suffers potentially severe damage whilst clutching a totem of undying, the totem spares their life by restoring the player’s health by a significant amount.

In order to get the Totem of Undying, the player has to come across Evokers since they are the only mob that drops this unique item. You can find Evokers in Dark Forest Hills as well as The Woodland Mansions of the Dark Forest.

2. Sponges

Rarest Items In Minecraft

Another Rarest Thing in Minecraft that will come in particularly handy to you is the Sponge! When a sponge comes in contact with a liquid, it rapidly collects the surrounding moisture. These sponges are a great way of transporting liquids. Sponges are able to retain huge quantities of water.

In order to obtain Sponges you either need to visit Ocean Monuments where you can easily get wet sponges. However, you will need to convert them into regular sponges by drying them. Another way of obtaining Sponges is by defeating an Elder Guardian.

3. Gilded Blackstone

The rarest thing in Minecraft

Gilded Blackstone when extracted releases golden nuggets. However, you need to mine this block with an appropriate pickaxe to get these golden nuggets or you will attract the attention of Piglins for nothing. You can find these Gilded Blackstone in the Bastion Remnants.

4. Sea Lanterns

Rarest Items In Minecraft

An underground parabolic reflector called a sea lantern is among the Rarest Thing in Minecraft. Sea Lanterns can be discovered in undersea landmarks and wrecks of the Ocean Ruins & Ocean Monuments. It produces one to two Prismarine gems whenever destroyed with a non-Silk Contact charming instrument. The Fortune spell makes additional Prismarine gemstones drop from the sky.

The limit on the amount of Prismarine crystals that can be delivered increases with every Tier of Fortune. The Sea Lantern can inhibit daylight, engulf people and beasts, and hinder the launching of a beacon by redirecting its ray.

5. Dragon’s Breath

The rarest thing in Minecraft

The one and only potions that can be produced with dragon’s breath are lingering potions. Dropping the violet impact clouds generated by dragon fireballs or perhaps the finisher dragon’s breath strike into an old bottle will brew the dragon’s breath. The Ender Dragon has to be confronted with as many bottles and cans in order to attain this elixir assistance.

The purple particles created by the balls of fire or perhaps the breathing assault of the Ender Dragon should be gathered up and adhered inside the empty container. Luckily, gamers can collect a bunch of Dragon’s Breath unless they can survive the dragon’s onslaught.

6. Heart Of The Sea

Rarest Items In Minecraft

A funnel may be constructed from the rarest thing in Minecraft called a heart of the sea. You have to collect this rare item by diving into the depths of the ocean. You can find Heat of the Sea in the lost treasure chests. The location for which can be unearthed from the X mark on the map. These maps can be purchased via cartographer locals in return for just some gemstones as well as a compass, produced with a charting station, or located on buried shipwrecks. You can feed a dolphin to guide you to the lost treasure chest.

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7. End Crystal

The rarest thing in Minecraft

End Crystals are healing crystals that are able to respawn the Ender Dragon. You can either find these magical crystals on the obsidian pillars or you can simply craft them by merging the items Eye of Ender, Ghast Tear, and glass blocks.

8. Enchanted Golden Apple

Rarest Items In Minecraft

Enchanted Golden Apples are able to provide 2 minutes of golden armor that grant effects such as Absorption and Regeneration. Enchanted Golden Apples also provide significant resistance from fire and other attack types. You can find these rare Minecraft items in mineshafts, desert temples, woodland mansions, dungeons, and a few other places as well.

9. Elytra

The rarest thing in Minecraft

Elytra is a Rare Minecraft Item that gives players the ability to fly. So when a player jumps whilst descending, their elytra expands enabling them to fly. To rotate or modify their pitch, the player can focus their sight in any way. Performance raises as elevation is gained and lowered when height is recovered. You can find Elytra in the End Ships.

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10. Heads (As Helmets Or Trophies)

Rarest Items In Minecraft

The protective head gears not only save the player from the intensity of the enemy attacks but also add a stylish accessory. You can find these rare items from the enemy droppings. Some head gears can be found through these traditional methods while the other head gears can be obtained through special events only.

11. Enchanted Weapons & Armor

The rarest thing in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Enchantments are distributed unequally, one must meticulously utilize hammers, polishing machines, and enchantment charts to obtain the best result for your equipment. The most common method to obtain Enchanted Weapons is with the aid of an Enchanted Book.

Unbreaking is a great enchantment on its own, it functions exceptionally when combined with Mending. Unbreaking makes it possible for your weapon to preserve sturdiness while in use. Include Mending if players really want their gadget to survive very long. Its main objective is to accept every gang’s fallen exp in an attempt to reestablish their helmet’s endurance.

12. Nether Star

Rarest Items In Minecraft

Obtaining Nether Star is not a task for the weak-hearted, your skills will be put to the test thoroughly as you slay the Wither Boss to obtain these Rarest items in Minecraft.

Nether stars produced by recedes inside the Java Edition require 10 to 15 minutes to despawn and therefore are not impacted by blasts. Nether star objects cannot despawn in the Bedrock Variant, irrespective of time or disasters.

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13. Music Disc

The rarest thing in Minecraft

Records and Music Discs are commodities that may be put into such a jukebox to adjust the in-game sound in a suitable situation. In the initial stages of Minecraft’s construction, music CDs were introduced.

