Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List: Best Attackers & Defenders (November 2023)

Check Out Our Tier List of The Best Operators In Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List
Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List

If you’re a true tactical shooting video game fan then you must be aware that Rainbow Six Siege is almost 8 years old now and that it also consists of over 60 different types of operators for players to choose from.

Many different operators in the game have been buffed and nerfed as well and that is why choosing the right operator in the game can be a strenuous task for many new and also regular players. Well if you’re having difficulty choosing the right operator then we have curated a Tier list of the operators (October 2023) just for you guys.

The tier list that we’re about to provide you guys consists of all the operators in the game and also the newly introduced operators such as the second South Korean operator known as Ram so let’s get started with our tier list, down below.

Best Attackers In Rainbow Six Siege

Best Attackers
Best Attackers
Tier SNomad, Thatcher, Zero
Tier AAce, Brava, Finka, Hibana, Lana, Jackal, Maverick, Ram, Sledge, Thermite, Zofia
Tier BAsh, Blackbeard, Buck, Capitao, Dokkaebi, Flores, IQ, Lion, Osa, Twitch
Tier CFuze, Gridlock, Grim, Kali, Nøkk, Sens, Ying
Tier DAmaru, Glaz
Tier EBlitz, Montagne

1. Nomad

Nomad has been one of the best anti-roaming operators in the game for a long time now and that is because of her Airjab repulsion grenades.

Her play style has always been impressive and her weapon choice has been great as well. Overall she’s a great attacker and you should use her if you wanna increase your winning chances however, it all comes down to your skills in the end.

2. Thatcher

Next up is Thatcher and he is frequently banned from the game his EMP grenades are easily one of the most useful gadgets in the game.

Even tho his speed has been nerfed, his load-out options are what makes him one of the best attackers in the whole game.

3. Zero

If you guys are looking for a reliable and versatile attacker then Zero will be your best option as he is one of the few offensive operators to have the option of SMG and SC3000K.

He was also one of the few attackers to get hit with a speed buff in Solar Raid which makes him even more difficult to take out.

Best Defenders In Rainbow Six Siege

Best Defenders
Best Defenders
Tier SJäger, Mira, Aruni
Tier AAzami, Bandit, Echo, Fenrir, Kaid, Kapkan, Mozzie, Mute, Smoke, Wamai, Valkyrie
Tier BAlibi, Castle, Ela, Lesion, Maestro, Melusi, Pulse, Solis, Thorn, Thunderbird, Vigil, Warden
Tier CDoc, Frost, Goyo, Oryx, Tachanka, Caveira
Tier DClash, Rook

1. Jäger

Jäger is considered the best defender by many Rainbow Six Siege players around the world and that might be due to his reliable active defensive systems.

He is a strong operator and can surely prove to be an asset to the team. Do use Jäger if you wanna increase your winning chances.

2. Mira

The only downside of Mira is that she can be difficult to use but once you’ve mastered her then it’ll be a piece of cake for you to win the match. Mira’s black mirrors provide players with an insight into the attacking teams

3. Aruni

Aruni is an S-Tier defender due to her weapons and versatility and not to mention her punching ability is great as well.

If you’re looking for a tough and strong defender then Aruni is what you should go for however, in the end, it all comes down to your skills. She is also able to take out tough opponents easily when used properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Best Attacker in Rainbow Six Siege?

Nomad in my opinion is the best attacker in Rainbow Six Siege due to her play style and weapon choice.

Who is the best defender in Rainbow Six Siege?

According to our research, Mira might be the best defender in the whole game and even tho she’s hard to control but if players master her she can prove to be a great asset to the team.

What position does Jäger play at?

Jäger is a defender and plays in the defending position.


This was our Tier List for every single operator in Rainbow Six Siege and we hope that now you guys have much more knowledge regarding every operator in the game.

If you still have any doubts regarding the above information then do let us know in the comments down below and our team will get back to you.

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