10 Best Indie Stealth Games You Should Own (Ranked)

Stealth might probably be the best genre ever in video games. Eliminating your enemies while sneaking behind them requires precision and quick thinking.

When these stealth elements are merged into Indie games the players have more freedom and can do whatever their heart desires. Many gamers are looking for the best Indie Stealth games.

Indie games are video games created by individual or smaller development teams.

Indie games let players have more freedom in their game which is the most important element that is lacking in video games these days.

You all must have played all the popular Stealth games but today we’ll be providing you with a list of the Best Indie Stealth Games that require players to think before making a move because stealth is vital in these games.

So without wasting any more time let’s just jump straight onto the list

1. Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator
Thief Simulator
Release Date November 9, 2018
Developer(s)Console Labs, Noble Muffins
Platforms PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android

The first game on our list is Thief Simulator. This is an open World Stealth game where players take on the role of an unnamed thief who works for the mafia after they get him out of jail by paying his bail.

There are numerous different burglary missions in the game where players need to find out when the house is empty and does it have nosy neighbors and even need to observe the target and gather the information that will help the thief with the burglary.

Players can buy new high-tech gadgets and learn new thief tricks that will help them with their next burglary mission. Thief Simulator is played in first-person mode. This game received generally positive reviews with players praising the visual quality and gameplay mechanics.

This was it for the Thief Simulator now let us move on to the next game on our list.

2. Outlast 2

Outlast 2
Outlast 2
Release Date April 24, 2017
Developer(s)Red Barrels
Platforms PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

If you are also a fan of Horror games then you’re gonna have an exquisite time playing this staggering game. The storyline of this game is set in Northern Arizona and features Blake Langermann (the main protagonist) who is an assisting cameraman for his wife Lynn, an investigative journalist.

Blake and Lynn were on their way to investigate the murder of a pregnant teenager named Jane Doe.

Blake and Lynn’s helicopter crashes on their way to the place and Blake needs to find his wife as soon as possible.

The gameplay is in first person and the physics are really good as well. This game received very positive reviews as the gameplay, visuals, and storyline were good.

Another good thing about this game is that it is optimized well. Even low-end gaming PCs can run this game without any issues.

3. A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale Innocence
A Plague Tale Innocence
Release Date May 14, 2019
Developer(s)Asobo Studio
Platforms PS5, PS4, Xbox One,

A Plague Tale: Innocence is set in 14th-century France during the Hundred Years War. This game focuses on the plight of Amicia de Rune and her little brother Hugo as they flee from French soldiers. The players are given control of Amicia.

The gameplay of this game is really good and in the third person perspective where players need to use their heads to escape a tricky situation.

This game received exceptionally positive reviews and was the ninth best-selling retail game in the UK in its week of release with gamers praising the visuals and gameplay.

We highly recommend every gamer to try this game out as we are pretty sure that it would not disappoint you. Alright, now let us move on to the next game on our list of the top indie stealth games of all time.

4. The Blackout Club

Release Date October 30, 2018
Platforms PS4, Xbox One, PC

The storyline of this game starts with a group of teenage friends investigating a monstrous secret beneath the skin of their small town. Players would need to use different tools and gadgets to outmaneuver the adults while recording the evidence about what is happening to the rest of the world.

This game has received positive reviews with players loving the graphics, storyline, and gameplay. We highly recommend every gamer try this game out for once as it would be something that you will remember for sure. If you guys are into Mobile games then don’t forget to check out the 25 Best Mobile Games.

5. Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt
Shadows of Doubt
Release Date April 24, 2023
Developer(s)ColePowered Games
Platforms PC

The storyline of this game is set in an alternate history that diverges from the real world in 1610. Players take on the role of a detective that solves cases using a variety of gadgets to earn money.

Players can play in their own way in a fully simulated world with hundreds of citizens and discover many different things. Each case will have different culprits and will test your skills.

This is a really great game for someone who likes challenging games. The gameplay of this game is in first person and the gameplay mechanics are also impressive.

This game has received positive reviews from players loving the visuals, gameplay, and overall ambience of the game. This was it for this game now let us move on to the next game on our list.

6. Desperados III

Release Date June 16, 2020
Developer(s)Mimimi Games GmbH
Platforms PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

This game is a prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive and explores the origin of the series’ protagonist John Cooper. The storyline follows John as he pursues Frank who is a bandit killer responsible for the death of John’s father.

The gameplay of this game is quite good where players need to clear specific objectives while navigating through the vast maps. Players can couch and hide in dense vegetation to avoid the sight of enemies.

Players can assassinate enemies silently or use environmental kills for accidental deaths. Desperados III received generally positive reviews according to review aggregator Metacritic. We surely recommend this game for gamers that are looking for indie stealth games.

This was it for Desperados III now let us move on to the next best game on our list of top indie stealth games.

7. Deadbolt

Release Date March 14, 2016
Developer(s)Hopoo Games
Platforms Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita, PC

Deadbolt allows players to take control of the Reaper to quell the recent dead uprising. Players need to complete missions assigned to them by the mysterious fireplace.

Players will encounter 4 types of undead throughout the game which are zombies, vampires, skeletons, and demons. Each set of levels is based on an undead type.

The first nine sets of levels in the game are based on zombies. The next set focuses on zombies.

This game received overwhelmingly positive reviews from gamers worldwide and we highly recommend every gamer to try this game out as it is something different and amazing. Now let’s jump on to the next game on our list.

8. Gunpoint

Release Date June 3, 2013
Developer(s)Suspicious Developments
Platforms PC

Gunpoint lets players take control of a character named Richard Conway who interacts with others through a PDA to accept missions.

The game is divided into a number of missions. Players can run, climb walls, and use elevators and staircases. The gameplay is in 2d and players really enjoy the retro feel of the game.

This game has received generally positive reviews from gamers and critics and many gamers praised the gameplay as well.

If you are into indie stealth games then you have to give this game a try as it would not disappoint you. This was it for Gunpoint now let us move on to the next game on our list.

9. Stealth Inc 2

Stealth Inc 2
Stealth Inc 2
Release Date October 30, 2014
Developer(s)Curve Games
Platforms PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS Vita, PC

Stealth 2 revolves around goggle-wearing clones in which the players are able to take control of multiple clones and explore a cloning facility in which the clones were born. This game includes a level editor with sharing capabilities.

The inclusion of the level editor is said to provide an endless amount of content.

The gameplay is pretty impressive and gamers really enjoyed the game. Stealth 2 received good reviews from gamers and critics worldwide.

Alright this was it for this game now we will jump on to the final game on our list of the top indie stealth games of all time.

10. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
Release Date December 8, 2017
Developer(s)Dynamic Pixels
Platforms Android, IOS, Playstation, Xbox, PC

In this game, players will be given control of a kid who just moved to a new neighborhood.

The kid later watches his neighbor locking another kid inside his house and then the kid decides to check what’s happening by trying to sneak inside his neighbor’s abode.

The game plays in first-person mode and features many jumpscares along the storyline.

This game has received exceptionally positive reviews and was praised by gamers and critics worldwide for its storyline, soundtrack, and visuals.

Over to you

We recommend every gamer to try out this best indie stealth game for sure.

If you guys have any doubts regarding the information that we have provided above then feel free to let your heart out in the comments.

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