Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

Everything you need to know before fighting Water Type Pokemon!

Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses: Water Type Pokemon is one of the most Pokemon Types that the franchise has gifted us. The defense skills and high base stats make them very dependable against a versatile range of enemies. However, like every coin has a flip side, even these versatile Water Types have a set of vulnerabilities. It is a cardinal obligation for every Pokemon trainer to be acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of their beloved Pokemon.

Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances
Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

In this article, we have compiled all the Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses. Not just this, in order for you to become even more aware we have also included Water Type Pokemon Resistances. Referring to this blog will help you with using Water Types in Pokemon Games. But before we proceed, make sure to check out our specially curated list of the 10 Best Water Type Pokemon of all time.

Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses

We studied the conceptualization and went through the official statistics on Pokedex to understand the Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses. We have attempted to present these vulnerabilities to you in the most transparent manner.

1. Electric Type

Electric Type (Water Type Pokemon Weakness)
Electric Type (Water Type Pokemon Weakness)

Electric Type Pokemon moves are the ultimate doom of Water Type Pokemon with their ability to inflict double damage without even trying hard. The natural tendency of electricity to electrocute causes the Water Types to significantly struggle.

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2. Grass Type

Grass Type (Water Type Pokemon Weakness)
Grass Type (Water Type Pokemon Weakness)

Another natural threat to the Water Types is the Grass Type Pokemon. These babies are able to inflict double damage on Water Type Pokemon by getting into their defense. There is no official basis provided behind the upper hand of Grass Types. However, we can assume that this is probably due to the natural tendency of grass to thrive under the influence of water.

Water Type Pokemon Resistances

Now that we know which are the weakest cords of Water Type Pokemon, it only makes sense to learn about Water Type Pokemon Resistances as well. Resistance of Water Types includes the type of Pokemon moves that cannot penetrate through their defenses.

1. Fire Type

Fire Type (Water Type Pokemon Weakness)
Fire Type (Water Type Pokemon Resistance)

You must have seen this coming as this arrangement makes the most sense. Water Types are naturally resistant to Fire Types because of the elemental rules. Even the strongest Fire Type Pokemon moves are able to inflict half the damage on Water Types.

2. Steel Type

Steel Type (Water Type Pokemon Weakness)
Steel Type (Water Type Pokemon Resistance)

Another natural resistance of Water Types is against the Steel Type Pokemon. Despite being the strongest Pokemon Type to exist, Steel Types are not very effective against the Water Type.

3. Ice Type

Ice Type (Water Type Pokemon Weakness)
Ice Type (Water Type Pokemon Resistance)

Another Pokemon Type against which Water Type is innately resistant is Ice Type Pokemon. The reason behind this is not very difficult to decipher. Ice is just another form of water and this is why has natural resistance from it.

Best Counters For Water-Type Pokemon

We have learned about the weaknesses and resistances of the Water Type, now we have enough information to list the Best Counters For Water-Type Pokemon. Using these Pokemon Types against Water Types will give you the highest statistical edge in winning.

1. Electric Type

Electric (Water Type Weakness)
Electric (Water Pokemon Weakness)

The most effective against Water is the evergreen Electric Type Pokemon. This badass Pokemon Typing is able to pack a significant amount of damage while maintaining a solid resistance from the counter Water Attacks. So, it is safe to say that Electric Type is the most effective counter for Water Type Pokemon. Some of the best Electric Types which can be deployed against Water Type Pokemon include Jolteon, Raikou, and Zapdos.

2. Grass Type

Grass Type (Water Type Weakness)
Grass Type (Water Pokemon Weakness)

The next best counter against Water Type Pokemon is the lush green Grass Type Pokemon. These adorable Pokemon cannot only inflict a significant amount of damage on the Water Types but are also very resistant to Water Type moves. So, when it comes to picking a dependable type against Water Type Pokemon, you can always count on Grass Types. Venusaur, Leafeon, and Sceptile are some of the most effective Grass Types which you can use while battling Water Types.

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3. Dragon Type

Dragon Type (Super effective against Water)
Dragon Type (Super effective against Water)

In case you do not have decent Electric or Grass Type Pokemon to deploy against Water Types then do not lose heart. Dragon Type Pokemon is a very decent counter which is super effective against water. Some of the best Dragon Types which you can deploy against Water Types include Salamence, Garchomp, and Dragonite.

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You have reached the end of our article on Water Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances. We truly hope the information that we provided you will help in your gameplay experience. Feel free to drop by your feedback in the comments section and help us improve the quality of content on Benettonplay, Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Pokemon Type against the Water Type Pokemon?

Well, when it comes to battling against the Water Type Pokemon then Electric Type and Grass Type are your best bets! You can also go with Dragon Type Pokemon.

Which are the best Water Types in Pokemon Go?

Swampert, Vaporeon, Kyogre, and Feraligrate are the best Water Types that you can use in Pokemon Go. All these Pokemon are very efficient in Pokemon Raids as well.

Which is the fastest water-type Pokemon to exist?

Well, the fastest water-type Pokemon to exist according to the official records in the Pokdex is Barraskweda.

Which is the fastest grass-type Pokemon to exist?

When it comes to the fastest grass-type Pokemon, then the title is grabbed by the ultimate speedster, Sceptile.

Which Pokemon moves are most effective against Electric Type Pokemon?

The most effective Pokemon moves against Electric Type Pokemon include Ground, Dragon, Electric as well as Grass Type moves.


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