LoR Tier List | Legends of Runeterra Best Deck Tier List (September 2023)

Ultimate Legends of Runeterra Beginner's Guide: Choose the Best Decks

In the world of Runeterra, there are many powerful champions, spells, and units using which you can make innumerable cards.

Each card deck is unique and may contain completely different champions, spells, and units that have a unique playstyle.

But which deck of cards to choose? This question is really basic and it might also have been bothering you.

In this tier list, we rank the best LoR Decks in Legends of Runeterra based on their versatility and usefulness in different situations.

This LoR tier list will help you decide which cards to pick in order to create a strong deck that can win games.

What is LoR’s Best Deck Tier List | LoR Tier List?

Legends of Runeterra Tier List
Legends of Runeterra Tier List

Legends of Runeterra is a collectible card game in which players assume the role of one of six factions, each with its own unique mechanics and playstyle.

Players use a deck of cards representing units and spells to battle their opponent, with the goal of reducing their opponent’s “health points” to zero.

Each player begins the game with 20 health points, and the first player to lose all their health points loses the game.

Cards in Legends of Runeterra fall into one of three categories: units, spells, and champions. Units are persistent creatures that can attack and defend and remain on the board until they are destroyed.

Spells are one-time effects that can be used to damage units or players or to provide other benefits such as healing.

Champions are powerful units that can be “leveled up” by meeting certain requirements, becoming more powerful in the process.

In the LoR tier list that you will find below, we have curated the best LoR Decks. You will also find the best cards in the game all the Legends of Runeterra decks that are currently being played in the meta.

In this LoR Tier list, we have divided the best LoR decks into five different tiers – S, A, B, C & D. Tier-S contains the most used decks in the current LoR meta.

Now without any further ado, let us begin with our list of best LoR decks.

Legends of Runeterra Best Deck Tier List | LoR Tier List


LoR Tier List S
Acolyte SpamZiggs, Acolyte’s Reliquary, Hexplosive Minefield, Drop the Bomb, Rite of Passage, Ruinous Acolyte, Rite of the Arkane, Rite of Negation
Vayne KaynVayne, Kayn, Forsaken Baccai, The Darkin Aegis, Blooming Cultist, Ambitious Cultist, Combat Cook, Concerted Strike
Zoe TeemoZoe, Teemo, The Flight, Bandle Commando, Pale Cascade, Pokey Stick, The Darkin Lodestone, The Sudden Surge
Gwen KatarinaGwen, Katarina, Boisterous Host, Ravenous Flock, Phantom Butler, Vile Feast, Opulent Foyer, Eternal Dancers
LoR Tier List: S-Tier

These decks are the ones that are most often used in tournaments and in the highest levels of play. They are really strong and allow you to have an upper hand against most of your opponents.


LoR Tier List A
Kayn AatroxKayn, Aatrox, Buhuru Cultist, Forsaken Baccai, Momentous Choice, Darkin Aegis, Furious Wielder, Unforgiving Cold
Jinx LuluJinx, Lulu, Jury-Rig, Yordle Squire, Zaunite Urchin, Boom Baboon, Flame Chompers, Get Excited
Aatrox VayneAatrox, Vayne, Fish Fight, Petricite Broadwing, The Darkin Aegis, The Darkin Harp, The Darkin Spear, Ranger-Knight Defector
Pantheon VarusPantheon, Varus, Saga Seeker, Momentous Choice, Wandering Shepherd, The Expanse’s Protection, The Unending Wave, The Unforgiving Cold
Trundle TimelinesTrundle, Thermogenic Beam, Concurrent Timelines, Ferros Financier, Mystic Shots, Aloof Travellers, It That Stares, Buried in Eyes
LoR Tier List: A-Tier

These decks allow you to hold your own in most situations. They may have a weakness or two, but they can make up for it with their strengths.


