Tears of the Kingdom Game Review: Favorites and Flops [Players’ Opinion]

Tears of the Kingdom has captivated players with its vast open-world explorative design and outstanding gameplay mechanics.

ToTK has managed to become a major hit! Ever since its release on 12th May 2023, ToTK has been the center of discussions on major gaming websites and discussion forums.

Despite being a major hit, the players of the ToTK have their favorite and least favorite aspects of the game.

Tears of the Kingdom Game Review
Tears of the Kingdom Game Review

For the creation of this detailed post, we have delved into the player’s opinions on various discussion forums and Reddit.

Now, we will be shedding some light on the Best and Worst Aspects of ToTK according to the fans.

Tears of the Kingdom Game Review

The versatile gameplay features of Tears of the Kingdom have sparked a different range of opinions amongst the fans.

Some of the features have captured the mind of many while some features simply failed to impress.

We may want to state in advance that this post may contain [SPOILERS] as it contains the description of many features you may want to explore rather than know in advance.

Now, without stalling you any further we will get to the Best and Worst Aspects of the game straight away.

Tears of the Kingdom Best Aspects of the Game

We will start with the most captivating features of the game that have captured the attention of the players.

Explorative Design

Tears of the Kingdom Explorative Design
Tears of the Kingdom Explorative Design

The open-world explorative design of the game is undoubtedly one of the key highlights of the game. Caves in particular have received the most positive response from the fanbase so far. The mysterious encounters that are embarked upon by the player during the exploration of caves in the game are truly unique experiences. In addition to the caves, players also enjoy exploring Sky islands and Depths.

Side Quests

Tears of the Kingdom Side Quests
Side Quests

The side quests in the Tears of the Kingdom have received a lot of love from the fandom, especially Master Kohga’s Side Quest. The goofiness and unpredictable plot make them really fun and exciting. In fact, many players have found the Side Quests to be much more lively than the Main Quest and Dragon Tear Memories.

It is not compulsory to play the side quests but it is a fun and rewarding endeavor that helps in better gameplay progression.


Tears of the Kingdom Fuse
Tears of the Kingdom Fuse

Puzzle-solving is an intricate part of the ToTK, Fuse is a feature that assists in this task. Fuse helps in igniting or triggering various mechanisms in the game such as unlocking doors, revealing hidden passages, and activating platforms.

You can find a fuse box near a puzzle or other strategically necessary location. Players seem to be enjoying this aspect of puzzle-solving in the game. You can also check out some of the Early ToTK Game Weapons here.

Character Design

Tears of the Kingdom Character Design
Character Design

The diversity of the characters as well as the rich and detailed character design has captivated many players. The best part about the characters is that their personality and backstory have the same level of richness and detail as their design.

Players seem to connect with the character’s purpose due to all these reasons. So, we can say that Tears of the Kingdom checks the parameter we desire from a Role Playing Game.

Creative Aspects

Tears of the Kingdom Creative Aspects
Creative Aspects

Now, this aspect of the game has received somewhat of a mixed review, however, we will begin with the positive aspect first.

ToTK has a lot of creative aspects in it with features such as Utrahand, Fuse, and Zonai Device. So, it is good news for players who like spending hours building innovative designs like Minecraft. However, this aspect didn’t really amuse our hardcore combat lovers much.

Tears of the Kingdom: Worst Aspects of the Game

Now that we have discussed the best aspects of the game, we will finally shed light on the features that did not appeal to many fans. We will be voicing the most popular opinions we found amongst the players so far.

Excessive Building

ToTK Excessive Building
ToTK Excessive Building

As we stated earlier, the creative aspect of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has only appealed to a select group of audiences. Many fans believe that the game has been overpowered by the Building aspect and deviates from the main theme of Action-Adventure. Some players simply find the concept of Puzzle-solving an obligation rather than fun.

So, there has been a clash of opinions in this matter but it’s a good thing that ToTK has enough diversity in the game to please the needs of each type of audience.

Repetitive Combat

ToTK Repetitive Combat
ToTK Repetitive Combat

It has become a popular opinion among the ToTK players that the combat in the game is quite repetitive and doesn’t really give the thrill they seek.

In addition to this, players felt that there isn’t much diversity of enemies in the game. Many players have openly expressed their dissatisfaction and stated that ToTK feels very repetitive after playing for a while.

Apart from a few explorative elements maintaining freshness, the game elements start to fade away pretty quickly.


ToTK Storyline
ToTK Storyline

The storyline of ToTK takes place after the events of Breath of the Wild. Many fans have found the story of ToTK very basic and even cringy.

Many players have expressed their disappointment with the plot for different reasons but the common reason remains that the story wasn’t just up to the mark.

All in all, it somewhat felt like the story and the game were not clicking together. Thankfully, there are other gameplay elements that have made up for what ToTK lacks in the storyline.

Players also didn’t enjoy the Dragon Tear Memories as much as other elements of the game.

Not Challenging Enough

ToTK Not Challenging Enough
ToTK Not Challenging Enough

As we already mentioned, many players found the combat of ToTK quite repetitive. Some players even felt that the game wasn’t up to their competitive drive altogether. Apart from the Master Sword Pull which has been enjoyed by most of the ToTK players, the other aspects seemed less engaging.

Helping Addison again and again is something that has pissed off some of the players as they wanted to see a lot more from the game.

Shrines & Dungeons

ToTK Dungeons & Shrines
ToTK Dungeons & Shrines

Now, there is a mixed opinion on the matter of Dungeons and Shrines as well.

While few players even mentioned Shrines and Dungeons as some of their favorite features in the game, a large proportion of fans didn’t find it applaud-worthy.

Many fans felt that the aesthetic of the dungeons didn’t quite fit with the vibe of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the strongest weapon in Tears of the Kingdom?

Master Sword is undoubtedly the strongest weapon in Tears of the Kingdom. In addition to it, the Scimitar of the Seven, Lightscale Trident, and Fierce Deity Sword are other powerful weapons in the game.

Which is the best early armor in Tears of the Kingdom?

Climbing Armor is the best early armor you should go with.

Which is the best Fuse in ToTK?

Bomb Flowers are probably the best Fuse in ToTK.

Which is the best shield in Tears of the Kingdom?

You cannot go wrong with the Hylian Shield when it comes to playing Tears of the Kingdom.


This brings you to the end of our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Game Review. We hope you enjoyed reading about the Best and Worst Aspects of the game. So, which are your favorite and least favorite things about the Tears of the Kingdom game? Let us know in the comments. We will be bringing you more exciting Game Reviews and Gaming News soon.

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