Guild Wars 3 Release Date, System Requirements, Rumours, and more.

Read on to know the Guild Wars 3 release date, the sequel to arguably one the best MMOs to date, Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is a massively-multiplayer online game developed by ArenaNet and was released in 2012. The game took the gaming community by storm since its release date due to its fun and addictive gameplay, massive open world to explore, and the limitless possibilities to customize your character to make it your own truly.

Guild Wars 3 Release Date
Guild Wars 3 Release Date

Even today, millions of players from across the globe tune in every day to explore Tyria’s massive world and discover its varied features and hidden mysteries.

The base game of Guild Wars 2 is free-to-play on both the game’s official website as well as on Steam. The DLCs however, have to be purchased separately.

However, it has been a little more than a decade since the game Guild Wars 2 was released and quite naturally, fans of this popular MMO series have started searching for the release date of the next installment in this series, Guild Wars 3.

Going by previous games in this series, Guild Wars was released in 2006, followed by Guild Wars 2, released in 2012.

So ideally, Guild Wars 3 should have been released somewhere around 2018, going by their six-year gap in-between sequels, but unfortunately, that is not how it turned out to be.

So far we only have a few rumors and speculations to go on to determine when will Guild Wars 3 actually be released and moreover, what will be its system requirements, storyline, and gameplay features.

Let’s look at all the rumors and speculations circling around on the web regarding Guild Wars 3 and try to make some sense of it to get a clearer answer to our questions.

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Please note that the points mentioned below are based on mere rumors and speculation found online and we request users to treat them as reference points only, as the developers of the game themselves, ArenaNet, have not released any concrete data for us to rely on to determine the features of this game accurately.

Guild Wars 3 Release Date: When is the game coming out?

Guild Wars 3 - When is it coming out?
Guild Wars 3 – When is it coming out?

First, let us discuss the main aspect of the game: millions of die-hard Guild Wars fans and MMO fans, in general, have been waiting for quite a long time, and that is to know the game’s release date.

As of writing this review, we do not have any official data to determine when this game is going to be released. ArenaNet has by themselves, released no details and has shown no indication of even remotely mentioning about making or releasing a third part of this popular series.

There are rumors that the game might release in 2025-26, but that date is too far away to speculate.

We must consider the fact that ArenaNet has been busy releasing additional pieces of content for Guild Wars 2 in the form of expansions like Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and End of Dragons.

The game’s fourth expansion, Guild Wars 2: Secrets Of The Obscure, is also due to be released on 22 August 2023.

Moreover, they were also busy releasing the game to Steam on the occasion of celebrating the game’s ten-year anniversary to help widen the player base even more and become more accessible.

Moreover, there are also rumors floating around that ArenaNet is looking to make a smaller-scale title set in the same Guild Wars universe to help attract more players to engage with the game.

We don’t know whether this will actually come to fruition, but it is clear that they want to do this first to make sure the old title still plays well on platforms like Steam and is also well-received by fans. In doing so, the game will increase in popularity once again and the game’s fanfare will eventually give them an incentive to make a full-fledged sequel.

Guild Wars 3 System Requirements

As far as the game’s system requirements are concerned, there has been no information regarding this, either from the developer’s side or from other sources found on the web.

Hence, at this point in time, it will be unwise on our part to give speculative system requirements of this game, but we’ll make sure to update this article as and when we do collect any information regarding this.

Guild Wars 3 Platforms

Although information around what platforms Guild Wars 3 will release on, if and when it releases, is difficult to know for sure, we can speculate a bit and say that it will at least be released on all the platforms on which similar MMOs like New World, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, etc., are available on.

Speculated platforms for Guild Wars 3 video games will be available on PC, Mac OS, and Mac Operating Systems.


So there you have it. These are a few bits of speculated information we could gather for you guys regarding the release date of Guild Wars 3 and although we could not provide you with any concrete news today, we’ll keep updating this article with any new information we are able to find about this game.

Currently, there are no signs visible from the end of the developers of the game ArenaNet regarding the release date of this game, as they are still launching their fourth DLC for Guild Wars 2.

When they are done providing the older game with fresh content, we can only expect to hear something about a new game in the series. Until then, all we can do is wait.

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