Video Game Genres: The Ultimate Go-To Guide For All Gamers! (2023)

List of All The Video Game Genres
List of All The Video Game Genres

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Gaming Industry has grown rapidly in the past couple of years and gamers are willing to try new games from different kinds of challenging and fun genres.

Video games have been divided into numerous different genres and these genres also contain several sub-genres within them.

It can be quite hard to choose the right type of genre for yourself but do not worry as we will provide you guys with a complete Guide on all the Different Genres of gaming and all the subgenres each one of them contains. We will also be discussing when each gaming genre is present, so grab a cup of coffee, chill out, and let’s get started!

1. Action (One of the Oldest Genre In Gaming)


I personally feel that Action might be the best genre to start off our list today, and I still remember that my first action game was Tekken 3 which I played back when I was a kid.

Defeating your opponent and ensuring they run out of health is one of the vital elements in the Action gaming genre. This genre mainly focuses on physical challenges which mostly include fighting and defeating your enemy.

We will list down subgenres below for you guys.


Shooter is a subgenre where players use different types of weapons and hunt down their enemies just like in every single COD Games.

Players can use long or short-range weapons in order to take out their enemies. If you’re a new gamer who recently got into the gaming world then you must’ve heard about FPS games, Those are First Person Shooter games that are played from a person’s perspective and every single Call of Duty game is the best example for it.

On the other hand, third-person shooters (aka TPS) are played from a third-person perspective like PUBG and Fortnite both are shooter games that can be played from a third-person perspective easily without any hassle.


Next up is Fighting which is a subgenre that involves hand-to-hand combat between 2 or more players. This genre mostly involves grappling, punching, kicking, and more.

Battles in this subgenre usually take place in a small arena or location with limited space and players will have special abilities depending on the type of character they choose. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter games are perfect examples of fighting games that provide immense fun to the players.


Ah! Stealth is another subgenre that falls under the Action genre, this genre requires players to eliminate their enemies without being detected. Simply hiding in plain sight and executing your plan is what Stealth is all about, just like in Assassin’s Creed Games.

Hitman Games are another great example of what a stealth game should be like. If you have played hitman games then you must be familiar with how that player needs to disguise as a Guard or a worker and sneak into restricted areas that aren’t easy to access.


Do you have what it takes to survive in difficult video games? Well if yes then the Survival subgenre is what you should go for. It is a subgenre that usually consists of an open open-world environment and players need to start from scratch and make it out alive by surviving in extreme conditions.

Ark II might be a sublime example of a good Survival game and my personal favorite survival games are Rust and Minecraft. Do let us know your favorite Survival games in the comments below!


Ever felt like taking on a bunch of enemies by yourself in a video game? Beat-em-up is another Action subgenre where players face off waves of enemies and the games in this subgenre usually focus on combat as well.

Streets of Rage is in my opinion the best example of a perfect Beat-em-up game.


Rhythm games are music-based games such as Guitar Hero which challenges gamers to keep up with the beats of a specific song. Players need to press different kinds of buttons in order to keep up with the beats of the songs in the game.

2. Adventure Games

Adventure Games
Adventure Games

Adventure games are also known as quest games where players need to step out and complete a specific quest in the game.

Games in this genre are categorized into different subgenres according to their gameplay and there are tons of great adventure games in which players need to solve mysteries, puzzles, etc. to progress further into the game. Let us now discuss all the subgenres of Adventure games.

Graphic Adventures

Basically, Graphic adventure games are a subgenre of adventure games that use graphics to convey the adventure to the gamers. The best example of a graphic adventure would be Life is Strange, and Sherlock Holmes games.

Text Adventure Games

If you’re an Old School gamer then you might have played a few of the Text Adventure games back then and these games were earlier known as interactive fiction.

The gameplay of these games is Text-based and players need to make full use of their keyboard to make commands for players’ movement and actions. I’m not really a fan of text-based games but The Hobbit can be a good game to start off with if you’re looking to play Text Adventure games.

Interactive Movie

This subgenre is quite intriguing and fun, Interactive movies contain different types of pre-recorded elements that take place according to the players’ choices.

Her Story is the best example of an Interactive Movie where the player’s choice will allow a specific pre-recorded clip to progress further.

Visual Novels

Another subgenre of Adventure games is Visual Novels and these games require players to build up their character traits to progress further. Games in this genre usually have multiple endings and Policenauts, Kanon are a few of the Best Visual Novel games available out there.

Real-Time 3D

Next up is Real Time 3D and games in this subgenre don’t have pre-rendered scenes, instead they have a real-time 3D environment that players can explore.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best examples of Real-Time 3D Adventure games as players can explore the 3D environment freely.

3. Action-adventure games

Action-Adventure Games
Action-Adventure Games

The games in this genre have elements from both the Action and Adventure games. This has got to be my personal favorite genre.

Players would need to complete quests as well as engage in brutal combat while completing the quests. For example, The Legend of Zelda game focuses both on quests as well as different types of lethal combat. Now let’s check out all the subgenres that Action-Adventure games have been divided into.

