Nintendo Switch Sports Review

Nintendo Switch Sports Review | Nintendo Switch Sports Trailer

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console that launched in the market in 2017. It’s a successor to Nintendo’s older Wii gaming consoles. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console as it has features of different gaming consoles. It’s a portable tablet that is hooked with its detachable joy-con controllers, you can also connect it to bigger screens and set the controllers in another handheld accessory to have a classic Play Station or Xbox experience. since its successor of the Wii console, it allows users to play games interactively like in Wii.

After its success in the market, Nintendo introduced its Wii sports series to the Nintendo Switch platform, as Nintendo Switch Sports, which launched in April 2022. it’s a party game that can be played with family or friends. Nintendo Switch Sports has six games which are continued from the previous titles Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. These include soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and Chambara (swordplay). Three of which(tennis, bowling, and sword fighting) were earlier featured in the Wii Sports series.

Compared to Wii Sports Resort which had thirteen games Nintendo Switch Sports lacks variety, although it’s announced that there will be a golf DLC tater this year. Maybe we can hope for new games to be added in the future.

Nintendo Switch Sports Trailer

Nintendo Switch Sports Trailer

The game allows you to play with friends or you can play online pairing randomly with other players. The game has rewards and achievements which can be unlocked by players. Like all other online games, Nintendo Switch Sports has leaderboards which are called leagues and players can reach top tiers i.e. the pro league. The points can be redeemed in the online shop for items like outfits, gear, and other upgrades for your avatar these upgrades are more…cosmetic, and they do not affect your gameplay.

Speaking of avatars Nintendo Switch Sports avatars are called Miis which are fully customizable from the player’s menu at any time its not like you are stuck with a character you choose at the beginning of the game.

6 Games in Nintendo Switch Sports

Like the Wii Sports Resort Series Which was based in an island resort, Nintendo Switch Sports is based in a multi-sports facility called Spocco Square. These minor backdrops give a more interactive feel to the game. Another feature is the Joy-con controllers interactive response which varies with different sports you play. You can feel a vibration-like response each time you hit the ball with the racket or while sword-fighting.

Nintendo Switch Sports Review
6 Games in Nintendo Switch Sports

The game supports multiple gaming modes like 1v1, 2v2 dual, or a free-to-play mode for everyone, like in bowling where everyone can play freely without having to wait for his turn. To access the online features you need to have Nintendo Switch online membership and a Nintendo Account which you get after you take the membership.

A leg strap is required for playing the shootout game mode, the same one which was in Ring Fit Adventure. The leg strap accessory is sold separately but if you buy a physical copy of the game it comes with the leg strap accessory included in the box.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Review Badminton
Nintendo Switch Sports Review – Badminton

Among all the six games Badminton is the easiest to play, either with friends or with online players. The joy-con controllers’ intuitive controls make the movements much easier. Plus point is there are many different movements possible and if you time your movements and swings correctly then you can get your opponent off guard.

Another feature is the drop shot which you can do if you push the trigger while returning the shot. You can initiate a drop shot which will make the other player rush to the net and then smash it leaving him confused. The negative point is you can only play 1v1, and the winning score can not be defined by the player which makes the game go on until one player accepts defeat.


Nintendo Switch Sports Review Tennis
Nintendo Switch Sports Review – Tennis

Tennis is like it used to be in Wii sports with better graphics. It’s much fast passed than badminton and can be played in teams i.e. 2v2 match. It’s suitable for both playing with friends at home or teaming up with friends to play online.


Nintendo Switch Sports Review Chambara
Nintendo Switch Sports Review – Chambara

Chambara which is Swordplay requires you to learn to block the attacks and time your attacks properly. You have to attack your opponent and knock him in the pool around the arena. This game requires patience and good timing. A few hits can knock you down in the pool and the same goes for your opponent. The falling animation is quite funny. It’s better than the Wii sports series where the other player just falls down from the arena.


Nintendo Switch Sports Review Voleyball
Nintendo Switch Sports Review – Volleyball

Volleyball can be difficult for players in the beginning as there are lots of moves and the player has to tome his shots correctly to deliver a perfect strike. The game is mostly based on coordination among team members, once the player gets a hang of it the game becomes easy to play. The game automatically shuffles you in all the different positions from server to blocker.

Therefore the player has to be aware of his position and of other team members as well. The intuitive motion controllers work differently for different games, like this one is focused more on the timing of shots rather than the motion of the player.


Nintendo Switch Sports Review Soccer
Nintendo Switch Sports Review – Soccer

Soccer can be played in 1v1 or 4v4 mode. Playing soccer feels like you are playing rocket league. The Ball is twice the size of the player and it moves very fast when you hit it. Most of the time you will spend is running blindly behind the ball just to score a last-minute goal. it’s really messy the play runs very slow and the ball moves very faster. 1v1 is ok but if you play a 4v4 match its a total chaos.

The leg strap accessory which comes in the box with a physical copy of the game is useful only for the shootouts game mode. Although they are saying that they will update the game so that the leg strap is usable in the team game but until then it’s totally not worth it.


Nintendo Switch Sports Review Bowling
Nintendo Switch Sports Review – Bowling

Bowling is simply the most satisfying game of the series. It was good in the Wii Sports series it’s even better in the Nintendo switch sports. People loved Bowling in games like 51 Worldwide Classics and this one does not disappoint. You have full control over the ball and how it’s going to roll. the physics here is just amazing. You don’t have to wait for your turn to bowl as 6 players can simultaneously bowl at a time. The game also has a challenging game mode other than traditional bowling which is called special lanes, in which the player has to bowl against the obstacles in the lanes.

the game’s graphics and AI are very nicely done even the NPCs or you may call them the audience is seen doing different things and not just cheering. As Spocco Square is a multi-sport facility the NPCs are seen moving or talking or shopping, this is an interesting detail in the game. The game’s nostalgic music reminds you of the Wii Sports series. It’s just lovely to just sit and listen to the track while in the game lobby. The game is quite affordable and you can buy the digital or physical copy at the official website.

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