All Minecraft Hostile Mobs: Complete List (2023)

Checkout our list of every single hostile mob in Minecrtaft!

Imagine you’re a beginner and having a lovely day in Minecraft, everything is going the right way and suddenly you come across a hostile mob, and you have no idea whether it is a hostile mob or not then you get yourself killed.

Well, I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen to any of you new Minecraft players, and to fix that issue today we will be providing you guys with a complete list of all the Hostile Mobs in Minecraft so you’ll be prepared for the next time you come across a mob that is hostile.

Hostile Mobs are surely dangerous and hard to kill depending on the difficulty you’re playing on but knowing which mob is hostile will get you to stay on your guard. So let us now jump straight onto our list of Hostile Mobs in Minecraft.

1. Blaze


Blaze is a hostile mob that is the one and only source of blaze rods and players can find it in nether fortress. These creatures are immune to lava, fire, and fall damage as well which makes them extremely dangerous.

These hostile mobs can attack you by firing a range of trio fireballs if you get close to them so make sure to not get close to these creatures unless you’re eager for an intense battle.

2. Zombies


Next up are zombies and these hostile Minecraft creatures attack players in groups. they spawn during nighttime in the overworld and can also spawn in some of the underground low-light areas in groups of four.

Killing zombies isn’t really a hassle however, they can easily overpower you in more enormous swarms, and when a zombie spawn egg is used on a zombie it turns into a baby zombie.

3. Zombie Villagers

Zombie Villagers
Zombie Villagers

Zombie Villagers are villagers that turn into zombies after being killed by a Zombie. They’re a common variant of zombies and players need to be careful around them.

Players can even find them spawning near the regular zombies in the overworld. Since we all know that Villagers are the smartest mobs in Minecraft and the best part is that players can even cure the Zombie Villagers and turn them back to normal.

4. Chicken Jockey

Chicken Jockey
Chicken Jockey

Chicken Jockey has to be one of the most annoying mobs in Minecraft, it is simply a zombie, zombie villager, zombified piglin, baby husk, or baby drowned riding a chicken.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, these creatures can also ride other mobs such as spiders and these chicken jockeys will attack you on sight except for the zombified Piglins chicken jockey.

5. Drowned


What if I tell you that zombies in Minecraft can also be found underwater, yes these Minecraft underwater zombies are known as Drowned, and they mainly attack the players through melee attacks.

Drowned can survive on both land and water which makes them really dangerous and one more thing that makes them lethal is their ability to spawn with tridents.

6. Husk


One thing that you guys must’ve guessed by now is that there are numerous variants of zombies in Minecraft and Husk is one of them and it is spawned in desert biomes.

Husks usually spawn during nighttime in desert biome and there’s a 5% chance of husk spawning as babies and these babies have a chance of spawning as a chicken jockey.

7. Guardian

Next up are guardians and they’re aquatic pufferfish-like hostile mobs that can mostly be found near ocean monuments. These creatures are usually hostile towards players, dolphins, squids, glow squids, and axolotls.

In the Java edition, the guardians spawn less in open sky oceans and more in covered areas such as inside or underneath the monument. Guardians are able to survive outside water too however, they keep floating on land in search of water.

8. Creeper

Creeper has to be one of the most dangerous hostile mobs in Minecraft as they’ll silently approach you and explode once they’re close enough and the best way to stop this from happening is to kill them before they can explode or have a tamed cat pet around you to scare them off.

When a Creeper is struck by lightning it becomes a “Charged Creeper” and this variant of creeper is even more dangerous than the regular one as its explosion causes more damage to the players.

9. Endermite


Next up on our list are the smallest hostile mobs in Minecraft known as Endermites, these little mobs have a chance of spawning whenever the player throws an ender pearl and these creatures also attack Endermen in the Bedrock edition of the game.

Endermite attacks the players by biting them and these creatures despawn within two minutes regardless of the player’s distance.

10. Elder Guardian

We have already discussed the Guardian above and the Elder Guardian on the other hand is the stronger and larger variant of the regular Guardian. These creatures are also found near ocean monuments and they even attack in the same manner as the regular guardian however they also apply Mining Fatigue to the players.

