ROBLOX Admin Commands List You Should Know to Upgrade Your Game Experience

ROBLOX is a popular gaming platform that offers a wide range of virtual experiences. You can easily become an Administrator in ROBLOX and reshape the gameplay elements.

To make desirable changes in the ROBLOX games, the Administrator relies on Admin Commands. These commands act as an essential tool for moderating and enhancing game experiences on the platform.

In this post, we will be including the most popular Roblox Admin Commands in 2023 that will help you integrate a fun experience into your favorite ROBLOX games

ROBLOX Admin Commands
ROBLOX Admin Commands

ROBLOX Admin Commands

It is quite simple to access admin commands once you are familiar with the working concept of ROBLOX. All you need to do is launch the Roblox Chatbox by the command / and once you have launched the Chatbox proceed by typing colon (:) followed by [command].

Now we will be moving forward with the most popular ROBLOX commands that have been trending in 2023.

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Now that we know about the basic concept of the Roblox Admin Commands we are listing some of the most popular ones in this section:

:killTo kill the player
:ffA force field appears around the player
:unffThe player is reverted to a normal state
:loopkillPlayer is reverted to a normal state
:normalThe force field is erased
:removelimbs The limbs of the player disappear
:flyThe selected object fly
:unflyThe selected object stops flying
:stunThe player is stunned
:unstunThe player is unstunned
:fireA fire is started
:unfireThe fire is stopped
:jumpTo make the character jump
:visibleThe player becomes visible
:invisibleThe player becomes invisible
:sparklesYour player becomes sparkly
:smokeThe player is surrounded by smoke
:unsmoke The player is no longer surrounded by smoke
:sitTo make the player sit
:tripThe player trips
:normalhead The head is reverted to the original design
:miniheadThe player’s head is shrunk in size
:bigheadThe player’s head increases in size
:adminAllows players to use Command script
:unadminDisables the players to use Command Script
:god modeThe player becomes invincible and gains Godlike Powers
:ungod modeThe player reverts back to their normal form
:jail The player is put in jail
:unjailThe player comes out of the jail
:respawnThe player is brought back to life
:kickThe player is kicked from the game
:rainbowifyThe player transforms into a rainbow
:givetools Roblox Starter Tools appears
:removetoolsRoblox Starter Tools disappear
:freezeThe player freezes
:zombifyThe player turns into a zombie
:explodeThe player explodes
:mergeEnables players to control each other
:fixA broken script is fixed
:banBans the specified player from the game
:speed [Value]Adjusts the speed of your character
:teleport [PlayerName]Teleports your character to the specified player’s location
:give sword The player is given a sword
:gravThe player’s gravity is set to normal
:nogravThe player’s gravity is reduced to zero
:healthThe player’s health can be changed
:stopmusicThis command stops the music playing on the server
:musicYou can play the music of your choice by using this command
:punishThe player will be punished
:unpunishThe player will be unpunished
:healThe player is healed
:blindThe player becomes blind
:unblindThe player gets their vision back
:seizureThe player suffers from a seizure
:noobifyThe player turns into a noob
:dogThe player transforms into a dog
:undogThe player turns back to normal
:cloneA clone of the player is created
:controlThe player is controlled through this command
:crashThe player crashes
:creeperThe player turns into a creeper
:uncreeperThe player stops being a creeper

There you have it, some of the most popular Roblox Admin Commands that you need to spice up your Roblox games. If you wish to get your hands on all the Admin Commands you can purchase the entire Commands Guide from the official webpage of Roblox.

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How to reach Admin controls in Roblox?

In order to reach the admin controls in Roblox you need to type / in the chatbox and then proceed to type the command following a colon(:).

How much does Roblox pay to their Admin?

The average yearly income of a Roblox Admin Assistant is somewhere around $116,300.

What does God Mode do in Roblox?

The God Mode basically makes you invincible in Roblox.

How much is 1k Robux in real money?

1k Robux is equivalent to 12.50 US Dollars.


This brings you to the end of our Roblox Admin Commands Post. We hope you will soon be using these super fun commands to make your Roblox gameplay experience even more fun. Feel free to drop your opinion below and help us improve the quality of the content at Benettonplay.

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