Pokemon Masters Game Glitches [May 2023]

If you chose to read this article then you must already be aware of the Pokemon Masters EX mobile Gacha Game. The game recently featured a Metronome Day Event 2023 after which, the players have been experiencing various glitches and bugs in the game.

Pokemon Masters Game Glitches
Pokemon Masters Game Glitches

The game developers featured a special one-day event from 31st March to 1st April 2023. This event included special missions that guaranteed various rare rewards to the players. However, this came with an unexpected series of glitches in the Pokemon Masters EX Gameplay. In this post, we have included the latest Pokemon Masters Game Glitch that has been affecting the game.

Pokemon Masters Game Glitches

Players have been actively complaining about Pokemon Masters Game Glitches. While sometimes these bugs do not hamper the gameplay much but other times they hang the game altogether. In this post, we will be sharing the common bugs and glitches that the players have been experiencing. We hope that the latest update will fix these bugs.

Is this a game glitch?
by u/OrangeGalen in PokemonMasters

Anyway, until that happens, let’s get out with the most common glitches that currently persists in Pokemon Masters EX.

1. Characters randomly switching places

This glitch in the Pokemon Game has become noticeable to the players ever since the Metronome Day Event has taken place. Ever since 1st April 2023 the characters randomly switch places when you click on them to interact. It does seem funny for a while but it messes up the gameplay progression.

2. A glitch in Character Angles

Another Glitch that the game has been displaying since the event is showing the game characters from a different angle such as the back profile.

These glitches are totally random and occur at the most unpredictable time during the game. Players have actively sent bug reports to the game developers and we hope to see this problem resolved soon.

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Pokemon Master Current Game Events

Meanwhile, as we wait for these bugs to be patched, you can participate in these ongoing Game Events to win daily and weekly rewards:

  • Pasio Gold Rush Solo Event – May 4th to May 16th (10:59 pm)
  • The Golden Magikarp Daily Battle Event – May 3rd to May 16th (10:59 pm)
  • Fashion Week Limited Scout Event – May 2nd to May 16th (10:59 pm)
  • Fashion Week Solo Event – May 2nd to May 16th (10:59 pm)
  • Fifty Million Downloads Celebration Rally – May 2nd to May 16th (10:59 pm)
  • Monthly Poke Fair Scout – April 30th to 31st May (10:59 pm)
  • Sygna Suit Mina Poke Fair Scout – April 29th to June 1st (10:59 pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Ash in Pokemon Masters EX?

Yes, you can play as Ash and pair up with Pikachu in Pokemon Masters EX.

Can Pokemon Masters EX be played offline?

Nope, you need to have an uninterrupted internet connection in order to play Pokemon Masters EX.

How to get gems in Pokemon Masters for free?

Well, there are several ways to obtain gems in Pokemon Masters. These methods include Login Bonus, Special Events, Missions and First Time rewards.

What is a Sygna Suit?

Sygna Suit is a type of outfit that is featured in Pokemon Masters, these outfits are made to look like the fellow Pokemon of the Pokemon Trainer.


You have reached the end of our Article on Pokemon Masters Game Glitches. If you have experienced similar glitches or bugs while playing Pokemon Masters, feel free to comment down below. Your feedback has the utmost importance to us and we always look forward to hearing from you. So, do not forget to comment and make sure to check out our Pokemon Directory!

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