How to Find Guide To Transience in Genshin Impact 2023 (By Gamers)

Genshin Impact Guide To Transience
Genshin Impact Guide To Transience

If you are a regular player of Genshin Impact, you might have noticed that some of your heroes are not performing at their ultimate level.

That is because to challenge the game’s scaling difficulty, players often upgrade their characters with the help of talent books called Guide to Transience to help grow their character’s overall strength and damage output.

Finding these guides, however, is not as straightforward as it sounds, so read on to know more about how and where one can hope to find them, how to craft them, their uses and effects, etc.

What is a Guide To Transience?

Genshin Impact - What is a Guide To Transience?
Genshin Impact – What is a Guide To Transience?

Firstly, for gamers who are unaware of what a Guide to Transience is, it is a usable material that players can use in-game to level up the talents of their favorite characters, particularly by boosting their strength during combat, and is usually found during their travels through the enormous world of Teyvat.

It is slightly more powerful than the teaching of transience and acts as a secondary-standard material that most players ignore or forget to use, thereby making the later parts of their game more difficult.

Moreover, the Guide to Transience can not only make its way to a player in the form of a reward for completing a particular quest or by beating a particularly difficult event but it can also be crafted from scratch, provided the player has all the required materials on hand needed for it to be forged.

For the characters hailing from the Inazuman district especially, they need the Guide to Transience the most, which enhances and unlocks the overall potential of their heroes considerably.

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Guide To Transience: How and Where To Find It?

Coming to how players can hope to get their hands on this particular guide are as follows:

Option #1 Craft Guide Recipe

Players not wanting to run around collecting guides by exploring the humungous open world can, fortunately, craft their own Guide To Transience talent books.

Players will need just to gather the required materials and approach a crafting table in any of the three cities of Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma to craft the guide.

Moreover, players can choose to craft any number of Guide to Transience books as they wish, without any limitations, as long as they still have all the materials on them to craft them.

To craft their own guides of transience, players will need both of the following resources:

Teachings of Transience – 3Mora – 175

Option #2 Collect and Farm The Guide

Players who enjoy collecting or farming for particular in-game materials will need to make their way to Narukami Island and challenge the Violet court. This domain is only available on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Players are also recommended and encouraged to bring Electro-based characters in their party when venturing into this domain as the ley line disorder in Violet court gives a whopping 25%+ damage bonus to all characters.

Upon completing each stage of the fight, players can expect to receive some guides of transience for their efforts.

Option #3 Completing Quests

Genshin Impact Quests
Genshin Impact Quests

Another way by which players can get a hold of one of these guides is by completing the numerous quests scattered around the huge map of Genshin Impact, as the Guide to Transience is one of the rewards given to the players for doing so.

Here is a list of the quests players can expect to undertake and also how many guides to transience books will they receive upon the completion of the quests:

QuestsGuide To Transience Talent Books
A Housekeeper’s Daily Chores6
Trap ‘Em By Storm6
Dreamlike Timelessness5
Warrior’s Dream Like Spring Grass Renewing5
Star-Picker’s Passage5
Together Under The Fireworks5
New Beginning5
A Flower That Blooms Across The Sky5
*Hidden Level*1

Option #4 Completing Events

Occasionally, players will also have the opportunity to participate in events that will reward them with Guides of Transience.

The events are listed below with the number of Guides to Transience that players can hope to acquire from them:

EventsGuide To Transience Talent Books
Phantom Flow4
Thunder Sojourn6
Theatre Machanicus : Stage Of Wonders10
Hyakunin Ikki4
Labyrinth Warriors6
Shadow Of The Ancients2
Tuned To The World’s Sounds2
Hues Of The Violet Garden29
Hyakunin Ikki4
Hyakunin Ikki4

Eligible Characters

The guide to transience is useful material used to level up your character strengths but cannot be used on all available characters. Instead, only a select few characters can be upgraded with it.

They are as follows:

Electro Travelers

Electro Travelers Genshin Impact
Electro Travelers Genshin Impact

These characters only worked well with the electro elements present in the world and were introduced into the game in the Inazuma Update.

To upgrade them, players will require six guides of transience along with other required materials.


Thoma Genshin Impact
Thoma Genshin Impact

A pyro-based character hailing from Mondstadt and a ‘fixer’ in Inazuma is Thoma. He was integrated into the game during the character wish banner and possesses three talents.

To upgrade him and strengthen his elemental skills, players will need to find or craft 21 guides of transience in total and 1,62,500 Mora.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact
Sangonomiya Kokomi Genshin Impact

Yet another character hailing from Inazuma, Sangonomiya Kokomi is a hydro-based influencer capable of dealing devastating water attacks that can completely blow enemies away.

The cost to upgrade her completely in terms of how many guides of transience are required is unknown at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update the exact amount once we find out.

In terms of mora, the common currency, players must spend approximately 1,674,400 mora to upgrade Kokomi completely.


Yoimiya Genshin Impact
Yoimiya Genshin Impact

Last but not least, Yoimiya is yet another pyro-based character who deals in delivering high DPS to her enemies and possesses three talents.

To upgrade one of her talents completely, players will need 21 Guide to Transience talent books and around 1,652,500 Mora, whereas to completely upgrade all three of her talents, players will require 63 Guide to Transience and 4,957,500 Mora.


So there you have it. These are some of the ways currently in which players can collect quite a few Guides To Transience and level up their characters to their heart’s content.

Please note that the guides to transience talent books are only a part of the leveling-up process, as players will also need to not only discover many other different resources and materials but also many other varieties of guides throughout their playtime as well, especially if they are looking to upgrade their characters completely and reach their maximum level.

If the developers add more content in the future through which players will be able to collect more guides, we’ll make sure to update this article accordingly.

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