How To Find & Save A Minecraft Seed Map 2023

Check out Our complete guide on how to Find & Save A Minecraft Seed Map!

Using the seed Maps players can locate different biomes and even map out the landscape of the Nether.

Seed Maps in Minecraft helps players get information regarding the seeds in the Minecraft world as they create a map detailing all the different elements in the Minecraft World.

There are numerous Seed maps available for Minecraft online but I personally like to use the Chunk base Seed Map for Minecraft.

This Seed map for Minecraft is reliable and will give you the best information regarding the different elements in your Minecraft World.

So without wasting any moment let us discuss more about the ChunkBase Seep Map Viewer and How To Use it.

How To Find & Save A Minecraft Seed Map
How To Find & Save A Minecraft Seed Map

ChunkBase Seed Map


ChunkBase is in my opinion the best Minecraft Seed Map Viewer and if you’re a new player in Minecraft, then it can be really helpful for you to find different elements such as Villages, Ancient Cities, Dungeons, and a lot more.

ChunkBase is a collection of apps that can help players find the best Minecraft seeds and locate biomes, dungeons, etc.

Now let us discuss how we can use the ChunkBase Seed Map Viewer and find different seeds and locations as well.

How To Use ChunkBase Seed Map

Entering the Seed
Entering the Seed

To use the ChunkBase Seep Map first you need to open up the seed map viewer on the ChunkBase website and then it’ll ask you to enter the seed of your Minecraft world and then all you need to do is open up your Minecraft World and find the seed.

To find the seed of your Minecraft world, you’d need to load up your Minecraft world and then enter the command/seed to view your Minecraft world’s seed.

We will provide you guys with an image down below that will help you understand in a much more profound manner.

Finding the Minecraft Seed
Finding the Minecraft Seeds

Now all you guys need to do is copy the Minecraft seed and paste it on the ChunkBase Minecraft Seed Viewer site and do not forget to select your version along with the dimension.

ChunkBase features options for both of the most popular game versions: Java and Bedrock Edition.

Select the version you’re playing; that is all you need to do to view the Seed Map for your Minecraft world.

Analyze The Seed Map

Analyze The Seed Map
Analyze The Seed Map

Now once you’ve added all the details you’ll be able to see The Seed Map of your Minecraft world and you can then also choose to find the different elements in your Minecraft world using this Seed Map.

Players can also zoom in and out on the map to know the precise locations of their desired elements. Different biomes of the game will be highlighted in the checkboxes.

How To Save The Seed Map?

Saving The Seed Map
Saving The Seed Map

Saving the Seed map is a piece of cake and to do that all you need to do is click on the Save Map option below the Seed map and it will save an image of the Seed map on your PC so you can use it later in the game to find some valuable items.

This is how you can find, use, and even save your Minecraft Seed map without any problem. This process doesn’t take much of your time, so we highly recommend every gamer try it. Now we will answer some FAQs down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ChunkBase Seed Map Accurate?

Yes, the ChunkBase seed map is accurate when pointing out the elements in the game. We recommend players use this without any hesitation as it would surely not disappoint.

Is Seed Map Useful in Minecraft?

Seedmap in Minecraft is surely useful as it helps players to find different seeds along with tons of different locations in the game.

How to find the Seed of My Minecraft World?

To find the seed of your Minecraft world you need to press command/seed and then you can copy the Seed of your Minecraft world and enter it in the ChunkBase Minecraft Seed Map Viewer.


This was our complete guide on how to Find, Use, and Save the seed map in Minecraft and we hope that you guys will have a better understanding of the Seed Map by now.

If you guys still have any doubts regarding the above information, let us know in the comments below, and our team will get back to you.

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