Death Stranding 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Platforms, Rumours, and more

Read on to know more about the next part in the strange yet impressive Death Stranding series, Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding 2 Release Date
Death Stranding 2 Release Date

Popular video game creator Hideo Kojima recently announced his next project and gave the gaming world a sneak peek into the sequel of the deceptively straightforward yet impressive spectacle that was Death Stranding. The excitement among fans after seeing the recently released teaser trailer was overwhelming, to say the least.

To address this growing anticipation around the game’s eventual release date reveal information, however, We at Benettonplay will try and bring to you today all the latest developments that we were able to collect from not only Hideo Kojima’s reveal but also from all other credible sources too, to give you guys the most credible pieces of information available on the web.

Before we jump into the details regarding the next game in the series, however, let’s look at the first game’s theme to try and bring gamers up to speed with its story before they indulge in its sequel in the near future.

Death Stranding is an action-adventure game released in 2019, in which players take on the role of a courier, Sam Porter Bridges, as he is tasked to make deliveries to various locations throughout the remaining places still surviving in the United States of America after a disaster of catastrophic levels had struck it and brought it to the brink of extinction.

It is now up to the players and Sam Porter Bridges to traverse treacherous locations and deliver essential supplies to hard-to-reach places while fighting unknown monstrosities and enemies.

The game may appear to be a walking simulator, but it is anything but. With all the huffing and puffing the players will do while delivering supplies to various contacts throughout the game, the story that ties all the game elements together is quite unique and worth experiencing firsthand.

So, if you are someone who hasn’t already at least tried the first game yet, now would be a good time to do so, as we are more than convinced of the fact that the sequel will pick up from where the initial game ended and share a lot of details and spoilers with it too.

Now that we have taken a little trip down memory lane with the first game let’s dive into the details regarding the forthcoming sequel.

Death Stranding 2 Release Date Rumours

Death Stranding 2 Release Date Rumors
Death Stranding 2 Release Date Rumors

Starting with the question most gamers are eagerly anticipating, the release date of Death Stranding 2, we are sad to break it to you, but at the moment, there has been no official announcement regarding the same, either from Hideo Kojima himself or any other personality associated with the development of the game, as to when fans of this action-adventure game can expect to get their hands on the sequel.

Moreover, even the lead actor of the first game, Norman Reedus, also well known for his portrayal of a hunter in AMC’s popular zombie apocalypse show, The Walking Dead series, said in a recent interview that they have just started working on this project, so it is safe to assume that the release date of this game is still quite far off. We should expect it to release in and around late 2024 or early 2025.

There are also rumors that the actual title of the game may not just be ‘Death Stranding 2’, as one can clearly see a ‘working tile’ tag next to the game’s name. It is safe to speculate that Hideo Kojima only put the name of the previous game in the reveal trailer to let the fans of this game know that a sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 game was in the works. We might see the game’s name completely changed and overhauled with a new name, and the ‘DS2’ we see everywhere does not necessarily translate to ‘Death Stranding 2.’

Death Stranding 2 Reveal Teaser Trailer

Coming to the reveal trailer of the game, as mentioned earlier, Hideo Kojima himself presented the new reveal trailer of the next game in the Death Stranding series, Death Stranding 2.

Many different things and incidents occur during the 4-minute-long teaser trailer, and it’ll be better if you watch all the strangeness it contains by yourself and make sense of it.

Here, take a look:

Gameplay Features

Death Stranding 2 Gameplay Features
Death Stranding 2 Gameplay Features

At the time of writing this article, there isn’t any official gameplay information released by Hideo Kojima to the gaming community, which is quite understandable, as the game is still in its early stages of development.

Since we don’t have any official gameplay to analyze, today we will speculate a little on what kind of gameplay one can expect from the next game in the Death Stranding series. We will do so by referring to the previous game and its story and taking a little help from a few current rumors regarding the sequel.

Please note that the points mentioned below are mere speculation at this moment and must be read for the sake of reference only. The Official gameplay details should clarify things once the developer releases them.

Starting with the main gameplay mechanics of this, we expect Death Stranding 2 to continue the story of ‘connecting’ various places by delivering supplies to them and adding them to the ‘network.’ The game may not follow its predecessor to the last degree. Still, we expect its overall gameplay structure to remain relatively similar, with a few necessary quality-of-life improvements implemented throughout.

The threat of the BTs looks set to continue. However, they did not appear in any of the shots shown in the trailer. It is safe to speculate that this game will indeed not become a full-blown shooter game overnight, and we expect non-lethal weaponry to make a prominent return in this game as well.

Speaking of returns, constructing roads played a significant role in the initial game to enable Sam to travel to various locations quickly and efficiently, and we expect them to play a crucial role in Sam’s traversal in the new game as well.

Furthermore, in the reveal trailer, Fragile is seen riding a range bike with one wheel- a uni-motorcycle- so gamers can hope to ride bikes again in this game. However, we are unsure whether the uni-motorcycle shown in the trailer is only for cinematic purposes or whether gamers can use one in-game.

Moreover, gathering resources played a significant role in the first game, enabling players to construct structures or craft new gear pieces and tools. Hence, we expect this particular gameplay mechanic to remain in the new game as well.

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Death Stranding 2 Rumored Cast

Death Stranding 2 Rumored Cast
Death Stranding 2 Rumored Cast

If there is one aspect that gamers remember more about Death Standing than its story and gameplay, it is its stellar cast members. Games are a form of entertainment, and what better way for a game to stand out than to cast a talented group of actors who will take the story to a whole new level?

Death Stranding did it well, and it looks like Death Stranding 2 is following suit by casting a stacked cast of decorated actors in this game as well.

Please Note: Not all characters mentioned in the list below are confirmed characters that will be represented in-game. We will update this section when we have confirmed news regarding their in-game characters.

Here is a list of all the famous cast members present in Death Stranding 2:

  • Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges
  • Lea Seydoux as Fragile
  • Troy Baker as Higgs Monaghan
  • Elle Fanning
  • Shioli Kutsuna

As far as Mads Mikkelsen and Keanu Reeves are concerned, no official news from Kojima’s side indicates either involvement in this sequel yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.


Death Stranding 2 Platforms
Death Stranding 2 Platforms

Moving on to the platforms that the game will be available to play on, seeing that the reveal trailer was uploaded from PlaySation’s official Youtube account, it is fair to say that the game will most definitely be released on PS systems, especially the PS5.

As far as the other platforms are concerned, as of right now, there is no official confirmation from Kojima Production regarding this aspect, as we had clearly seen before during the release of the first game where Kojima first released the game as a PS4 exclusive, only to later on tie-up with another studio, 505 Games, and release it on PC a year later, followed by a director’s cut edition which was later released on the PS5 and PC Gamepass.

As mentioned earlier, since PS5 appears to be actively promoting the game, it will come as no surprise to many to see this game be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title at the time of its launch for a year, to begin with, before eventually being released on PC and other devices later on, as we have already seen them do with other PS exclusives like the Marvel’s Spiderman series, The God War games, The Last of Us series, etc.

Death Stranding 2 Conclusion

That was all the information we could get for you today regarding the release date of Death Standing 2. Most of the details provided by Kojima to the gaming community are pretty vague at the moment, so we recommend you guys to please keep coming back to this post from time to time to stay updated on the latest details, as we’ll keep updating this post with any new updates and developments we can find related to this game.

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