How to Play Counter Strike 2 Limited Beta Test

As you may already know, Valve is presenting an enticing opportunity for CS fans to get an early taste of Counter-Strike 2. This will be possible by participating in the CS 2 Limited Beta Test.

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Beta Test is the pre-release version of the much anticipated CS 2. By becoming a part of this Beta Test you can actually contribute to the final version of the game.

So, do you want to become a part of the Beta Testing as well? We know you do and this is why we have curated this post with the precise steps to Play Counter Strike 2 Beta Test.

How to Play Counter Strike 2 Limited Beta Test
How to Play Counter Strike 2 Limited Beta Test

How to Play Counter Strike 2 Limited Beta Test

Before we proceed to explain the steps you need to follow to become a Limited Beta Tester for Counter-Strike 2 you must fulfill a few conditions. These conditions include the authenticity of the player account, recent playtime of the player, and Standing of the Steam account.

So, now the question arises how exactly will you find out if you are eligible for participating in Beta Test? You will actually receive a notification on your CS: GO main menu to ENROLL in the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.

If you haven’t received any invitation yet, do not lose heart as the player selection is still ongoing and you might be selected next. You should regularly check your CS: GO Menu so that you do not miss your invite.

Steps to enroll in Counter Strike 2 Limited Beta Test?

If you are amongst the fortunate players who have been chosen for the Limited Test. Here is how to follow through:

  • Go to your CS: GO Main Menu and click on the ENROLL option which will be present below your invitation.
  • Once you have enrolled, the download process for Limited Test will begin.
  • Once the download is complete, relaunch your CS:GO and you will find a new option labeled as ‘Limited Test’ on your game menu.
  • Click on Limited Test in order to play CS 2 Limited Beta Test version of the game.
  • Your CS: GO inventory will stay viable in this Beta Test version
  • You can choose to play Deathmatch or Unranked Competitive matchmaking mode.
  • If you find any bug in the Beta Test version, you are expected to mail the issue to ‘’.

The developers of the CS 2 encourage the testers to include screenshots and detailed information about the bugs experienced by the players. So, you can actually dive into the thrilling experience of the upcoming game while helping the developers carve the perfect CS 2 game for us.

We know all this information has actually left you lingering with many more questions about this Limited Beta Testing. We have attempted to answer many basic questions in the section below

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play CS: GO while CS 2 Limited Test?

Of course, you can, your CS: GO progress and activities will remain valid while CS 2 Limited Test is happening.

When will CS 2 full version be released?

The full release of CS 2 is expected in the Summer of 2023. Unfortunately, the developers have not left us with an exact date yet.

Can I play CS 2 from the same Steam account where I was banned in CS:GO?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to play CS 2 on a VAC-secured server if you were banned in CS:GO.

Can I participate in the CS 2 Limited Test on MacOS?

No, the participation in CS 2 Limited Test is limited to Windows only

Will competitive cooldowns be shared across CS 2 & CS:GO?

Yes, the competitive cooldowns will be shared across CS 2 & CS:GO

Will we earn XP in CS 2 Limited Test?

Yes, not only will you earn XP in CS 2 Limited Test it will also be carried forward to your CS:GO


This is all we know about the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Beta Test. We hope this information might have cleared up any questions you had regarding this matter. You can find all the official CS 2 updates here. We will be back with more exciting gaming News soon, Till then!

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