How to Make a Furnace in Minecraft: Complete Guide for Beginners 2023

Read on to know more on how players can look to craft an extremely useful block in-game, the furnace.

How to Make a Furnace in Minecraft
How to Make a Furnace in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game in which players have access to quite a large selection of blocks to choose from to craft the ultimate gameplay experience of their liking. All the blocks found in the game have their specific use, but today we are going to talk about an especially useful block in the game, called a furnace.

The furnace is a utility block in Minecraft that players use to either cook the meat collected by the players from various living creatures in the world, or smelt various types of ores like iron ore, gold ore, emerald ore, or diamond ore, to be used in various crafting processes.

So without much ado, let us dive into the details of how to make a furnace in Minecraft.

What is a Furnace in Minecraft?

What is a Furnace in Minecraft
What is a Furnace in Minecraft

As briefly mentioned earlier in the article, Furnaces in Minecraft are essential in-game utility blocks that players can craft to not only be used to smelt the different types of ores they might find during their mining expeditions throughout the game’s world, but players can also use them to cook the various varieties of raw food harvested by them as well.

Furnaces are not particularly hard to find for new players in Minecraft as they can easily find them spawning naturally after playing for a little while in quite a few chosen areas like the desert biome, plains biomes, ancient cities, a few houses in the snowy tundra biome among others.

Like most items in the game, players can freely change the name of their furnace by selecting the default name of the furnace when accessing its menu and changing it to something more desirable.

A furnace can also be broken using a pickaxe if players do not want it anymore. Don’t worry, all the items present in the furnace, when it was destroyed, will be refunded to the players, along with all the XP from the smelted items.

How to Craft a Furnace in Minecraft?

How to Craft a Furnace in Minecraft
How to Craft a Furnace in Minecraft

Now that we understand what Furnaces are in Minecraft, let us explore the process by which players can hope to craft a furnace.

The steps to craft a furnace in Minecraft are as follows:

  • The first step in crafting a furnace in Minecraft is for players to craft a Crafting table. To make a crafting table, players need to first open their crafting menu. Once the menu is open, they need to insert 4 pieces of wood in the available slots. Please Note: Players can use any kind of wooden block to make a crafting table, but they must make sure that all 4 wooden blocks that they use are of the same variety.
  • Once players have crafted the crafting table, they need to harvest an important component without which this process is incomplete – 8 blocks of Cobblestone or Blackstone. These stones will act as the core building materials that players will use to craft the furnace.
  • Once players have possession of 8 blocks of either Cobblestone or Blackstone, they need to place them in the available empty slots on the crafting table. While inserting the blocks, players must remember to fill only the slots at the edges of the crafting menu, keeping the slot right at the center of the crafting menu completely empty. (Please refer to the image provided above for more clarity)
  • If players have followed the steps mentioned above correctly, they should now see a crafted furnace on the right-hand slot, which was previously empty.
  • Players can now freely transfer the furnace to their inventory, and place it wherever they desire.

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How to Use a Furnace in Minecraft

How to Use a Furnace in Minecraft
How to Use a Furnace in Minecraft

Now that players know how to craft a furnace in Minecraft, it is time to know how to use the furnace to enhance their gameplay experience by enabling them to create things that otherwise would not have been possible.

Furnaces in Minecraft are used to smelt various ore blocks into ingots so that they may be used to craft other more important blocks like Anvils, etc. They are also used to cook raw food harvested by players from the wild.

Looking for a smelting guide? Here is the process of operating a furnace in Minecraft in its simplest form:

Furnace Crafting Menu Minecraft
Furnace Crafting Menu Minecraft

For a more detailed explanation, read on:

  • Access the furnace’s menu by interacting with it. Once the menu is visible, players must put the block they want to smelt in the uppermost slot.
  • Next, players must put a fuel source in the bottom slot. They are free to choose any of the available fuel sources accessible in the game, but the most popular choice at the moment is coal.
  • Once both the blocks are in their correct positions, players should see a burning fire symbol slowly light up in the middle of the two slots. This little fire icon acts as a little timer that indicates how long it will take for a particular process to finish. Once it lights up completely, it will reset, signaling to the players the completed process.
  • Once the smelting process has been completed, players will find a newly smelted item on the right-hand slot of the furnace, which they can safely transfer to their inventory.


And there you have it. This was our complete guide on how players can craft and use a furnace in Minecraft. Please refer to this post whenever you are in doubt about what furnaces are in Minecraft and how you can use them, as they are one of the most essential components currently in the game that allow players to craft all sorts of interesting and essential items like ingots and cooked food.

We’ll keep updating this post with all the latest details, news, and updates regarding the game, as when they are released to the gaming community, to give you all an updated perspective on anything and everything related to furnaces.

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