How To Make A Book In Minecraft & Enchant It: Step By Step Guide (2024)!

So if you’re a true Minecraft fan like me then you must be aware that books in Minecraft are one of the vital items as players can use them to hold enchantments and even make blocks or other items.

If you guys want decorative bookcases in the game then you would still need a few books as ingredients, today we’ll provide you guys with a step-by-step guide on how you guys can make a book in Minecraft.

The steps we’re about to provide you down below are easy and can be performed by anyone in the game so let’s not waste any moment and get started right away but hey! let’s first check out the required materials.

How To Make A Book In Minecraft

Materials Required & Where To Get Them

Materials Required

So to make a book in Minecraft, players need only a few items which:

  • 3 Sugar Cane
  • 1 Leather
  • Crafting Table
  • Enchanting Table (To enchant your book)

Where To Get Sugarcane

Minecraft Sugarcane

Sugarcane is a commonly found Minecraft plant and is extremely vital to make a book in Minecraft, this plant can be found on grass, dirt, podzol, or even sand but, as long as the block is adjacent to water on one side at least.

Some of you might’ve guessed what this plant is gonna do, yes it’s gonna be used to make paper. Make sure to gather 3 sugarcane as it’ll only help make a single book; however, if you’re willing to make a bookshelf, then you need to gather this plant in bulk!

Where To Get Leather

Where To Get Minecraft Leather

If you’re gonna head out looking for leather then, you’re gonna have to show your hunting skills as this item can easily be obtained as a drop from killing Cows, Mushrooms, Donkeys, Llamas, Horses, and Mules.

The majority of these above-mentioned animals can easily be found in your Minecraft world however, I would recommend you guys to obtain Leather as a drop item from a cow as they can be easily found in the majority of the biomes in Minecraft.

Crafting Table

How To Make A Book In Minecraft

Since you’re here we’re gonna assume that you already are a Minecraft player who’s aware that the Crafting Table is the foundation of most crafting in the game. To make the Crafting Table table, players need to place wood planks into all four squares beside the character in the inventory.

Step By Step Guide: How To Make A Book In Minecraft

Once you have all the required materials you can easily make your Minecraft Book. We’ll list down all the steps you need to perform.

1. Craft Paper Using Sugarcane

Craft Paper Using Sugarcane

Even a seven-year-old can easily craft paper in Minecraft, it is that simple and easy! all you need to do is open up your crafting table and horizontally place three sugarcane into different squares in the same row.

Once you’ve done this, the game will provide you with three papers, and then all you need to do is simply drag the papers into your inventory and you’re good to go. So now you have completed the first step to make a book in Minecraft let us now move on to the second one.

2. Craft Your Leather (Skip if you already gathered Leather from Cow)

Crafting leather

Crafting Leather in Minecraft is a simple procedure as well but keep in mind to skip this step if you’ve already obtained leather from a cow or any other animal. If you don’t have any leather then open up your crafting table and simply place one rabbit hide each in the top and middle squares in the first column.

Then you can collect the resulting leather and sift it into your inventory, it is a simple procedure however, I would recommend you collect leather as a drop item from cows as it is much simpler and easier.

3. Crafting Your Minecraft Book

Crafting Your Minecraft Book

To craft a book in Minecraft all you need to do is simply open up your Crafting Table and place the papers and leather just like how it is showcased in the above image and there you have it!

Now you have your Minecraft book, and you can also enchant it, which is the only method to obtain certain enchantments on specific tools, such as unbreaking on shields. If all you need in a Minecraft book, then your work is done, but if you wanna know how to enchant it, then we’re going to briefly explain it step by step down below.

Enchant A Minecraft Book

Enchant A Minecraft Book

Enchanting a book requires an enchanting table, one crafted book, and three lapis lazuli. Simply open your Enchanting Table now and place one crafted book in the left square and three lapis lazuli in the right square.

We have provided you guys with an image above that’ll help you understand the process in a much more profound manner. After putting all the items in the right place you’ll be able to see three enchanting options on the right, each of them will have a number displayed on the right, that number is the level of experience you need to unlock and select the enchantment.

Then simply, select the enchantment you need and then drag the enchanted book down into your inventory. Now repeat these steps 3-4 times until you get the enchanted book that you want. These are a huge list of Minecraft Enchanted Books, so you need to learn about each of them to master the enchantments in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Books in Minecraft?

Books are one of the most vital items in Minecraft as they’re used to hold enchantments. If you want to enchant your sword, then you’re gonna need a book, so make sure that you know how to craft a book in Minecraft.

Can I add mods in Minecraft?

Definitely! Minecraft is one of the most moddable games out there and there are tons of mods available to download.

What types of mobs are in Minecraft?

Minecraft has 3 types of mobs which are:
Hostile – these mobs are hostile towards players.
Passive – these mobs are friendly and harmless
Neutral – these mobs only turn hostile when players attack them.

So guys, this was our complete 101 step-by-step guide for you guys to learn how to make a Minecraft Book, and we hope that by now you guys have a better knowledge about the book in Minecraft.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding any of the above-mentioned steps, then do let us know in the comments down below, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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