Elder Guardians do not swim as much as the regular guardians and like the regular guardians, Elder Guardians attack both players and squids.

11. Skeleton


Minecraft Skeleton is made entirely of bones and these hostile creatures always spawn with a bow in the light of level zero. Skeletons in Minecraft mostly spawn in groups of small groups of two to four.

80% of the Skeletons in the game spawn directly under the sky in different biomes such as snowy plains, ice spikes, frozen oceans, deep frozen oceans, and legacy frozen oceans. Unlike the players, skeletons have unlimited arrows however, they can’t survive in sunlight.

12. Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeletons are tall, dark variants of the regular Skeletons that aren’t equipped with bows instead they are equipped with a Stone sword.

These hostile Minecraft mobs spawn exclusively in the nether fortress at a light level between 0 to 7. Wither Skeletons are the only Minecraft mobs that spawn inside Wither Roses.

13. Skeleton Horseman

Skeleton Horseman
Skeleton Horseman

This next hostile Minecraft mob is known as Skeleton Horseman and was introduced to players with the Combat Update. Skeleton Horseman consists of a skeleton riding a horse yeah we know it seems funny but that is true.

It is hostile toward players however, you don’t need to worry about the horse after the rider dies as it is passive and once the rider is gone the horse can be tamed.

14. Spider Jockey

Spider Jockey
Spider Jockey

Spider Jockey is simply a skeleton riding a spider and it is similar to the chicken Jockey, this hostile mob is pretty rare and spawns in both the nether and the overworld.

It also has different variants where a Stray or a Wither Skeleton is riding the spider and sometimes a cave Spider but that is only limited to the Bedrock edition Minecraft. This mob is quite dangerous and the combined strength of the spider and the Skelton can do a reasonable amount of damage to the players so it is best to avoid them.

15. Stray


Another variant of Skeletons is strays and these mobs usually spawn in frozen, icy, and snowy biomes these creatures replace 80% of the skeletons spawning in these biomes.

A regular Skeleton can also turn into a stray if kept inside power snow for seven seconds and overall these creatures have the same characteristics as Skeletons except for their endurance towards cold environments.

16. Pillager

You’ll be able to find Pillagers in wandering patrols around outposts equipped with crossbows and they’ll attack you by firing arrows so be careful when you’re around these creatures.

Pillagers belong to the family of Illager mobs and they are the weakest among them players in the Java edition can spawn pillagers using a spawn egg.

17. Vindicator

These mobs are pretty powerful and like Pillagers they also belong to the Illager family where they’re considered as the second most powerful non-boss hostile mobs.

You can find these creatures at the woodland mansions equipped with an iron axe but be careful as they sprint towards their target in order to eliminate them. Vindicators usually spawn in groups of 2-3.

18. Evoker

Next up are Evokers and they’re the only source of the Totem of the Undying, also they’re the spell-casting member of the Illager family.

These hostile Minecraft creatures can also be found in woodland mansions and in raids. I would advise you to not underestimate them as they have the ability to summon fangs and vexes which they can use to defeat you.

19. Vex

Vex is a tiny flying hostile mob in Minecraft and it is also considered as one of the smallest mobs in the whole game. This little creature spawns when an Evoker summons Vex to attack players and it is best to avoid this little hostile mob as it is tiny and deals a good amount of damage to the players.

These creatures attack the players by lunging their swords at their targets with their swords and as we mentioned above it’s best to avoid them, that is because they despawn in a couple of seconds anyways.

20. Ravager


On number 20 we have Ravager and these are large hostile mobs for the majority of the time they spawn without a rider however, you can find Illagers riding them.

These mobs are hostile towards players, wandering traders, adult villagers, and iron golems as well. Ravagers attack by running towards their target and biting them, these creatures spawn at wave 3 of raids.

21. Witch


Witch is another hostile mob that uses potions during combat for both attack and defense as well, this mob spawns in swamp huts, dark areas, and if lightning strikes a villager.

Regular witches are surely hostile towards the players however, the witches spawned during raids are only hostile towards villagers, iron Golems, and wandering traders. Witches can even heal themselves by drinking positive potions.