All players nearby gather around while a music CD is plugged into a jukebox. As the player travels further from the jukebox, the audio gradually diminishes. The song ends when you are approximately 75 blocks away from the jukebox. Two separate disks may be discovered at whim in subterranean vaults that organically appear there; another audio disc can indeed be gained by making a corpse murder a creeper. All in all, there are 13 music discs that you can find in Minecraft so far.

14. Beacon

Rarest Items In Minecraft

A block designated as a beacon could offer surrounding players dynamic bonuses including quickness, jump increase, quickness, regen, tolerance, or toughness. Beacons from Bedrock Version might also transmit Redstone energy and then become moist.

Beacon stones feature two special abilities when they have been “powered up”: a landmark light that spreads through into clouds and can be seen from a considerable distance, and capabilities that would provide individuals condition benefits inside a specified zone.

A clearer picture of the sky is required for beacons. Bedrock (the underworld roof) and translucent architectural elements like glass and liquid are permitted. The beacon is above a structure made from steel, gold, ruby, diamond, and nephrite bricks, as well as some other gemstones.

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15. Slime Balls

The rarest thing in Minecraft

Slimeballs are one of the Rarest Things in Minecraft and are ingredients necessary to make Lava Cream, Leads, Adhesive Brakes, and Slime Blocks. Slimeballs are commonly found in Wetland Biomes at the bottom of lakes as a consequence of slimes falling into the liquid irresponsibly, and sinking. Players can construct remedies that can safeguard themselves from flames with the assistance of slimeballs.

Players can also construct standard fire cures in Minecraft by blending magma cream plus unpleasant remedies, slimeballs, and flame powders.

16. Ender Pearls

Rarest Items In Minecraft

Another Rare Item in Minecraft is the Ender Pearl! These items can be obtained by eliminating Enderman, as well as trading with villagers & Pinglings. Ender Pearls are particularly essential in crafting the Eye of Ender which is an important clue in tracing the location of the End Portal. So, it is mandatory to have Ender Pearls if you wish to brew a teleportation potion.

17. Dragon Egg

The rarest thing in Minecraft

Another Rarest Thing in Minecraft is a dragon egg, a prized treasure and the costliest element there in the majority of the gameplay, it’s one genuinely distinctive object to be unearthed in the entire game.

A dragon egg is an ultimate trophy that will show up on the departure gateway once the player has defeated the Ender Dragon. The egg can’t usually be harvested because it will teleport into thin air. So, the best way to obtain the Dragon Egg is by pushing it off using a Piston.

18. Banner Pattern

Banner Pattern (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)
Banner Pattern (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)

Banner Patterns are special decorative items in Minecraft that create visually appealing images. In order to get your hand on Banner Patterns, you will need to craft them, the ingredients for these vary for different patterns. Despite not aiding in the gameplay, just owning a Banner Pattern is a symbol status for Minecraft Players.

19. Golden Apple

Golden Apple (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)
Golden Apple (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)

You may have guessed this coming already since we mentioned the Enchanted Golden Apple. This rare item can be crafted by merging 8 Gold Ingots, sounds a lot, right? However, it is totally worth it with the protection armor created by consuming these golden apples. The protection coverage provided by a single golden apple is equivalent to 2 golden hearts.

20. Emerald Ore

Emerald Ore (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)
Emerald Ore (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)

Emerald Ore is among the Rarest Items you will come across in Minecraft. It is certainly not easy to get your hands on Emerald Ore, the location where you will most likely encounter an Emerald Ore in the mountain region of the game. These Emerald Ores have a high trade value as they can be smelted into emeralds!

21. Chorus Fruit

Chorus Fruit (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)
Chorus Fruit (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)

Chorus fruit is a teleportation food item that is quite rare to encounter in Minecraft. You can come across this unique fruit only toward the end of the gameplay. This means you can expect to find the Chorus Fruit near the Outer Islands thriving on Chorus Trees. The player can be teleported 8 blocks in any direction upon consuming this fruit.

22. Eco Shards

Eco Shards (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)
Eco Shards (The Rarest Thing in Minecraft)

Eco Shards are comparatively new items in the Minecraft game. These rare items have a very viable purpose and that is the crafting of a recovery compass, which is an incredible navigation tool! The player can trace back to the spot where they died previously and recover the items they lost in the path.

In order to get your hands on Eco Shards, you will have to explore the ancient cities. You might find these eco-shards buried in chests in these ancient regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many Eco Shards are required to craft a recovery compass?

    You will need 8 Eco Shards to craft a recovery compass for yourself.

  2. Which is the rarest item in Minecraft?

    Dragon Egg is probably the rarest item in Minecraft.

  3. How rare is a golden apple in Minecraft?

    Pretty rare, it is quite difficult to get your hands on the Golden Apple. You can find them in a Dungeon Chest or Mineshaft Chest but the obtaining statistics is less than 5%.

  4. How do I get the laser in Minecraft?

    Although there aren’t any laser weapons in the game per se that players can hope to get their hands on, they can, however, craft and install laser blocks in and around their bases for added security.
    You can craft a laser block in Minecraft by merging 2 Obsidians with 5 Redstone Dust and 2 Diamonds.


You have reached the end of our article on The 22 Rarest Items In Minecraft. We have brought forth the most unique finds as per our judgment in this post. Make sure to comment down your favorite Minecraft item. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our post, then feel free to let us know. You can check out more latest and exciting Gaming News and Articles on our Homepage!


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