Omega Strikers Best Goalies Tier List (Feb 2024) – All Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

Omega Strikers Best Goalies Tier List

Well, there’s no doubt that Omega Strikers is one of the most interesting anime games of all time. The combination of anime and soccer feels really intriguing.

There are tons of new players who are enjoying the game. However, there are also players who are having difficulties playing the game as they’re new to it and are not familiar with the best goalies.

There are two roles in Omega Strikers, the first one being Goalie and the other one being Forward. The goalie needs to keep the core out of the goal, while the forward needs to get the core into the opponent’s goal.

We will focus on the goalie today and provide you guys with a tier list of the best goalies in Omega Strikes, which will help you crush your opponent.

But keep in mind that skills will matter the most, as this tier list will only help you choose the right goalies for you. Now, without any further ado, let us get started with our tier list.

Omega Strikers Best Goalies Tier List

We will briefly explain all the tiers below.

Tier SThe characters in this tier have some of the best defender tactics in the game and will definitely be an asset to your team.
Tier AThe characters in this Tier are quite good but not as good as the characters in Tier S. However, you guys can use them.
Tier B Tier B characters are not that impressive but that does not mean you should completely abandon them. They can sometimes prove to be useful.
Tier CTier C characters are the worst goalies. However, they’re pretty good forward players.

The Goalies have defensive strengths, and we will place every character in a specific Tier List below.

Tier SKai, Atlas, Drek’ar, Ai.Mi
Tier ARasmus, Rune, Estelle, Dubu
Tier B Luna, Vyce, Juno, Asher, Zentaro
Tier C All the other remaining characters

S Tier

1. Kai


Kai is one of my favorite characters in Omega Strikers because of his speed, agility, and control. The thing that I love about this character is his primary ability. Kai’s primary ability will hit the core multiple times and slow it down regardless of size.

He has a secondary power that can be really useful for clutch saves. Kai is great at controlling space in the midfield, making him one of the best goalies in the game.

2. Atlas


Atlas is also one of the best goalies in-game as he has some intriguing abilities such as Astral Projection, which launches a barrier that deals a single hit to each enemy that collides with it.

The secondary ability that Atlas has is Cosmic Expanse which constructs an expanding ring of light and will deal damage to the enemies that come in contact with it while shrinking as well.

3. Drek’ar


Drek’ar is quite similar to Kai but he also has some unique abilities that make him stand out. His primary ability has double charges which is great for hitting the core multiple times.

His secondary ability is a speed boost and it also makes him invisible which makes it hard for the enemy forwards to spot him.

4. Ai.Mi


Ai.Mi is surely an S Tier character but she’s not that easy to use. Her primary ability is to launch a glitch orb that hits enemies away.

Her secondary ability is really useful as she can blink to any location which can help save many goals. Lastly, her special ability launches a firewall of projectiles in a certain direction. This was it for the S Tier characters.

A Tier

1. Rasmus


We’re starting off our list of Tier A characters with Rasmus. He is a great goalie and his secondary ability is a speed boost just like many goalies in the game.

His primary ability is great for double-hitting the core. What I love about this character is that his special ability can bring the core back to him, which can confuse the enemies as well.

2. Rune


Rune is also a great character; his primary and secondary abilities create anomalies that will stay active until they strike something.

He can be an asset for players out there so make sure to use him if you have the chance.

3. Estelle


Estelle is a quite unique goalie as she plays a bit differently than all the other goalies in her tier. She uses her long range abilities which helps to keep the core away from the goal.

Both her primary and secondary abilities are great for double-hitting the core, but they are a bit difficult to aim and will require practice.

4. Dubu


Dubu is an impressive goalie as however, he is quite slow due to his size. He also has the largest strike radius. His primary and special abilities are my favorite, as they are some of the best area control abilities.

His secondary ability lets him roll in a direction and can be used to stop the core completely. Dubu can really be an asset for your team, so make sure to use him.

B Tier

1. Luna


Luna has a great kit however, she struggles with goals and that is due to her size and speed. Her primary ability lets her fire a rocket that deals a light hit on impact.

Her secondary ability lets her smash the core to the enemy side. Luna can also push the enemies away using her special ability. She is overall an okay goalie and you guys can use her sometimes.

2. Vyce


Vyce is a quite confusing goalie as her kit is geared more towards attacking than defending. Her primary ability lets her launch a lightning riff.

Her secondary ability helps her stop the core and then teleport back to the cast location. Vyce’s special ability lets her control a lot of space, making her a good goalie overall.

3. Juno


Juno is another short goalie in Omega Strikers; her abilities must be used efficiently to get the most out of them.

Her primary ability launches a blob that hits the first enemy that comes in contact with it and her secondary ability lets her spawn a blob at her feet.

Juno’s special ability lets her target a specific area and launch a massive blob. Players can choose her as a goalie but I wouldn’t recommend choosing her against experienced opponents.

4. Asher


Just like Dubu, Asher is also a huge goalie and her primary ability is good at stopping the core. She can even dash and make saves.

Unfortunately, she isn’t able to take on characters that apply constant pressure. Overall, She is a good goalie; players can use her occasionally.

5. Zentaro


Zentaro is a decent goalie as his primary ability deals a light hit in a small arc. His secondary ability lets him teleport as well. He is quite impressive however, I wouldn’t recommend using him against tough opponents.

Tier C

The characters in this tier are the worst goalies in the game and are better suited to play forward as strikers. The characters in this tier include all the other characters that we haven’t mentioned above such as Era, X, Octavia, and Juliette.

I would recommend never using these characters as a goalie but they are well suited to play as strikers.

This was our Tier List of the Best Goalies in Omega Strikers. We hope you guys now have a better understanding of all the characters in the game and if you have any doubts regarding the above information, please let us know in the comments below.

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