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Flipbooks are a series of images that are created in a sequential manner. When these images are flipped together they depict information or animated sequences in a flowing form. The concept of Flipbooks is not something new, this creative outlet was introduced over a century ago. Flipbooks are a versatile tool that can be used for educational as well as entertainment purposes.

Flipbook Pictures
Flipbook Pictures

If you are a creative soul craving to flow your creative juices in the form of a Flipbook video, you have landed in the right place. In this post, we will bring you the basics of Flipbook Pictures, Ideas to make Flipbooks and the Best Software you can use for this.

Flipbook Pictures

What is a Flipbook? Traditionally, Flipbook was a tiny book with a collection of images that when flipped together give off an impression of an animation.

Flipbooks came into existence in the 1860s as toys to woo children. Lately, the uses of Flipbooks are not limited to mere toys but they have become a legitimate story-telling & informative medium in short films, cartoons, books, magazines, brochures and even advertisements.

Not just this, artists are also actively using Flipbooks as a medium for presenting their art. Recently, Flipbooks are even replacing Ebooks!

Traditionally, flipbooks were made manually by drawing on paper books or compiling the sheets. However, with the onset of modern times, Flipbooks can be created digitally by compiling images through software.

Flipbook Ideas

Have you been wanting to make a Flipbook but feel lost on what you should make exactly? Do not worry, we have the Best Flipbook Ideas that are perfect to put your imagination to work and help you Relax.

  • Single Action: If you do not want to engage in a tedious and complex project on your first go and are looking to keep things simple. You can go with an animation of a character performing a single action such as running, walking, or tripping.
  • Illustrate a Story: If you are an artist or storyteller looking for a more challenging flipbook project, we suggest you illustrate a story. The theme could be anything ranging from a social cause to a slapstick comedy. Whatever you can think of is what you can create.
  • Music Video: It is a pretty fun idea to use Flipbook Pictures as the graphical aspect of your Music Video. This will accentuate the artistic value of your music.
  • Before/After: Flipbooks can also be an excellent medium to create contrast and transformational videos.

We hope you will find these suggestions interesting and spark these ideas with the wings of your imagination.

Top Flipbook Videos

In this section of our article, we have compiled some of the Top Flipbook Videos on the internet that have managed to get over a million views. These videos scream absolute creative mastery. Let’s have a look.

1. A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

Animation Copyright: James Francis Bell aka. DispleasedEskimo

This video is an absolutely genius depiction of world evolution, beginning from the Big Bang itself and has made it to our list of Top Flipbook Videos. This is a great example of a transformational video with minimalistic resources.

2. Reverse Marriage Proposal Flipbook Animation

Creater: theflippist (YouTube)

“theflippist” is a famous artist who specializes in creating mesmerizing flipbooks. For our list of Top Flipbook Videos, we decided to pick this wholesome Reverse Marriage Proposal Flipbook. The concept and the art style of this flipbook drew a lot of attention on YouTube.

3. 100 DAYS of Drawing LISA FLIPBOOK

Artist & Creator: DP ART DRAWING (YouTube)

Now, DP ART DRAWING has depicted an absolutely stunning example of persistent hard work with a kiss of their creativity. This Flipbook of 800 Drawings of the popular Black Pink Member, Lisa took the internet by storm. The artwork is truly mesmerizing and the presentation is just out of this world.

4. Mr. Bean Cartoon Flipbook

Artist & Creator: Flip Book Artist (Youtube)

This Mr Bean Flipbook by the Flip Book Artist is the perfect blend of artistic mastery and creativity. The attention to detail in the art style is remarkable with the artist being able to transit the Flipbook Pictures in such a smooth manner.

Flipbook Software

If you are interested in trying your hand at making Flipbooks yourself. This section is just for you! We have compiled the Best Flipbook Software you will find on the web to create that perfect Flipbook.

  2. Flipsnack
  3. Flowpaper
  4. Picasso 3D Flipbook Video Maker
  5. Issuu

We have included the most versatile options on our list of Best Flipbook Software which you can use for various publication purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a PDF be a flipbook?

Certainly, there are various software and websites over the internet that can convert your PDF into a flipbook. Flipsnack and Issuu are two websites that excel at this job.

Who made the first flipbook ever?

The first ever flipbook ever documented was made by John Barnes Linnett who was a British lithograph printer.

How many pages should a Flipbook have?

Ideally, there should be about 200 pages in a flipbook. However, the number of pages depends on the purpose and type of Flipbook.

Is Flipbook an ebook?

Well, technically a Flipbook is an ebook but the design and concept of Flipbook is made to resemble actual books.


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