How to Get a Cape In Minecraft (2024): Easy Ways To Get A Cape In Minecraft in Java & Bedrock Edition!

How to get a Cape In Minecraft

Wouldn’t it be great if your Minecraft character started wearing a Cape? Well if you don’t know then let us tell you that capes are one of the most rare items in Minecraft. The Minecraft Capes in both Java and Bedrock editions can make your character look much cooler. As per our research, capes also … Read more

How to Make Sponge In Minecraft: Complete Guide for Beginners in 2024

How to Make Sponge in Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing game, largely because it provides its players with limitless possibilities and a humungous variety of things to try out and use to enhance their gameplay experience. Even after putting a lifetime’s worth of dedication into it, the majority of its player base has only scratched the surface. Today, we are going … Read more

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft: Easy Steps To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft (2024)

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft

Parrots are one of the best tamable Minecraft mobs, and the best part about these creatures is that they’re passive towards the players, meaning they’re harmless and won’t harm you even if you hurt them. These Minecraft creatures are extremely cute, and they come in five different colors, which are red, blue, green, cyan, and … Read more