Where To Find Sneaky River Snail in Tears of The Kingdom in 2023

Where to find sneaky river snail in Tears of the Kingdom
Where to find sneaky river snail in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is a fantasy, action-adventure RPG game released in 2023 in which players play as a character named Link and must explore the expansive world of Hyrule in search of Princess Zelda and also stop the main antagonist of the game, Ganondorf, from destroying the world in the process as well.

Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel to 2017’s much-lauded game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, but this time Nintendo has gone all-out on it by not only making it look prettier than the original game but they have also added more verticality in regards to the exploration aspect of their game, for players to have a more grand, and fulfilling experience this time around.

Along their journey, players will explore a sprawling open world jam-packed with lots of little activities to take part in and also collect rare ingredients and interesting collectibles too, to not only help upgrade themselves to face tougher challenges moving forwards but to also cook up some truly delicious delicacies to indulge in, for some much-needed additional boosts and buffs.

Speaking of collecting rare ingredients, there is one particular creature in the game that is notoriously difficult to collect or harvest, not because it is stronger or faster than our hero, but because it is very difficult for the average gamer to not only know ‘when’ they come out in the open so as to catch them, but also ‘where’.

So, without any more delays, let’s jump right into some of the best ways to acquire Sneaky River Snails in Tears of the Kingdom without breaking a sweat. Before we do that, however, it is imperative to know why players are looking for these rare creatures in the first place.

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What is Sneaky River Snails?

Sneaky River Snail
Sneaky River Snail in Tears of the Kingdom

The Sneaky River Snails is an uncommon variety of creatures found in strategic spots throughout the massive world of Hyrule.

These snails emit a fluorescent green kind of colored hue around them, making it very easy for players to spot them from a distance, especially against the dark backdrop of nighttime. To pick them up, players will need to approach the snails and press the designated pick-up button when prompted to, as the snails neither attack nor move at all.

In terms of their uses, these snails are considered a great cooking ingredient and an important enhancing material. Firstly, like numerous consumables in the game, players can opt to consume the snails directly in their truest form to restore a complete heart and revitalize themselves.

The players can also choose to cook and consume the snails by using them in recipes like Seafood rice balls, seafood skewers, Fish pie, etc., to buff up Link’s skills and abilities.

Moreover, players can also utilize the snails to upgrade and enhance the stealth capabilities of their stealth armor set by enhancing it, thereby enabling the players to stealthily get past more powerful enemies and creatures present in the game and only engage with them when they feel ready for the challenge.

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Where to find Sneaky River Snail in Tears of the Kingdom?

Now that you know what sneaky river snails are and what benefits they bring, let us explore the locations where one can hope to find a good number of these snails in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location #1 Kakariko Village

Tears of the Kingdom Kakariko Village
Tears of the Kingdom Kakariko Village

Coming to the first location where players can hope to find a good number of sneaky river snails in a little pond located in the middle of a place called Kakariko Village, located in the region of Necluda, in between West Necluda and Lanayru Wetlands.

Players are recommended to be of a higher level before coming here to collect it. Moreover, the snails respawn every blood moon on a 7-day, in-game cycle, so players looking to farm this spot for snails will find this information helpful.

Location #2 Ludfo’s Bog

Tears of the Kingdom Ludfo's Bog
Tears of the Kingdom Ludfo’s Bog

Moving on to the next location, Ludfo’s Bog is located in the region of Hyrule Ridge, next to Mount Rhoam and Seres Scablands.

Players can hope to find plenty of snails in this location, but they are highly recommended to start their search at night, as the unmistakable glow of the snails will make it much easier for them to spot the creatures.

Although this area is a little bigger than the previous one, and finding a decent amount of snails can take some time, even then this is yet another great farming spot that resets every 7-days.

Location #3 Rutile Lake

Tears of the Kingdom Rutile Lake
Tears of the Kingdom Rutile Lake

Moving on to the third spot on our list, this area is a swampy area called Rutile Lake. Players who have already unlocked the Usauma shrine will know of this place as it is just North of the said shrine, in between Satori Mountain and the icy cliffs of Laparoh Mesa, in the region of Hyrule Ridge.

Players can hope to find and collect a generous collection of sneaky river snails from along the banks of the lake located along this location. Players should mark this area on their maps as it can also be considered as yet another great farming spot for this resource.

Location #4 Zora’s Domain

Tears of the Kingdom Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom Zora’s Domain

Coming to the next location, this one is located next to the Mogawak Shrine, under a large waterfall in a cave, next to the Great Zora Bridge in the Lanayru Great Spring region.

The cave in itself is quite dark to move around in as it is very dimly lit, but finding the snails should not be an issue in there thanks to their characteristic yellowish-green glow which helps them stick out from the darkness.

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Location #5 Deya Village Ruins

Tears of the Kingdom Deya Village Ruins
Tears of the Kingdom Deya Village Ruins

Moving on to the next location, many players have also found much joy in finding a good amount of sneaky river snails from around an area called Deya village ruins, which is located at the end of a landmass between Lake Hylia and West Necluda, near Hills of Baumer.

Lots of ruins and wells surround this village, and players will have to explore and check the broken parts of the many wells scattered around the area to find the snails. On average, players should expect to find five snails per well. In the game, you also have the option to Customise Your Horse in Tears Of The Kingdom.


These were some of the best spots to find sneaky river snails in Tears of the Kingdom that we know about at the moment, but players are advised to keep searching for more places where these creatures spawn, as we are certain there are quite a few more farming spots left to discover in this game’s massive map.

As of right now though, these are the only reliable snail farming spots we know about but do keep coming back to this list from time to time, as we’ll keep updating this article with more new information and farming spots, as and when we have access to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Sneaky River Snails only come out at night?

No, sneaky river snails spawn both during the day as well as the night. They are just harder to spot during the day.

Does one require special weapons or tools to harvest the snails?

Sneaky river snails are docile, non-aggressive creatures, hence players will not require any special equipment to collect them. Players need to approach a snail when they find one and pick them up, exactly what they normally do while collecting most collectibles found in the game.

Can one buy Sneaky River Snails from vendors?

No, players will not be able to purchase sneaky river snails from in-game vendors as these creatures act as a rare resource in the game which players will need to collect by themselves if they want to avail the perks they bring, like replenishing health hearts, creating delicious recipes and also upgrading the player’s stealth armor capabilities.

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