Survival Horror

When I think of Survival Horror, all the entries in the Resident Evil franchise come to my mind as games in this subgenre are similar to survival games but also feature horror elements.

Survival Horror games aren’t really a piece of cake as they require quick and precise thinking to get out of a situation safely.


Metroidvania games are another type of Action-adventure that keeps players from progressing further into the game until they’ve found or achieved a specific element.

The games in this subgenre also let players upgrade their character with new tools, weapons, and abilities so they could access different areas in the game. Dead Cells is a perfect example of a sublime Metroidvania game.

4. Role-playing games (RPGs)

Role-playing games (RPGs)
Role-playing games (RPGs)

Role-playing games or RPG genre is also referred to as Computer Role-playing games (CRPG) and the majority of the games in this genre feature medivial or fantasy settings for example Assassin’s Creed games, Minecraft, and more.

Players in these games control the character’s actions in a well-defined open-world environment. We will list all the subgenres below for you guys.

Sandbox RPG

The first subgenre of RPG games is surely Sandbox RPG and the games in this genre let players show off their creativity in the game.

Games in this genre may lack a bit of objectivity but surely are enjoyable and fun, One of the best examples of a great Sandbox RPG game is Minecraft as players need to be creative and survive the world.

Action RPG

Games that combine elements from both RPG and action games are known as Action RPG games. These games emphasize combat and as well as RPG elements such as Skyrim which is one of the best examples of great Action RPGs for gamers.

One thing I love about Action RPGs is that the storyline in these games is immaculate and keeps gamers hooked.

Tactical RPG

Tactical RPGs, known as Strategy RPGs and also known as Simulation RPGs in Japan are games that play more like traditional board games. Players need to use chess-like strategies in order to win the game and claim victory for themselves. Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the sublime Tactical Role-playing games.


MMORPGs are games that consist of elements from a Role-playing game and massively multiplayer online games.

These games are played worldwide and the revenue for these games exceeded half a million dollars back in 2005 which is a big achievement in the gaming community. Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Lost Ark are a few examples of the best MMORPGs out there.

First Person Party-Based RPG

If you’re not a serious/hardcore gamer then you probably shouldn’t get into First Person Party-Based RPG games as they are challenging and might require players to lead a party of adventurers through dungeons from first person’s perspective. Numerous games like Bird’s Tale, Might, and Magic are a few games that fall into this category.


Games that require players to start a specific level all over again after getting eliminated are known as Roguelike Games.

Games like Hades and Risk of Rain are a few of the best examples of Roguelike games where players need to start all over again after losing a level.

5. Simulation Games

Simulation Games
Simulation Games

The simulation Genre of gaming consists of video games that emulate real-life activities. The video games in this category emulate day-to-day activities of various forms such as training, driving, working, etc.

The simulation genre is divided into several sub-genres and we will discuss them all one by one down below.

Life Simulation

In Life Simulation Games players control the aspects of the life of one or more characters as these games are all about growing and maintaining a virtual life of your character in the game.

Games from the Sims franchise are all the perfect examples of Life Simulation Games where players need to create their own customized characters control the life of their character and fulfill his/her needs and desires just like in real life.

Construction and Management Simulation

Construction and Management Simulation is my favorite subgenre of Simulation game where players need to manage a whole city, zoo, construction site, etc.

Sim City Buildit is the best example of a Construction and Management Simulation game as players need to construct different houses and buildings and even manage them later on as well.

Vehicle Simulation

As you might have guessed by the name itself this genre consists of vehicle simulation games where players need to drive cars, trucks buses, and even fly airplanes, etc.

Vehicle Simulation games are the best games to enjoy after a tiring day as they can calm your mind as you drive through the streets with your favorite vehicle. Driving School might be one of the best examples of a perfect Vehicle Simulation game.

6. Strategy Games

Strategy Games
Strategy Games

Finally! The strategy genre in gaming consists of games in which players are required to make decisions that will determine the outcome for their clan or kingdom.

Players need to carefully develop strategies and tactics that would further help them and their team in the future.

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games that players can play in their free time and if you feel like diving deep into the Strategy genre then let’s further check out the subgenres of Strategy games.

1. Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Games that fall under this category require players to collect and maintain resources such as bases, defenses, weapons, etc. while also upgrading them simultaneously.

Age of Empires, and Northgard are two of the best Real Time Strategy games that players can enjoy in their free time.

2. Turn-based strategy (TBS)

Turn Based Strategy is a subgenre that consists of Strategy games where players take turns while playing. Players in Real Time Strategy games play simultaneously but that is not the case in this subgenre.

Civilization games are the perfect examples of Based Strategy games.

3. Real Time Tactics (RTT)

Another subgenre we have is Real-time Tactics and games that fall under this category and require players to focus on logistics and production more than combat. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is in my opinion the perfect Real Time Tactic game.

4. Turn Based Tactics (TBT)

So, Turn-Based Tactics consist of games that basically use military tactics and this subgenre has its roots in miniature wargaming as well.

Games in this subgenre have a much more detailed environment compared to a few other Strategy subgenres such as Turn Based Strategy or Real Time Strategy games. Fire Emblem is a great Turn Based Tactic game.