22. Ghast


Numerous players also like to call this mob as ghosts, Ghasts are nether exclusive large hostile mobs with a ghost-like appearance.

These creatures will shoot fireballs at you from a distance if you encounter them and the best part is that you can send their fireballs back at them with melee attacks. Once a ghast dies it drops gunpowder or ghast tears which players can collect and use for themselves.

23. Slime


These hostile mobs are bouncy, cube-shaped, and spawn deep underground in chunks and these creatures can be quite annoying as they jump onto their targets to attack them.

All slimes are hostile towards players and even tho they’re slow, their attacks are a bit fast so it’s better to stay away from them.

24. Magma Cube

Magma Cube
Magma Cube

Magma Cube are a nether counterparts of slimes and these hostile mobs also have a cube-shaped body just like slimes.

These mobs can jump much higher as compared to slimes and deal much more severe damage to the players around them.

25. Hoglin

In Both Editions of Minecraft, Hoglins are the only breedable hostile mobs and players also consider them as a nether version of the overworld pigs, you can find these creatures in the crimson forest easily without any hassle.

Hoglins are mostly hostile towards players however, if you attack one hoglin then the whole group will come after you. and in order to breed them you must feed them crimson fungi which can be found in the nether.

26. Zoglin

The zombie variants of Hoglins are known as Zoglins and these creatures are hostile towards every single mob except for creepers.

Like other zombie mobs, Zoglins also drop rotten flesh when they die and they’re also immune to fire and lava.

27. Phantoms

Next up are Phantoms and these are undead flying mobs that spawn if players don’t sleep or die for more than three days and if you kill one, there’s a possibility it is going to drop a phantom membrane.

However, if players don’t sleep the same night after killing a phantom, then another phantom will spawn and these creatures aren’t able to survive under bright sunlight.

28. Shulkers

Shulkers are found in the end cities and if you come across one, it will attack you by shooting homing bullets, these bullets will follow you.

These hostile mobs do not despawn naturally and eliminating these creatures isn’t really just a piece of cake as they keep on teleporting to avoid getting hit and once you kill it, the Shulker might drop Shulker Shells which you can collect for yourself.

29. Silverfish

These are small hostile mobs that spawn in the stronghold, they infest stone and deep slate blocks in mountains and other biomes as well.

Silverfishes crawl at their targets in order to bite them and they’re hostile towards players, iron Golems, and Snow Golems as well. These creatures are easy to kill however, they do not drop anything valuable other than experience orbs.

30. Piglin Brute

Piglin Brute
Piglin Brute

If you’re a true Minecraft fan then you must be aware that Piglins fall under the category of Neutral mobs and Piglin Brute on the other hand is a hostile variant of the regular Piglins.

Piglin Brutes spawn with a golden axe that may or may not have enchantments and apart from the players, these hostile mobs also attack Wither and Wither Skeletons.

31. Warden


The final hostile mob on our list is Warden and it is the strongest hostile mob in Minecraft and also one of the hardest to defeat. This lethal mob deals a huge amount of melee damage to the players and Warden is also one of the first blind mobs in Minecraft that relies on vibrations and smell to look for its target.

Wardens only spawn in ancient cities and this mob is hostile towards every other mob in the game. This creature can easily fit inside any space in the game that is 1 block wide and 3 blocks tall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hostile Mobs In Minecraft?

Hostile Mobs are the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft that attack players on sight, so it is best to stay away from them unless you’re looking for a challenge.

Who is the most annoying hostile mob in Minecraft?

Chicken Jockey is the most annoying mob in Minecraft as it does a lot of damage even after being small in size.

Are Hostile Mobs dangerous as compared to Passive Mobs?

Yes, Hostile Mobs are definitely more dangerous as compared to passive mobs. Passive Mobs are friendly mobs and on the other hand, hostile mobs will attack players on sight.


This was our complete list of every single hostile mob in Minecraft and we hope that you guys now can differentiate between hostile and other types of mobs in the game.

If you guys have any doubts regarding any of the above-mentioned mobs then feel free to post your comments down below and our team will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

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