LoR Tier List B
Seraphine Viktor KarmaSeraphine, Viktor, Karma, Mystic Shot, Deny, Drumclub Solo, Fanclub President, Back Alley Bar
Akshan VarusAkshan, Varus, Sivir, Momentous Choice, The Absolver, Swinging Glaive, Furious Wielder, Rite of Negation
Ionian RyzeRyze, Claws of the Dragon, Entreat, Eye of the Dragon, Time Trick, Concussive Palm, Deny, Homecoming
Pantheon VaynePantheon, Vayne, Lunari Cultist, Saga Seeker, Pale Cascade, Cataclysm, Wandering Shepherd, Camphor the Doubt
Swain TFSwain, Twisted Fait, Ravenous Flock, Watchful Idol, House Spider, Archanoid Sentry, Eye of Nagakabouros, Riptide Rex
LoR Tier List: B-Tier

They have many rare cards that require multiple legendaries or epics to be used. But if you can find these cards and put in the effort to learn the game, these decks will be the most fun for you.


LoR Tier List C
LoR Tier List C
Annie TFTwisted Fate, Annie, Ravenbloom Conservatory, Ravenous Flock, House Spider, Archanoid Sentry, Zap Sprayfin, Riptide Rex
Annie JhinAnnie, Jhin, Crackshot Corsair, Legion Saboteur, Boomcrew Rookie, The Stagehand, Noxian Fervor, Decimate
FTR ControlTrundle, Tryndamere, Avarosan Sentry, Vile Feast, Kindly Tavernkeeper, Avalanche, Catalyst of Aeons, Feel the Rush
Ezreal SeraphineSeraphine, Ezreal, Conchologist, Ferros Financier, Mystic Shot, Pokey Stick, Drum Solo, Black Alley Bar
Rumble VayneRumble, Vayne, Great Hammers, Ionian Hookmaster, Legionary Charge, Runeweaver, Cataclysm, Runed Reckoner
LoR Tier List: C-Tier

These decks are ones that are really good but they may not be the best for everyone. As you gain some experience in the game you can use these decks. We don’t mean these are not good decks as they’re in Tier-C but these require the player to understand the game well.


LoR Tier List D
LoR Tier List D
Seraphine ViktorSeraphine, Viktor, Acorn the Hexatechnician, Quietus, Drum Solo, Fanclub President, Back Alley Bar
Katarina YasuoKatarina, Yasuo, Vastayan Disciple, Ravenous Flock, Fae Bladetwirler, Archanoid Sentry, Concussive Palm, Windswept Hillock
Gwen VayneVayne, Gwen, Boisterous Host, Glimpse Beyond, Phantom Butler, The Darkin Aegis, Opulent Foyer, The Eternal Dancers
LurkRek’sai, Pyke, Sharkling, Xer’shai Hatchling, Call the Pack, Redfin Hammersnout, Snapjaw Swarm, Snapjaw Caller
MastermindsJayce, Heimerdinger, Production Surge, Ferrous Financier, Vile Feast, Flash of Brilliance, Station Archivist, Vengeance
LoR Tier List: D-Tier

These decks are ones that may have a weakness or two, but they can still help you hold your ground against your opponents. They are not the best card decks, but they are still good. These decks are the last in our recommendation, especially if you’re a beginner.


Is Legends of Runeterra shutting down?

No, the game is not going to shut down, at least not anytime soon. It has a very healthy active player base of more than 180 million and shattering that many hearts by shutting down the game is the last thing Riot Games will do.

What are some other card games like Legends of Runeterra?

There are many card games that you can try which are similar to Legends of Runeterra, some of them are – League of Legends, Hearthstone, DOTA Underlords, Magic the Gathering Arena, and others.

Is Legends of Runeterra pay-to-win?

No, Legends of Runeterra is not pay-to-win, you need to play the game in order to rise up above the ranks. It’s not like, you download it today, spend a butt load of money and rise up over everyone else, the game does not have that element.

Can I play Legends of Runeterra offline?

The short answer is NO. You will require internet access as the game is played online only.


You have reached the end of our post on the Legends of Runeterra Tier List. We hope this list will help you progress in your gameplay faster. We will be bringing more fresh gaming news content on our website soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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