5. 4X

4x is another subgenre of Strategy games that includes games from both Turn-based and Real-Time Strategy subgenres.

Games in this specific subgenre have four primary goals and those are: exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating. Galactic Civilization is surely one of the best examples of 4x games.

6. Artillery

This subgenre is quite simple as the games that this genre has consist of two or three players and might even involve tanks trying to destroy each other and World of Tanks is the perfect example of Artiller games.

7. Tower Defense

Tower Defense games mostly require players to defend their kingdom from enemies using tower defenses.

Player’s Towers can slow down enemies or eliminate them as well, In short, these games are highly enjoyable and we highly recommend you give these games a try.

Games like Clash of Clans are good examples of Tower defense games where players need to defend their base from enemy attacks using different types of tower defenses.

8. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena consists of action, Role-playing, and strategy elements where players compete against other players from around the world. Clash Royale and Brawl Stars both are great Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

9. Grand Strategy Wargame

As the name suggests, this subgenre consists of games that require a grand strategy like using a nation’s troops/army, and resources to achieve a specific goal. Europa Universalis IV is the best example of a perfect Grand Strategy Wargame.

10. Wargame

The final Subgenre of Strategy games we have is Wargame and the games in this category consist of two or more players that command the opposing team.

Wargame is a subgenre where many historical battles or the whole war is recreated. Mostly the games in this genre consist of land combat however, Naval and air combat are also featured in these games.

7. Sports

Sports Games
Sports Games

Who doesn’t enjoy playing sports games with their friends or solo? Scoring a goal against your opponent or eliminating your friend in a one-on-one in-game wrestling match feels good.

This genre of gaming covers games such as golf, soccer, cricket, etc. Games in this genre can also cover Olympic games as well so now let us dive deep into this genre and check out all the subgenre it has.

Team Sports

Sports games where players control a whole team against their opponent are known as Team sports games. FIFA games might be the perfect example of a great Team Sports game as they’re also considered one of the greatest soccer games ever made.


We don’t think that this subgenre needs any explanation as it consists of some of the best games such as Forza Horizon, and Need for Speed where players need to cross the finish line before their opponents.

Sports-based Fighting

This subgenre is somewhat connected with the fighting subgenre and includes games like Boxing, WWE 2k, and much more where players compete in a professional arena against their opponent.

Games under this subgenre have some set of rules and regulations that players need to follow in order to win the match.


Competitive games consist of Esports titles like Overwatch, Team Fortress, and more where players compete against numerous different players worldwide.

8. Idle Games

Idle Games
Idle Games

Games that don’t require much player movement or that don’t involve many tasks for players to complete are known as Idle games. Clicker Heroes is a sublime example of a great Idle game for players.

Like every other gaming genre, Idle games also consist of several subgenres so let us now discuss more about them all one by one down below.


Games that fall under the Casual subgenre are mainly great for short-time gaming sessions where players just wanna chill out after a tiring day.

Stardew Valley, Among Us, and Angry Birds are a few best Casual games for players who are looking to play some Casual games in their leisure time.


Also known as Coding games, Programming is another subgenre of Idle games where players compete or overcome challenges/obstacles in the game by coding.

When I think of a great Programming game Code Hunter surely comes to my mind where players enjoy the game using Java or C#.

Board or Card

Tradition mind games such as chess, poker, checkers, etc. in video games are known as Board or Card games and these games fall under this subgenre.

These games require sharp thinking and quick decision-making to win, if you’re a challenging gamer we highly recommend you give these games a try.


Idle games that are designed for four or more players are known as Party Games. Players in these games can chill and have fun with their friends and Mario Party is an exquisite example of a great Party game for players.


Games that fall under this subgenre are basically for teaching purposes and are used in numerous schools as well. Educational games are great for kids as they help in making their brains much sharper and a few of the best Educational games are Big Brain Academy, Immune Attack, and The Amazon Trail.


Art games are video games that are soothing and express an emotional feeling to the audience through their magnificent art.

Journey, Braid, and Flower are a few of the best Art games out there so don’t forget to check them out for yourself.


If you’re a fitness freak then Exergames are what you should try out next as these games are played using a controller that allows players to simulate a physical activity or an exercise. Wii Fit is the perfect example of a great Exergame


Alright, so the games that fall under this subgenre are more like an advertisement for a specific product or company as they are created to help sell a product through digital means. Doritos VR Battle is a great example of an Advergame as it is more like an advertisement to sell Doritos.

9. Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games
Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are those games that test the grey cells of gamers who are constantly up for an exciting challenge in a game.

Players in puzzle games need to solve problems/quests in order to progress further. Now let us check out the different subgenres of this specific gaming genre.


Games that fall under this category usually require players to solve logic puzzles. This category includes Brain games.


Trivia games are those games in which players need to answer a question before the timer runs out. If the players are able to answer the question before time then they’ll be awarded points.


This was our complete Go-To Guide for all the Video Game Genres available and we hope that you might have a better understanding of all the video game genres that we’ve mentioned above.

If you have any doubts regarding the above information then do let us know in the comments below and our team will get back to you.

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